Wolfheart's throat grew tighter until he was unable to fight it any longer, throwing his head around and hesitantly turning to watch Webstrike leave- but it was only a blur, his eyes were still glazed over with tears. "I.. I-" He gritted his teeth together, sucking in a sharp breath. "I sai-said no!" He could only cry, cry and call out for the tom with wails and sobs. But he was gone, and he wasn't coming back. Wolf's heart had broken, and it was never going to fix. He's gone.. I drove him away I- Even when Webstrike had vanished, Wolfheart continued to call out into the dark parts of the forest. "Please!" His throat was growing raw, it burned, everything was hurting now. But he used the last of his strength to cry out to Webstrike. "T-take... Me w-" And he collapsed, loosely curling around himself in a fit of sobs and cries as he tried to control his breathing. With you.

I still love you.. I'm sorry.

Wolfheart to Webstrike as Webstrike left him

Wolfheart is a darkly coloured tom, his fur consisting of three shades of brown in somewhat layer like patterning, he has wolf-like ears and a large bulky build with golden yellow eyes. Inhabiting ShadowClan as a Warrior.


Heritage: Maine Coon(based on build & colour) x Ragamuffin(based on fur texture)


  • Multiple shades of brown
  • Long fur
  • 20% Residual tabby markings
  • Yellow eyes
  • Broad muscular build
  • Self


Strength: 7/10
Stamina: 5/10
Constitution: 5/10
Speed: 6/10
Agility: 5/10
Wit: 7/10
Overall Rating: 35/60


    = Base (#1e1713)
    = Markings (underbelly)(#413a34)
    = Other Markings (dark patches)(#0e0a09)
    = Eyes (#fff389)
    = Eyes (#542f01)
    = Inner Ears (#74645a)
    = Nose (#74645a)
    = Tongue (#7f343f)
    = Pawpads (#74645a)

Voice: ha gay

Scent: Old rotting bark and ash.



  •  +  Compassionate - Wolfheart has always shown great amounts of sympathy for others. If he got into an argument, he would struggle to stay mad at the character if they showed signs of sadness or anything like that, linking with him being highly apologetic and considerate of others emotions.
  •  +  tba -
  •  ±  tba-
  •  ±  Merciful - Although this trait is useful in some ways, Wolfheart struggles to maintain anger on a character, depending on the situation.
  •    Mealymouthed - As being as confident as he is, Wolfheart struggles to talk forwardly or frankly in most occasions. Only gaining his full confidence time to time.
  •    Tactless - One of Wolfheart's more noticeable traits, if he has difficulty with helping another character's issues, he would become more stubborn and frustrated, he has no skill in reassurance or comforting.


  • tba
  • like
    • desc


  • tba
  • dislike
    • desc


  • ha gay


  • Water
  • Fire
  • The dark
  • Heartbreak



Clan: ShadowClan
Cats Involved: Bark, Newtbelly, Batkit
Age Range: 0-6 moons

  • Bark, a rogue outside of ShadowClan's territory becomes mates with Newtbelly.
  • Wolfkit is born to Bark and Newtbelly along with his brother, Batkit.
  • Bark is killed once caught on ShadowClan territory.
  • Newtbelly is exiled for breaking the warrior code.
  • Wolfkit grows up as an orphan with his brother, suffering with multiple strokes.


Clan: ShadowClan
Cats Involved: Coalstar, Ashenbrook, Webpaw, Dewpaw
Age Range: 6-12 moons

  • Being promoted to an apprentice by Coalstar, ShadowClan's current leader.
  • Wolfpaw is now trained by Ashenbrook, a role-model to him.
  • Wolfpaw's first fight is unexpected, going against two SkyClan toms with a ShadowClan patrol.
  • Wolfpaw, having being given the talk, still can't grasp the idea of how pregnancy works, claiming he's pregnant as well as other toms.
  • Wolfpaw has gained two new friendships, with dewpaw and Webpaw- however, there are deeper feelings he has for one of the two.
  • Wolfpaw kept to himself about his emotions towards Webpaw for a long time, though, one day Webpaw and Wolfpaw finally went out of camp to talk about it, and they both confessed. Until they are warriors, Wolfpaw and Webpaw remain close, close friends.
  • Assessments! Wolfpaw, Webpaw and Dewpaw are ready for their ceremonies, however have to take their warrior assesments, they've passed their hunting and combat ones.
  • Wolfpaw, Webpaw and Dewpaw have their ceremonies, becoming Wolfheart, Webstrike and Dewthorn.


Clan: ShadowClan
Cats Involved: Coalstar, Webstrike, Dewthorn
Age Range: 12+ moons

  • Wolfheart and Webstrike spend their first night out of camp at the Leaning Pine, when they return, they have their vigil together.
  • Webstrike and Wolfheart go through a rather rough time in their relationship, Webstrike having two flings resulting in kits, but Wolfheart is determined to fix everything.
  • Webstrike and Wolfheart go pick up their two kits, Birdkit and Hornetkit.
  • Wolfheart finds out Webstrike had other kits as a result of his last fling, and sulks about it.
  • Wolfheart has left camp for days upon days, in search of his missing daughter Hornetkit.
  • Webstrike takes Wolfheart out to the leaning pine, where he tells him he no longer loves Wolf, and leaves ShadowClan. Leaving Wolfheart heartbroken and alone in the territory
  • He ventures to the leaning pine almost daily, but soon ventures to the peak and discovers a wilted rose with Webstrike's scent, he takes it.
    • Determined to have Webstrike come back, he waits, a day never passes where Web slips his mind.
  • Wolfheart begins stress shedding, losing most of his fur and leaving him with short fur on his boy, half his face and legs. The rest is still long, but is bound to fall out.


= Acquaintance | ⦁⦁ = Friend | ⦁⦁⦁ = Best friend

= Blood relative | ⦁⦁ = Like family | ⦁⦁⦁ = Inseparable

= Respects as equal | ⦁⦁ = Looks up to | ⦁⦁⦁ = Idolizes

= Crush | ⦁⦁ = Fling/Potential mate | ⦁⦁⦁ = Mate

= Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

= Competitor | ⦁⦁ = Rival | ⦁⦁⦁ = Archnemesis

= Annoyed by | ⦁⦁ = Dislikes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Hates

Character/Rank/Relation to/Dot rating(s)/Trust
The character is asked their opinion of a specific character. Add what their response would be below!
"Speaking opinion would go like this"
Acting or thinking opinion would go like this

Wolfheart currently has no relations to any cat in ThunderClan

"Nimbusleap.. he's the same as any WindClan cat, over-dramatic and as jumpy as a rabbit."
"Like Nimbusleap, they put even worse of a title on WindClan I expected."
"Stagstar leads WindClan, I don't have much to say about him just yet, but the fact he can put up with WindClan.. really surprises me."
Swiftstep/Senior Warrior//20%
"Swiftstep huh? He seemed appalled by how WindClan reacted to our patrol- tch, who wouldn't?"

"Rest.. in peace."
"Guess he's got a lot on his plate right now, don't know what I think about him."
"Please come home..."
Wolfheart is at a loss for words and doesn't respond after that, only heavily cries.
Dewpaw/Apprentice/Close friend/⦁⦁⦁/100%
"She's helped me a lot.. especially with talking about my feelings and things like that, I'm glad she's my friend too."

Wolfheart currently has no relations to any cat in RiverClan

Wolfheart doesn't dare speak of any SkyClan cats.

Wolfheart currently has no relations to any cat outside of the clans.


  • His father gave him the braids and manbun.
  • He believes SKC kidnapped Hornetkit


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