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The Swift and Loyal

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Prey Status Moderate
Herb Status Scarce
Current Leader Stagstar Pixel Stagstar
Significant Past Leaders (Canon) Windstar, Gorsestar, Swiftstar, Tallstar, Onestar
Significant Past Leaders (Non-Canon) Fawntail, Wheatstar

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Most WindClan cats have short, brown or grey pelts to fit in with both the grasses and the rocks. They have lithe figures and long legs for running after their prey and to see above The tall turf. Any cats who do not fit the majority's color are known to sometimes cover their pelts with mud to fit in better.

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WindClan cats are known as neutral, smart, wary, and loyal cats. Some clans often joke about the over-worked WindClan cats, being if their leader is strict or not. They're quite quiet, not one to talk up in gatherings or tell their secrets, for they may change sides anytime.

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Preferred Prey

Rabbits and hares are commonplace and take up most of the prey, but Windclan's prey pile can also have larks, thrushes and the occasional field mouse.

Hunting Specialties

Windclan cats excel in chasing their prey. The vast moorlands allow Windclan to have a hunting ability most other clans cannot brag about.

WindClan's territory is located on the east side of the mountain, ShadowClan and The Twolegplace occupying the territories next to them. Their territory is a dry moor-like steppe with small rocky outcroppings which include only occasional trees and ponds. Rain is quite rare, considering the mountain blocks most of the rainfall.
Windclan's camp is a small indent in the earth surrounded by tall, dry grasses that camouflage the camp. Enclosing the camp is a bracken wall, slightly low to still be hidden from the view of other cats. The entrance is a slope surrounded by shrubs, most cats will stand on guard by the start of the slope, the first thing you see in Windclan's camp is a smooth, slightly flat rock that houses both the leader's den and prey pile. To the right of the high-stone is one rocky side of the hollow, which has indents in the wall that are perfectly den sized. On the other wall, there's another rocky wall that also has cuts in it that can harbor clan cats. In the middle of the two walls, there's a small bushy hole that leads to the medic's den.

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Stagstar - A brown and white tom with hazel eyes and a bobbed tail.
Medicine Cat:
Finchcreek - A light cream fluffy she-cat with pale green eyes.
Tortoisepaw - A Burmese tom with green eyes and a terribly scarred dusty brown pelt.
Senior Warriors:
Halfwolf - An odd-looking Lykoi tom with yellow eyes.
Wheatpaw - A short-furred solid dusty colored tomcat with green eyes and long legs.
Apprentice: Shallotpaw - A small brownish russet tom
Brownpelt - A brown tabby tom with a short pelt and green eyes.
Dustbunny - A long haired fawn colored molly with green eyes.
Heathersun - A slender, lilac pointed molly with hazel eyes.
Apprentice: Willowpaw - A pale warm grey she-cat
Tinylark- A small, quick, brown tabby with a pale tan underbelly and yellow eyes.
Mousetuft- A fluffy light grey and white tomcat.
Seednose - A silvery fawn colored she-cat with yellow eyes.
Breezerunner - A lithe brown and white-furred tom.
Dustythorns - A small, dust coloured pointed tabby with odd eyes and overgrown claws.
Mousetuft - A fluffy light grey-white maine coon.
Apprentice: Cherrypaw - A small brown she-cat.
Brackenblink - A tom with dark brown pelt with tabby patterning.
Apprentice: Hawkpaw - A small brown and white tomcat.
Whingaze - A Lithe tabby she-cat.
Finchbite - A small pastel calico.
Doeflight - A dark brown she-cat with creamy speckles.

Halfwolf - An odd lykoi cat --Kits: Weaselkit - A tom with long legs --Kits: Buzzardkit - A black she-cat --Kits: Rabbitkit - A lithe calico she-cat with amber eyes Finchcreek - A light cream, fluffy she-cat with pale green eyes --Kits: Bearkit - A chubby tom --Kits: Berrykit: A red tabby tom who looks very similar to Stagstar. --Kits: Robinkit - A tortoiseshell with odd eyes. --Apprentice: Tortoisepaw - A scarred grey tom.


Relations -->

HR WindClan Logo WC Current Relations HR WindClan Logo WC

HR ThunderClan Logo TC ThunderClan WindClan thinks ThunderClan could be of assistance.
HR ShadowClan Logo SHC ShadowClan WindClan is scared of Shadowclan and they're considering making an alliance to avoid any trouble.
HR RiverClan Logo RC RiverClan WindClan envies Riverclan's abundance of rivers, especially in the greenleaf.
HR SkyClan Logo SKC SkyClan Ever since the long dead leader of WindClan, Swiftstar, forced SkyClan out of the forest, SkyClan was out of their hair. Now that they have come back, WindClan is slight iffy about them.
If given the chance, Windclan will chase out any intruders immediately.

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Name: Note that your name must make sense, and prefixes/suffixes used should be found in nature. Some exceptions may apply but if you wish to use an extremely nontraditional prefix, please clarify how it makes sense in the context of the universe.
Requested Rank: Current ranks available: Senior Warriors, Warriors, Apprentices, Kits, Elders
Description: Please format this like the allegiances in the book. In general the description should be no longer than a brief sentence, and should include a short description, and declare whether the cat is a she-cat or a tom. Here's a surplus of examples.
Personality: Please provide 2 positive, 2 neutral, and 2 negative traits.
Roleplay Example: Please put your best effort into this example, whether you are accepted or not depends a lot on this! Remember not to use things like "xx" or ":", or anatomy/vocabulary in your example, this isn't AJ roleplay! "Traditional" roleplay only please.
Discord Username: Please provide your full username here, if you are uncomfortable with posting it publicly, you can contact the clan leader and request to deliver it privately.

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Allegiances format adapted from the warriors wiki.

Some clan traits and quirks adapted/derived from the official site.

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