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General Information

Physical Attributes: Most WindClan cats have short, brown or grey pelts to fit in with both the grasses and the rocks. They have lithe figures and long legs for running after their prey and to see above The tall turf. Any cats who do not fit the majority's color are known to sometimes cover their pelts with mud to fit in better.

Mental Attributes: WindClan cats are known as neutral, smart, wary, and loyal cats. Some clans often joke about the over-worked WindClan cats, being if their leader is strict or not. They're quite quiet, not one to talk up in gatherings or tell their secrets, for they may change sides anytime.


Preferred Prey: Rabbits and hares are commonplace and take up most of the prey, but Windclan's prey pile can also have larks, thrushes and the occasional field mouse.

Hunting Specialties: Windclan cats excel in chasing their prey. The vast moorlands allow Windclan to have a hunting ability most other clans cannot brag about.

Territory: WindClan's territory is located on the east side of the mountain, ShadowClan and The Twolegplace occupying the territories next to them. Their territory is a dry moor-like steppe with small rocky outcroppings which include only occasional trees and ponds. Rain is quite rare, considering the mountain blocks most of the rainfall.

Camp: Windclan's camp is a small indent in the earth surrounded by tall, dry grasses that camouflage the camp. Enclosing the camp is a bracken wall, slightly low to still be hidden from the view of other cats. The entrance is a slope surrounded by shrubs, most cats will stand on guard by the start of the slope, the first thing you see in Windclan's camp is a smooth, slightly flat rock that houses both the leader's den and prey pile. To the right of the high-stone is one rocky side of the hollow, which has indents in the wall that are perfectly den sized. On the other wall, there's another rocky wall that also has cuts in it that can harbor clan cats. In the middle of the two walls, there's a small bushy hole that leads to the medic's den.



  • Kestrelstar - A white and brown mottled tom with purple-blue eyes.
    • Smokepaw - A spotted gray-and-white tom with folded ears and blue eyes.


  • Dom - A red-brown tomcat with green eyes and cream markings.

Medicine Cats

  • Sandlily - A tan tabby she-cat with a cream underbelly and green eyes.
    • Thymepaw - A small brown tabby tom with a stumpy tail and green eyes.
  • Deerwhisper - A petite fawn molly with soft blue eyes and white spots on her back.

Senior Warriors

  • Littlerock - A grey and tan tabby with odd folded ears.
  • Scorchtail - A light russet tom with lighter tabby points and pale green eyes.
  • Foxbounce - A russet tabby tom.
    • Wasppaw - A stocky tan tom with grey and orange splotches.


  • Weaselbite - A weasel-like tom with long legs.
  • Berrysun - A red tabby tom who looks very similar to Stagstar.
  • Batblaze - A small black she-cat with dark ears.
  • Howlthorn -Β A large feather furred, grey and white tom with gold/red eyes and tufted ears.
  • Morrowshine -Β A lanky dark brown and white tabby tom with shaggy fur and pale, almost ghostly eyes.
  • Cliffsand - A small beige tabby tom with lime coloured eyes.
    • Koipaw - A diluted calico tom with curled ears and grey eyes.
  • Tornstreak - A cream-and-white tabby tuxedo she-cat with dull deep blue eyes and curled ears.
  • Minktuft - A mostly hairless tom cat with spots and brown eyes.
  • Poppybird - A cream she-cat with brown patches and copper eyes.
  • Tumblestep - A light gray she-cat with white paws and sage green eyes.
  • Darkwing - A black long furred she-cat with white markings and blue-grey eyes.
  • Dappledfawn - A short, slightly round light tan she-cat with white spots and dilute green eyes.
  • Owlwing - A brown tom with green eyes.
    • Peachpaw - A white and brown she-kit with green eyesand a bobbed tail.
  • Mallowmask - A milky brown siamese oriental mix with icy blue eyes.
  • Finchfreckle - A lean brown tom with light green eyes.
  • Elmwhisper - A lithe tan and cinnamon she-cat with large ears.
  • Willow - A relatively short, scarred flame point she-cat with blue eyes.
  • Lightningstride - A tall she-cat with white long, curly fur and a golden gaze, along with fur covering her left eye.
    • Hickorypaw - A short-furred, light brown-tan tortie tom with a purple bandana and unusual violet eyes.
  • Hawkdream - A dark grey she-cat with black and grey markings.
    • Spiderpaw - A cream and grey tom with pale blue eyes.
  • Wrentumble - A large, muscular tom with beige and brown short fur, and large curious green eyes.
    • Eggpaw - An average sized, white tom with wide, emerald green eyes.
  • Shrewfright - A solid brown tom with green eyes.
    • Grizzlypaw - A red-brown and white tabby with pale eyes and a bobbed tail.
  • Thrushpurr - A brown tom with a dark brown mask and creamy paws.
  • Quailripple -A long-furred and slim dark brown tabby tom with green eyes and a nasty scar on his shoulder.
  • Galethorn - A muscular light-grey tom-cat with sage green eyes.
  • Grim - A large, blue-eyed smoky black tom with tufted ears and a white face.
  • Sprouttail - A tall, skinny white tom with golden eyes. He has a long tail with no hair besides the tuft on the end of the tail, along with his tufts on the ends of his ears.
  • Pansyfoot - A long legged blue tortoiseshell molly with green eyes and a malformed back paw.
    • Tinypaw - A ginger tabby she-cat with folded ears and yellow eyes.
  • Leapflame - A small, red-ticked molly with short fur and green eyes.


  • Bushfire - A large, dark calico she-cat with amber eyes.
  • Nuzzleleaf - A lilac tabby point she-cat with gray-blue eyes.
  • Cranberrysong - A red ticked tabby she-cat.
    • Zinniakit - A small, pudgy off-white she-cat with red markings and heterochromatic eyes.
    • Tanagerkit - An averagely sized red and white tom with a droopy ear.
  • Meadowbrook -Β A lithe and sleek brown tabby with pale yellow eyes.
    • Cragkit - A lithe tan Tom with darker tabby markings and yellow eyes.
    • Cicadakit - A tall muscular honey tabby shecat with orange eyes.


  • Thumperkit - A white and brown tabby tom with yellow eyes and long legs.
  • Aspenkit - A dark brown-grey tom with tan markings, a bobbed tail and fiery yellow eyes.
  • Harekit - A tan and brown molly with a bobbed tail and sectoral heterochromia.
  • Ferretkit - A cream and grey molly with fluffy, long fur and bright blue eyes.
  • Hazelkit - A dark brown molly with tan markings and heterochromatic eyes, one blue and one yellow.




ThunderClan Enemy.
ShadowClan Neutral.
RiverClan Ally.
SkyClan Neutral.
Outsiders Neutral.
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