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The Fierce and Brave

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ThunderClanners keep a map of Silverpelt engraved in a slab of bark. This is considered a very important object, and one is not allowed to even touch it without direct consent from an official or one of its handlers. When a new star appears, it is added to the map, and if a cat has not recently passed away in ThunderClan, they will reach out to the rest of the Clans and question any recent deaths as to attempt to predict which cat the star represents.


ThunderClanners personify different forces of nature in various ways, and tend to have many nursery tales about these powerful forces. (ex. The sky, the wind, the rain, etc.)

Mythical rumors sometimes tend to spread of some leaders being children of the sky herself, though most of the time these rumors are quickly hushed.

ThunderClanners are known to be excellent storytellers; they pass down various stories of not only StarClan and the history of the past clans, but stories based off of their own beliefs and personifications of nature and the stars.


Usually buried under trees or plants.

The weather of the day is said to affect the family of the deceased cat. (ex storms are said to be a mixed sign, sunny days are said to bring luck, etc.)

The night after the death of a clanmate, the clan gathers in the clearing at sunset to search for a new star, so they can not only update their map but oversee their Clanmateโ€™s safe departure to StarClan. They will stay up all night or until a star is found.

If a star is not found, it is assumed the cat did not make it to StarClan for one reason or another (most likely, they were sent to the Dark Forest instead). A catโ€™s star not being found can be highly shameful and painful for that catโ€™s family.

If the sky is covered in clouds the night of the death, it can mean one of three things according to TC. Either the cat is reincarnated, StarClan is debating their fate, or it is an omen of an upcoming catastrophe. Since thereโ€™s no way to tell which of the three is being foretold, there is commonly a large amount of debate after such an event occurs.

The brighter a catโ€™s star shines the purer of heart or more positively influential they were, and by extension the dimmer the catโ€™s star, the less important, influential, or morally just the cat was.