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The Fierce and Brave

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ThunderClan’s original virtues are still very evident within the clan today. They are strongly justice-oriented, peaceful, and aren’t afraid to disregard the warrior code if they believe they are doing what is right. In fact, as the Clan progressed this stubbornness and lax attitude towards traditions and the code only grew stronger.

ThunderClan is still very pathos-based when it comes to their persuasion, touching on emotions and attempting to inspire others. However, the Clan has adapted to include much more focus on the logical side of things as well, and now wields a powerful mix of logic and emotion, making them generally unpredictable and a real wild card. One can never be quite sure what stance ThunderClan may take on an issue, and whether it will be emotionally guided, logically guided, or a mix of both. ThunderClan members are commonly ones to think outside the box and present unique thoughts that are best described as unconventional, though some disregard these ideas due to the preference of tradition or the belief that they are unrealistic. ThunderClan members also commonly contain their own opinions from the group, and there are often times when the Clan as a whole cannot come to one consensus.

As stated above, ThunderClan has become more interested in the logical aspects of the world, specifically nature. Adapting viewpoints very similar to those of the enlightenment thinkers, that nature can be understood and explained. This interest likely grew from ThunderClan’s gradual increase in their intimacy with nature, a talent they now wield expertly, their specialty being navigation (all cats must learn to navigate eventually, after all, their territory is a labyrinth of undergrowth).

Despite their new interests, ThunderClan is still deeply religious and is careful to make sure their logic and beliefs do not contradict each other. They even attempt to use nature to explain their faith, aka StarClan and the Dark Forest.

ThunderClan as a whole is fascinated with stars and Silverpelt, as not only does it appeal to their logical and navigational interests, but their religious values as well.

ThunderClan is still a very nosy Clan. They’re not one to avoid nosing their way into other Clans’ business if it catches their interest.