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General Information

Physical Attributes: Thunderclanners tend to have lighter pelt colors, such as light browns or creams. However, you can occasionally spot cats with darker shades of browns/blacks as well. Tabby patterns and thick fur are also quite common among them. Thunderclanners also appear very well-built and burly, adjusted to the prickly undergrowth they commonly hunt in.

Mental Attributes: Thunderclanners are much more hostile and explosive now, ever since Nightrunner has been leading- a mentality shift has happened within the clan. They are still rather stubborn and aren't ones to help other clans, they also aren't afraid to speak out- no matter how controversial it may seem.


Preferred Prey: Mice, voles, squirrels, the occasional rabbit, and birds such as starlings, magpies, wood pigeons, and thrushes.

Hunting Specialties: Excellent stalking techniques. They keep upwind of their prey, creeping across the forest floor unseen and unheard.

Territory:ThunderClan's territory is closest to the bottom of the mountain, bordering just below RiverClan. Their territory is a forest, and is the driest of the three available. However, its trees are either too small or too smooth to climb. There is a heavy surplus of undergrowth such as bushes, shrubs, ferns in thick patches throughout the territory, turning it into a maze of shelter that can be very easy to get lost in if you dont know your way around.(See ThunderClan's territory for more information).

Camp:Unless you know Thunderclan's territory by heart, it's practically impossible to find Thunderclan's camp in their labyrinth of a territory. The camp itself is very small, clustered, and well-hidden. The highrock, or hightree, is a massive Oak tree that has fallen over- the leader's den being right inside it. The rest of the dens are nestled into small abandoned burrows that are lined with leaves and moss.(See Thunderclan's camp and traditions + lore for more information).



  • Nightrunner -A scary-looking white and black tom with bright orange eyes.
    • Flarepaw: An orange and white tom.


  • Sparkbite - A heavily-scarred black-and-white tom with long legs and red, bloodshot eyes. He was a former Medicine Cat.
    • Rowanpaw- A brown and white tabby with green eyes.

Medicine Cats

  • Creamspots- A small, fluffy she-cat with light brown and light yellow splotches and yellow eyes.
    • Oakpaw- A long furred solid orange tom with white splotches and yellow eyes.

Senior Warriors

  • Maplelight- A short-haired brown tabby molly with a white muzzle and light amber eyes.
  • Snailshine- A small white tom with light cream tabby markings.
    • Chipmunkpaw- A plump, brown cat with two dark brown stripes down their back and round gold eyes.


  • Cloudshade- A white tom with grey spots and orange eyes.
  • Beetleclaw- A stocky red and white she-cat.
  • Sunwatcher- A golden tabby tom with yellow eyes, tufted ears, and exceptionally well eyesight. A thin scar crosses the left side of his lip.
    • Henpaw- A small, rotund torbie molly with an untidy pelt and pale green eyes.
  • Tawnyspots- A long-furred, cream, pale brown spotted tabby she-cat with light brown, long underfur, vibrant orange eyes and a bobtail.
    • Bluepaw- A small blue-point tom with amber eyes.
  • Creekskip- An Average-sized brown tabby tom (a bit reddish) with green eyes, a white underbelly, chest, and tail tip.
  • Sproutbounce- A small, snow white shecat with sectoral heterochromia; her eyes are pale green with an blue splotch on each.
  • Archfall- A burly dark ginger tabby tom with a white chest, amber eyes, and a missing tail.
  • Wildflame- A small mottled brown and white tom with amber eyes.
    • Cloudypaw- A solid black she-cat with one white paw and white spots surrounding her orange eyes.
  • Sunshinefeather- A ginger tabby she cat with green eyes and white paws and underbelly as well as a long fluffy tail
  • Songbird- A small brown and cream tabby she-cat with green eyes.
  • Owlheart- A brown shecat with hazel eyes and a scarred face.
  • Doeeyes- A white tom with grey markings and big blue eyes.
  • Badgermist- A very tiny, fluffy black-and-white tom.
  • Emberfire- A bicolor shecat with amber eyes and an impressive scar.
  • Sleepyfawn- A Siamese she-cat with droopy blue eyes and a torn ear.
  • Vulturegaze- A callous, orange-eyed tom, with a lean figure and a coarse coat made up of black and white.
  • Tigerrose- A large, cream and brown striped molly with striking gold-orange eyes.
  • Runningscar- A svelte orange tom with brown stripes, a white underbelly, and navy blue eyes. Scar from eye to belly.
  • Warblersnow- A tall grey tom with vitiligo spots and golden eyes.


  • Summercurl- A curly ginger and russet colored molly with more ginger markings and forest green eyes.
    • Mothkit- A short haired flame point tom with bicolored eyes.
    • Carnationkit- A brown and cream kit with green eyes.


  • Smokekit - A pale tom with dark gray spotting, blue eyes and folded ears
  • Tinykit - A pale ginger tabby she-cat with yellow eyes and folded ears




RiverClan Enemy.
WindClan Enemy
ShadowClan Ally.
SkyClan Neutral.
Outsiders Hostile towards- attack on sight
ThunderClan/Overview, ThunderClan/Characteristics, ThunderClan/Traditions & Lore, ThunderClan/History, ThunderClan/Territory, and ThunderClan/Territory/Camp.

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