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The Fierce and Brave

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Prey Status Moderate
Herb Status Low, something seems to be eating them.
Current Leader Base ico v1 Nightrunner
Significant Past Leaders (Canon) Thunderstar, Owlstar, Bluestar, Firestar, Bramblestar
Significant Past Leaders (Non-Canon) Redstar, Sunstar, Amberstar, Metallicstar, Firestar, Stonestar, Runningstar

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Thunderclanners tend to have lighter pelt colors, such as light browns or creams. However, you can occasionally spot cats with darker shades of browns as well. Tabby patterns and thick fur are also quite common among them. Thunderclanners also appear very well-built and burly, adjusted to the prickly undergrowth they commonly hunt in.

HR ThunderClan Logo TC Mental Attributes HR ThunderClan Logo TC

Thunderclanners aren't afraid to speak out for what is right, even if it challenges the warrior code. They are determined to show what is right, though sometimes that can get ahead of them and lead to stubbornness in them. They generally do try to present themselves as a peaceful clan, however.

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Preferred Prey

Mice, voles, squirrels, the occasional rabbit, and birds such as starlings, magpies, wood pigeons, and thrushes.

Hunting Specialties

Excellent stalking techniques. They keep upwind of their prey, creeping across the forest floor unseen and unheard.

ThunderClan's territory is closest to the bottom of the mountain, bordering just below RiverClan. Their territory is a forest, and is the driest of the three available. However, its trees are either too small or too smooth to climb. There is a heavy surplus of undergrowth such as bushes, shrubs, ferns in thick patches throughout the territory, turning it into a maze of shelter that can be very easy to get lost in if you dont know your way around.
Unless you know Thunderclan's territory by heart, it's practically impossible to find Thunderclan's camp in their labyrinth of a territory. The camp itself is very small, clustered, and well-hidden. The highrock, or hightree, is a massive Oak tree that has fallen over- the leader's den being right under it. The rest of the dens are nestled into small abandoned burrows that are lined with leaves and moss.

HR ThunderClan Logo TC Allegiances HR ThunderClan Logo TC

Nightrunner- A robust grey and black tom with bright orange-red eyes.
Medicine Cat:
Marchhare- A scrawny she-cat with bloodshot, dark copper eyes and a dirt coloured pelt.
Creamspots- A small, fluffy she-cat with light brown and light yellow splotches and yellow eyes.
Oakpaw- A long furred solid orange tom with white splotches and yellow eyes.
Senior Warriors:


Snailshine- A small white tom with light cream tabby markings.
Chipmunkpaw- A plump, brown cat with two dark brown stripes down their back and round gold eyes.
Antseeker- A dark brown tabby tom with light green eyes.
Apprentice: Gingerpaw- A ginger she kit with various grey spots and a white heart on her chest.
Cloudshade- A small white tom with grey spots and orange eyes.
Wildpaw- A small mottled brown and white tom kit with amber eyes
Larkflight- A dust-colored tomcat with curly fur.
Mallowmask- A milky brown lynx point siamese tom with chilly blue eyes.
Chamomilepaw- A fluffy white kit with yellow eyes.
Beetleclaw- A stocky red and white she-cat.
Sunwatcher- A golden tabby tom with yellow eyes, tufted ears, and exceptionally well eyesight. A thin scar crosses the left side of his lip
Henpaw- : A small, rotund torbie molly with an untidy pelt and pale green eyes.
Tawnyspots- A long-furred, cream, pale brown spotted tabby she-cat with light brown, long underfur, vibrant orange eyes and a bobtail.
Barkspots- A Brown/white tom with short legs and green eyes.
Creekskip- An Average-sized brown tabby tom (a bit reddish) with green eyes, a white underbelly, chest, and tail tip.
Dunesnout- A Bulky tom-cat with thick, white fur and golden, tabby stripes.
Lionfur- A large, muscular, orange tom, with sparkling olive eyes.


Rowankit- A brown and white tabby with green eyes.


HR ThunderClan Logo TC Current Relations HR ThunderClan Logo TC

HR WindClan Logo WC WindClan Enemy- if found in the Twoleg Place they will be attacked; Stole territory from them.
HR ShadowClan Logo SHC ShadowClan Neutral Relationship; No trouble at the moment.
HR RiverClan Logo RC RiverClan Somewhat hostile relationship; frequent bickering and arguments.
HR SkyClan Logo SKC SkyClan Neutral Relationship; No trouble at the moment.

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Name: Note that your name must make sense, and prefixes/suffixes used should be found in nature. Some exceptions may apply but if you wish to use an extremely nontraditional prefix, please clarify how it makes sense in the context of the universe.
Requested Rank: Current ranks available: Senior Warriors, Warriors, Apprentices, Kits, Elders
Description: Please format this like the allegiances in the book. In general the description should be no longer than a brief sentence, and should include a short description, and declare whether the cat is a she-cat or a tom. Here's a surplus of examples.
Personality: Please provide 2 positive, 2 neutral, and 2 negative traits.
Roleplay Example: Please put your best effort into this example, whether you are accepted or not depends a lot on this! Remember not to use things like "xx" or ":", or anatomy/vocabulary in your example, this isn't AJ roleplay! "Traditional" roleplay only please.
Discord Username: Please provide your full username here, if you are uncomfortable with posting it publicly, you can contact the clan leader and request to deliver it privately.

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Contact a Clan Leader:
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Sources Cited:
Allegiances format adapted from the warriors wiki.

Some clan traits and quirks adapted/derived from the official site.

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