I may supposed to only heal cats, and I also may just be a medicine cat apprentice, but I still have claws! If Stormstar wants to fight, I have to be here to help if things get hairy.

Sunpaw to Leopardskip along the RC-TC border (Chapter 2)

Sunpaw (or simply 'Sun') is a massive, orange and white, amber eyed oriental feral tomcat and life member of the group ThunderClan; currently ranked as a Medicine cat apprentice. He is rude and ignorant at first, but develops and grows to love himself and his mother, who is alive and well and currently in SkyClan- and he also has 2 unknown siblings that are both in WindClan.


Heritage: Turkish Angora/Turkish Van(Genetics)

Description: Sunpaw is a massive and very muscular tomcat with bright, fiery amber eyes. He has a long, sometimes tangled pelt that is all white on the base, and scattered all over his pelt are bright orange splotches and his tail is all orange. He has orange freckles, hence the name Sunfreckle (future name).


    = Base (#FFFFFF)
    = Markings (Optional Secondary Color) (#D65501)
    = Eyes (#FFFF00)
    = Inner Ears (#D65501)
    = Nose (#FFC0CB)
    = Tongue (#FFC0CB)
    = Pawpads (#FFC0CB)

Voice: Sun's voice is quiet, and has a small squeaky accent to it. He hates his voice, and others find it decently annoying.

Scent: Sunpaw's scent is mostly of herbs and a distinct scent of grass.

Gait: Sunpaw usually walks with his back hunched fore ward and his head pointed to the ground.



  •  +  Sweet - Sunpaw is a very sweet tom, often apologizing for the smallest of things. Despite his aggressive personality when provoked, this is his favorite trait. Sometimes he will refuse to show this side (ex: during his "cloudy days" phase) until things get better and/or he feels guilty about something- an example of this is when Dovesong, Brackenberry and Sunpaw were all in exile and Dovesong was telling herself what was the point- Sunpaw managed to coax her into going back to camp.
  •  +  Open-minded - Sunpaw is slightly open minded. He enjoys listening to others ideas and will often take those ideas into a deep consideration before allowing them. Despite this, he does often approve and is very open to different ideas. Example of this would be at the RC-TC border when the three were trying to figure out where to go next. Sunpaw did suggest somewhere to go (the peak), but preferred the others ideas. This trait isn't always showed, though.
  •  ±  Stubborn - Sunpaw could be considered Stubborn, for when he wants to do something he won't let anyone tell him no. He doesn't do this very often, but will do it if he's talking to someone of lower authority. If he enjoys a certain feline, he'd never do it. An example of a time he'd never use his stubborn trait was when he was confronted by Ryewhisker and Spiderstep, he would've yelled and refused to leave but due to them being higher authority and very intimidating.
  •  ±  Reserved - Sunpaw is a very reserved feline. More reserved then your average introvert- his history is complicated and has a lot of twists and turns, and he doesn't like talking about it unless the cat in question is super close to him. Sometimes it's not even about his history- sometimes its about his disorder (Panic disorder) which he is extremely ashamed of and hides it from any feline he meets. He'll rarely tell anyone about it.
  •    Aggressive - When provoked, Sunpaw can burst into anger, but doesn't mind it. He usually becomes aggressive to protect his friends/family-- this isn't always the case. Being a naturally aggressive soul, and this sometimes clashes with his sweet trait- when he is angered in any way he will snap and be super cold, and sometimes even burst and yell.
  • The reason he gained this trait wasn't very simple- a long time ago when his father was alive, the cause of his death was from his daylight warrior mother who he still held a grudge on (and still thinks she's dead) ran off into the forest because ThunderClan had found out about her kittypet heritage, causing his father to run after her and fall of a cliff to his death-- his body was never found. Since then he's been very aggressive to any cat that isn't of clan heritage.
  •    Timid - Sunpaw is a very timid feline. He gets scared very often, which results in stutters and panic attacks. He hates this trait, but manages to deal with it. When he is being yelled at and/or scolded severely (from the time Stormstar had yelled at him), he will cover his ears, cowardly force his frame to the ground and sob quietly. When his mother was still around, she'd always tell him he wasn't a very .. 'brave' cat. This broke his self-confidence, which also led to his "cloudy days" phase in apprenticehood.


  • Plants (as food // interest)
    • Ironically, as a medicine cat in training Sunpaw deals with plants all the time. He enjoys nibbling on safe ones as a snack, but will often eat meat- despite preferring ferns and strawberries.
    • Often being ridiculed for this odd food interest, he will often do this when nobody else is in the medicine den. He doesn't understand why nobody finds safe herbs delicious, but he doesn't really care- about their interests, anyway.
    • Sunpaw is very self-concious about this.
  • Climbing (as activity // interest)
    • Sunpaw likes to climb a tree to grab an apple or just to exercise, if you get Sunpaw hyped up enough he will climb up a tree just for fun.
    • Sometimes he likes to compete against other apprentices when he's not training, such as the time he went to SkyClan and boasted about his skills to Leopardpaw- quote, "I bet I could climb a tree right about now!"
  • Burrowing (as activity)
    • Sunpaw likes to burrow, in either abandoned rabbit dens or just somewhere with easy to dig through ground. His peers often make fun of his actions, but he doesn't really mind the mockery-- but it's an obvious lie, as he is very self concious about this.
    • He usually only burrows when other cats aren't around- he will only do it in front of felines he trusts or knows wouldn't do such a thing to him.
    • He often burrows to get rid of stress, and typically does it at night when all the animals are asleep, in case he digs straight into a rabbit burrow. Sometimes when he's upset, he'll dig a small burrow and ponder in it, or even sleep in it.


  • Nightrunner (as person // current dislike)
    • Sunpaw dislikes Nightrunner extremely. From his sour attitude to his crude remarks, everything this tom does seems to peeve Sun.
    • He also dislikes the way he thinks of him // the way he portrays him. One of his pet peeves is judging someone by one trait, and he believes Nightrunner does this a lot. From when he called him a baby to just the way he acts in front of him in general.
  • When people think he's a horrible cat (as prefrence)
    • Whenever cats think he's a bad feline, it lowers his self-confidence. Unless he hates the cat, he extremely dislikes it when someone thinks hes a bad person. He wants to make sure everyone he likes is happy and it upsets him.
    • Adding on, he tries his best to seem happy and cool, but sometimes this never works. He often makes cats think he's a nervous wreck, and he .. well, kind of is.
  • ShadowClan in general (as place)
    • ShadowClan always gave him the creeps. And after his first mooncave visit, he holds a grudge on some of the medicine cats there (after staring an argument about how boastful SHC cats are, causing his first rivalry).
  • Kittypets (as person // group)
    • Sunpaw doesn't hold a grudge on kittypets for no reason. After finding out his mother was a daylight warrior, he hated kittypets with all his life. It started out a simple dislike, to where he hated any kittypet he layed his eyes on.
      • Update: After going to SkyClan to learn a few new herbs for a moon, he met Leopardpaw, a former crush of his. She taught him how to not hate all kittypets, and now the hatred has reduced to only his mother and kittypets he's actually talked to.
    • Sunpaw now doesn't mind kittypets as much as he used to, but still doesn't really calm his nerves whenever he goes near a SkyClan cat. Ryewhisker - who was not even a kittypet, terrified him.


  • Become a medicine cat apprentice (✓)
    • It had always been a goal of Sunkit/paw to become a medicine cat apprentice, and he well.. did. Now being mentored by Dovesong, he's been a medicine cat for a while now, and is currently fighting his "cloudy days" phase.
  • Find out what happened to his dysfunctional family (?)
    • Sunpaw, ever since he discovered his father had died, is now trying to figure out what happened to Hawkkit, and his other relatives. Ever since the day Mountain and Wrenfrost got into a fight, he's been interested in his family.


  • Anuptaphobia (fear of staying single)
    • Some felines may prefer being alone, but Sunpaw hates thinking about staying single forever. It scares him to the point where he'd probably be extremely desprate for a mate, no matter what anybody says or how pathetic it is.



Clan: ThunderClan
Cats Involved: Wrenfrost, Mountain, Hawkkit and ???
Age Range: 0-5 moons
Date Range: Pre- Chapter 1

  • Sunkit and Hawkkit were born to Wrenfrost and Mountain on a bright sunny day- Hawkkit was older then him. He gained the prefix "Sun" for the sun that shined down on the den where he was born, and for his orange patched pelt.
  • Sunkit catches his first glimpse of ThunderClan camp with his brother, and come back to see their parents in a huge fight. Not understanding what was happening, he thought they were just fooling around. What he didn't know, was ItisamysteryItisamysteryItisamysteryItisamysteryItisamysteryItisamysteryItisamysteryItisamysteryItisamystery .
  • Sunkit takes interest in herbs, and Wrenfrost supports him. His mother, once again, yells at him, telling him "cats like you should know that healing doesn't need herbs! You need to learn that natural healing doesn't need medicine."
  • Wrenfrost begins to wonder why Mountaingoat (mountain at the time) doesn't believe in medicine, and realizes she's a daylight warrior. He supports her through this but Itisamystery overhears this and tells the whole clan before fleeing, so nobody would know his secret identity.
  • The clan is in a rage and blames Wrenfrost for letting such an "impure kittypet" inside the clan, and Mountain flees the scene, taking an elder (better known as Itisamystery ) with her. Wrenfrost runs after her, but ends up falling off a cliff to his death. Since he never came back, Sunkit believes he died and holds a grudge on his mother for it, assuming she died with him.
  • His brother, Hawkkit, flees the camp after realizing his parents are dead, and take Itisamystery with him-- what Sunkit doesn't know is that she was his Itisamystery , but this is unknown to him.
  • Sunkit has his apprentice ceremony, still furious that he doesn't know his family well. His brother was gone and his parents were dead. He becomes the medicine cat apprentice of Dovesong, not realizing all the secrets about his family were soon to be revealed to him.


Clan: ThunderClan
Cats Involved: Dovesong, Wiltedpaw, Nightmoth, Fleahop, Blackbird, Leopardpaw, Poppynose, Ryewhisker
Age Range: 6-12 moons
Date Range: Chapter 1-Chapter 2

  • Sunpaw is invited to his first mooncave visit, where the crystals stop glowing and the water stops bubbling, causing a panic among the other clans.
  • Sunpaw argues with Nightmoth during the mooncave visit, creating a slight tension between himself, Nightmoth and ShadowClan in general.
  • Sunpaw decides to ditch ThunderClan territory and climbs the peak, meeting Blackbird and Fleahop, creating a bond with Flea and becoming a slight enemy to Blackbird.
  • Sunpaw is forced to go to SkyClan camp to learn the few herbs that they have to offer, and he ends up meeting Ryewhisker and Leopardpaw.
  • Leopardpaw and Sunpaw become friends and they begin to warm up to eachother.
  • Sunpaw decides to visit Leopardpaw at Skywatcher Oak, only to be told off by Spiderstep and Ryewhisker, and dashes home in sobs.
  • Sunpaw arrives back at camp in tears and is interrogated by Stormstar, only to no avail and he yells at him. Dovesong stands up for him, causing both him, Dovesong and her mate Brackenberry to flee camp and go along the RC-TC border.
  • They meet up with RiverClan deputy Leopardskip and they bring Stormstar down to the border where the two talk, and then Dovesong takes Sunpaw to the log crossing after ward, deciding not to go back so quickly after the fight.
  • Sunpaw lifts Dovesong's spirits after she insists the whole incident is her fault, causing both sides of their bond to grow stronger.
  • Sunpaw sulks in the medicine den for most of his punishment, meeting a feline named March, who in which he discovers will soon be an apprentice with him.



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HR SkyClan Logo SKCHollyshade
HR ThunderClan Logo TCWrenfrost
HR SkyClan Logo SKCMountain
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    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


= Acquaintance | ⦁⦁ = Friend | ⦁⦁⦁ = Best friend

= Blood relative | ⦁⦁ = Like family | ⦁⦁⦁ = Inseparable

= Respects as equal | ⦁⦁ = Looks up to | ⦁⦁⦁ = Idolizes

= Crush | ⦁⦁ = Fling/Potential mate | ⦁⦁⦁ = Mate

= Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

= Competitor | ⦁⦁ = Rival | ⦁⦁⦁ = Archnemesis

= Annoyed by | ⦁⦁ = Dislikes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Hates

Character/Rank/Relation to/Dot Rating(s)/Trust%
The character is asked their opinion of a specific character. Add what their response would be below!
"Speaking opinion would go like this"
Acting or thinking opinion would go like this

"ThunderClan! ooh boy, it's the best- by far! They have the best camp, n' my mentor is so cool, StarClan has blessed us!" (Sunpaw looks very happy, his smile wide and full of pride.) "Sometimes they can be a little.. welcoming, but that's okay!"

Wrenfrost/Former warrior/Father/⦁⦁⦁/100%
"Dad was amazing! He knew I loved herbs from the start, and didn't judge me for it. I'm happy about that, but.. he died saving mom.. and ..- I'm gonna go! Heheh.."
(Sunpaw looks sad, and sighs heavily.) I wish dad didn't try to save mom. She was a kittypet- what was he thinking?! I hope he's having a good time in StarClan, at least..
Mountain/Former daylight warrior/Mother/⦁⦁⦁/10%
"Uh.. She was cool.. Um, yeah.. she was. She died, but y'know- stuff like that happens all the time! Yes.. Mhm.. heh.. Am I done?"
(Sunpaw looks stressed.) I was told not to talk to Daylight warriors- kittypets in general.
Dovesong/Medicine cat/Mentor/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/80%
"I can't thank her enough. She's such a great person- and I see her as my idol. She .. stood up for me, when Stormstar yelled at me. I -- she's amazing."
(Sunpaw chuckles and whimpers in joy.) She's-- such a good cat. Better then me.
(Sunpaw looks at his paws and his eyes water.)
Wiltedfoot/Medicine cat/Friend "jealous of"/⦁⦁/60%
"I know this seems selfish and all, but.. When he got to become a medicine cat before me.. I kinda got jealous. It's not fair."
(His reaction is odd- his ears are pinned in shame, but he also seems to have fury in his eyes. Seems he has a mixed opinion. Might as well ask him why.)

"Oh, yeah, WindClan.." (Sunpaw thinks for a moment, as if he's stalling.) "They're cool, it's just... er.." (Sunpaw bites his bottom lip.) "They seem a little boastful, uh,, don't you think?" (Sunpaw chuckles awkwardly.)

"WindClanners might be a little.. boastful, but honestly- Fleahop is so cool! Much, much better then Blackbird. I can see him like a brother. We might have only knew eachother for such a small amount of time, but I feel like we could be besties in an instant."
(Sunpaw smiles and sits softly.) I hope we can be friends. He's super cool, like a big brother or something!

"ShadowClan.. ugh. They are the worst clan by far." (Sunpaw scowls in disgust.) They are so full of themselves. "I.. I hate them. I hope nobody from ShadowClan heard that.."

Nightmoth/Medicine cat/Dislike/⦁⦁⦁⦁/0%
"Nightmoth was so prideful- it got annoying so fast. When we were at the mooncave and we didn't know what was happening, Nightmoth said it didn't have to do with ShadowClan. Of course! They are so full of themselves and I hate it so much!"
(Sunpaw scowls and turns his head.) I doubt he can redeem himself.
"She's... honestly, annoying. She's bitter, too. She's barely ever nice, and whenever she is it's usually just flat out sarcasm. Fleahop is so much better then this scrap eating wannabe leader."
(Sunpaw sounded angry, but he looked a little amused.) Honestly, it's fun to tease her. She's such a party pooper.

"RiverClan? Oh, yeah! Those guys seem cool.. I met a few along their border. Some can be a little.. hostile, but I mean- not as bad as ShadowClan." (Sunpaw spits and scowls.) "But.. they are kinda suspicious. I heard they had a few wars with ThunderClan.."

Palepaw/Medicine cat apprentice/Annoyed by//20%
"At the mooncave visit, she was a little annoying. Okay, but annoying."
(Sunpaw huffs a little, and turns away.)
Character/Rank/Relation to/Dot Rating(s)/Trust%
"Speaking opinion would go like this"
Acting or thinking opinion would go like this

"Argh! That unpure SkyClan! They let in kittypets- those horrible, disgusting strays that eat scraps that twolegs drop into bowls! They're full of germs. I never want to go near that horrible clan in my life- ever!" (Sunpaw storms off.)

Leopardpaw/Medicine cat apprentice/Slight attraction/⦁⦁/70%
"She's cool! A lot better then those other kittypet SkyClanners.. we seem to get along, and y'know,,, h-heh. She's-- uh, cool."
(Sunpaw beams as he talks. Seems like he likes her a lot. Maybe even more someday.)
Ryewhisker/Medicine cat/Terrified of/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/5%
"N- No-- No... n--no-- no-! No!"
(Sunpaw's eyes water and he bites his lip, inhaling with a shake as he whimpers. Better not talk about Rye in front of him.)

(Sunpaw feels sweat form on his forehead, and chuckles awkwardly.) "R- Rogues? Uh.. no thanks.. I'd rather keep my paws..." (Sunpaw swallows hard, and shudders.) "Plus, out there, they have.. kittypets. Yuck." (Sunpaw spits.)

Sunpaw has not met/interacted with any cats outside of the clans, and hopes never to.


  • Sunpaw was born with Panic Disorder, which causes panic attacks at any given moment, they are unpredictable.
  • Sunpaw's theme song is 'Should I stay or should I go' by The Clash.
  • Mountain, Sunpaw's mother, is currently residing in HR SkyClan Logo SKCSkyClan. Sunpaw has no idea.
  • Sunpaw, while in a panic, will sit and mumble to himself in attempt to calm himself down, but will take thyme if it doesn't work.
  • Most of Sunpaw's family tree is one big mystery. It all started with Itisamystery's big fight with Itisamystery, causing their ItisamysteryItisamysteryItisamystery and everything to break apart. Now it's up to Itisamystery to save their tree.


Dad! Don't run after her, she's not who you think she is-- don't leave me, papa!

Sunkit to Wrenfrost during his death

Don't you talk! You're just as horrible as we are, mouse brain!

Sunpaw to Nightmoth during the Mooncave argument

O- Oops! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you like that- I MEAN, I didn't mean to bump into you!

Sunpaw to Nettlemuzzle after bumping into her

Wow, a ShadowClanner trying-- or pretending-- to be nice. That's a story I'll be willing to tell for moons to come.

Sunpaw to Blackbird during the peak climb

I-- I'm s-sorry.. We're f-f-friends and I-- I-- I t-thought i-it'd be okay.. I- I'm s-ss--sso stupid..

Sunpaw to Spiderstep after being interrogated

I may supposed to only heal cats, and I also may just be a medicine cat apprentice, but I still have claws! If Stormstar wants to fight, I have to be here to help if things get hairy.

Sunpaw to Leopardskip along the RC-TC border

Dovesong. You are the most intelligent, wonderful feline I've ever met. You're kind, caring, and you.. aren't like everyone else. You never deserved such a horrible feline like me to be your apprentice, but you still treat me as an equal and as if I'm your own son. I'm-- I don't have any parents, anymore.. and I - I'm glad I have someone at least similar to a parent. Don't throw yourself in the mud, Dovesong, there are plenty of cats that care about you. You may have overreacted, but I did aswell- and you did it for a good cause. You don't know how much I want to thank you for sticking up for me.

Sunpaw to Dovesong by the river log crossing during temporary rogueship