Ohh! So now it's a bad thing that I was worried SICK for one of my own clanmates, let alone an apprentice, when they mysteriously VANISHED one day?! How dare you challenge that mindset. I am the leader of this clan, and it is MY responsibility to keep every cat in my clan safe, my apprentice or NOT!" Stormstar practically screeched, his voice echoing around the entire camp. He wouldn't be surprised if it reached the forest. "Irresponsible choices do NOT go unpunished in ThunderClan.

Stormstar arguing to Dovesong over Sunpaw's decision

Stormstar is a short, light grey and white tabby tom with violet eyes. He is the current leader of ThunderClan, and his current life count is 9.



Stormstar is generally short- much shorter than most others. Though, he's also rather slender. His pelt is generally seen as quite pretty- the dark grey tabby patterns start fading into a lighter grey, and mix well with his white base. He looks almost identical to his father. Stormstar also tends to keep his pelt very clean and well-groomed, getting irritated if it gets dirty. He wears a "necklace" made of thick vines and the stone that Nectarstar gifted to him on the border.

Heritage: Egyptian Mau x Bengal(based on pelt design & texture) x Ojos Azules(based on eye color)


  • Blue (grey) color
  • Spotted tabby
  • Silver tabby (agouti form of silver shade)
  • Shorthair
  • Medium build
  • Small size
  • Blue eyes (linked to Ojos Azules; appears violet)
  • Potential for curled ears (heterozygous)


Strength: 5
Stamina: 9
Constitution: 6
Speed: 5
Agility: 6
Wit: 7
Overall Rating: 38/50

Voice: Stormstar's voice is certainly of a higher pitch, though it almost always comes off as very smooth (Sounds like this).

Scent: Various flowers and tree sap.


  •  +  Steadfast - When Stormstar is set on something, chances are, you won't ever get him to waver. He's incredibly confident about his choices, and will stand firm for all that he believes in.
  •  +  Committed - You will never see Stormstar give up on his friends, family, supporters, and clan. He would protect them all with his entire life, and tries his best to do everything for them.
  •  ±  Stubborn - Stormstar is hellishly determined to get his way, wether that way is right or wrong. He's not one to give up without a fight.
  •  ±  Stressed - Small things tend to stress Stormstar. Things tend to stay on his mind quite often, making him lose sleep or become even more worried than he already is.
  •    Hot-headed - To put it simply, Stormstar is often angry, frustrated, and likely to snap at any second. He's quick to yell and argue, letting out all of this anger. Unfortunately, it may take the tom a long time to get over his aggressive nature.
  •    Reactive - Stormstar almost always reacts instinctively. He doesn't think first, rather, just reacts. Instead, he thinks through a situation after it has happen, leading to many moments of regret.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Thunderstorms
  • Stormstar loves the atmosphere of a thunderstorm, and seems to think striking lightning in the distance is quite a spectacle.
  • Flowers of any kind
  • Stormstar thinks of many flowers as beautiful, especially those bursting with color.
  • Greenleaf
  • Greenleaf is Stormstar's favorite season, filled with warm weather, sunshine, and, of course, many thunderstorms. Stormstar also loves the greenleaf atmosphere.


  • Foggy weather
  • Stormstar hates the feeling of being unable to see anything in front of him, and a foggy day causes exactly that.
  • Water
  • Water reminds Stormstar of his past with RiverClan, which he clearly wants to forget about.
  • Leaf-bare
  • Stormstar hates cold weather in general, but leaf-bare is his absolute least favorite season. From the mix of snow and chilling winds, it just isn't for him.


  • Losing the rest of his family
  • "'s coming true, isn't it?"



Clan: RiverClan
Cats Involved: Icefish, Foxfuzz, Leopardkit, Ripplekit
Age Range: 0-6 moons
Date Range: Before Chapter 1

  • Stormkit, Leopardkit, and Ripplekit are born to mates Icefish and Foxfuzz.
  • The kits are raised during the rising tensions between RiverClan and ThunderClan, though Icefish and Foxfuzz try desperately to hide these tensions from their kits. For the most part, they succeed in doing so.

Clan: RiverClan, ThunderClan
Cats Involved: Icefish, Foxfuzz, Leopardpaw, Ripplepaw, Hareflame, Skystar, Littepaw, Wolfcreek
Age Range: 6-14 moons
Date Range: Before Chapter 1

  • Stormkit is promoted as Stormpaw as the tensions between RiverClan and ThunderClan keep getting worse. However, as Stormpaw's hot-headed and defensive personality developes, he begins to notice how flawed RiverClan's point of view is, such as missing evidence of their accusations.
  • Stormpaw constantly argues with many RiverClanners on the tense situation, to the dismay of his parents, which want to act as if the tensions don't exist. One of the many cats he argues with include his own mentor, Hareflame. His brother, Ripplepaw, also seems to agree with the accusations against ThunderClan. Leopardpaw remains neutral.
  • Due to his opposite viewpoint, Stormpaw regularly rebels against his mentor, sometimes even completely refusing to train with him. Stormpaw shows active resentment towards Hareflame and many other RiverClanners.
  • One night, Stormpaw overhears multiple rumors of a planned attack on ThunderClan. Not even taking into consideration that this could just be a rumor, Stormpaw decides to leave RiverClan on his own, tired of all of the accusations and the tension in general. He leaves RiverClan the next night without telling anyone.
  • Stormpaw leaves RiverClan, though, complications immidiately come up. He has nowhere to go, and is left wandering though the night. Though, he did think through to hide his RiverClan scent by rolling in mud on the way, even if leaving his pelt so dirty annoys him to no end. He, unknowingly, ends up on ThunderClan territory after running into a night patrol.
  • The ThunderClan patrol questions him, though Stormpaw ends up seemingly completely confused. He still isn't quite aware of where he is. The patrol later states that they are ThunderClan.
  • Due to his sudden thinking, Stormpaw ends up lying about being a loner under the name of Storm, interested in joining. The patrol takes Stormpaw back to their camp and consult with Skystar, ThunderClan's leader at the time. Skystar accepts him into the clan as an apprentice, noting his young age. She assigns him Wolfcreek as his mentor.
  • At first, most seem suspicious towards Stormpaw. However, most of the cats eventually warm up to him. Stormpaw adjusts to his life in ThunderClan, which is, to his great pleasure, mostly free of any tension, the subject only being brought up on occasion.
  • Stormpaw meets Littlepaw, a timid apprentice. They often get opportunities to train together and soon get to know each other well. He forms a close friendship with her, trusting her more than any other cat he knew at the time.

Clan: ThunderClan
Cats Involved: Littlelight, Skystar, Foxfuzz, Leopardskip, Rippletalon
Age Range: 14-17 moons
Date Range: Before Chapter 1

  • Stormpaw finishes his training sooner than expected, due to some past experience in RiverClan. He gets promoted as a warrior and receives his full name, Stormstrike.
  • Stormstrike hears mentions of RiverClan trespassers on the border, and is suddenly reminded of the life he left behind, and the lie he made up. It begins to torment him, often leaving him on edge and volatile. Littlepaw, now Littlelight, approaches him on the situation.
  • As expected, Stormstrike is hesitant to say anything, and often snaps at Littlelight out of pure worry for himself once she asks anything. However, eventually, he tells her the truth- he tells her that he was previously a RiverClan cat, how he lied that he was a loner, and tells her how the rising tensions between the two clans were tantalizing him. Littlelight was sympathetic, telling Stormstrike not to worry, and that the tensions would eventually pass. Littlelight was the first ThunderClanner to know this, and kept this fact a secret for a while. Stormstrike's stress temporarily dies down.
  • To Stormstrike's dismay, the tensions only got worse. A moon later, the inevitable happen. A battle broke out between the clans over the area that is now the Mooncave. ThunderClan goes into battle to defend their territory, with Stormstrike in the front lines. He tries his best to hide his complete nervousness; after all, this is the first time he's encountering his birth Clan after his departure.
  • During the battle, he recognizes his family members; Foxfuzz, Rippletalon, and Leopardskip. Almost immidiately after the battle begins, Rippletalon goes straight for Stormstrike, calling him traitor. He explains the distress that he caused amoung his family after his sudden leave, then goes back to attacking. Left with no other choice, Stormstrike fights back, though admittedly, stays very hesitant.
  • During the battle, Rippletalon is completely furious, not holding anything back. Multiple times it seems as if he's going for the kill in a sort of fury, revenge, possibly. Stormstrike is left with no other choice, and can't hold anything back anymore. He fights back, stuck in the fight between the two for what seemed like forever. Eventually, however, it was over. Rippletalon was aiming a deadly blow at him, and he didn't have any other choices. He stuck a similar blow in defense, and landed it. Soon after, Rippletalon lay dead, the gash caused by Stormstrike sticking out like nothing else.
  • Out of pure shock, Stormstrike backed off, far away from the action. He soon noticed many other casualties and terrible wounds caused. Skystar called for ThunderClan's retreat after she noticed Mothgaze, her deputy, had fatal wounds, as well as many other warriors. RiverClan had won the battle.
  • The clan returns to camp, only for Mothgaze to die from rapid blood loss. Skystar, still in shock and wounded, is left to appoint a new deputy later.
  • Many cats begin to point accusations towards Stormstrike after the battle. Many of the cats had noticed his striking similarity to Rippletalon and Leopardskip and guessed that he actually has RiverClan ties. This only adds to Stormstrike's anxious situation.
  • Left with no other choice, Stormstrike finally admits his secret. Many ThunderClanners no longer trust him and act hesitantly towards him, realizing that the way that he got into ThunderClan was just a lie.
  • This fact reaches Skystar, however, she does not comment on it.

Clan: ThunderClan
Cats Involved: Littlelight, Skystar
Age Range: 16-21 moons
Date Range: Before Chapter 1

  • The next night, Skystar appoints Stormstrike as her new deputy, to his great surprise. This comes as a shock to most of the clan, and most completely resent the decision. Some try to convince Skystar otherwise, however, she argues that his loyalty to ThunderClan during the battle is what gave him the position. Many ThunderClanners still disagree with her choice, however.
  • The resentment often gets to Stormstrike, giving him a more snappy personality after constantly having to defend himself.
  • Littlelight often gives him encouragement and support whenever these kind of thoughts get on his mind.
  • Over time, the clan's resentment towards him dies down, and he slowly starts regaining the trust of many cats. A minority still don't completely trust him, though.

Clan: ThunderClan
Cats Involved: Littlelight, Leopardskip, Foxfuzz, Nightrunner, Coalstar, Nectarstar, etc.
Age Range: 21-PRESENT moons
Date Range: Before Chapter 1 - Present

  • After Skystar's death, Stormstrike steps up as Stormstar and receives his 9 lives.
  • Harebounce - a life for confidence
  • Wolfcreek - a life for endurance
  • Sorrelhawk - a life for determination
  • Mothgaze - a life for honor
  • Deerstar - a life for stubbornness
  • Lightgaze - a life for selflessness
  • Foxfuzz - a life for acceptance
  • Talltalon - a life for nobility
  • Skystar- a life for loyalty
  • Stormstar appoints Littlelight as his deputy, much to her somewhat hidden dismay. Stormstar is confused, as he thought this was a point she wanted to reach, evident by her hard training and promising skill.
  • At a gathering, Leopardskip informs Stormstar of her promotion to deputy. Stormstar congratulates her, though remains mostly neutral towards her.
  • Dovesong informs him of StarClan's abscense. Stormstar keeps it a secret from his clan, only telling Littlelight.
  • Stormstar attends the gathering. At the gathering, one of his warriors, Nightrunner, spills the secret about how StarClan has disappeared. Stormstar is furious.
  • Stormstar has multiple interactions with Leopardskip at the border.
  • During a visit to the peak, Stormstar encounters Coalstar. They chat, then Coalstar offers to help Stormstar and bring ThunderClan and ShadowClan "closer together". He agrees to a fling with the ShadowClan leader.
  • Stormstar encounters Nectarstar on a trip to the border. They talk about their clans and situations, and later Nectarstar offers him a stone in honor of Rippletalon. Stormstar takes the stone, thankful to Nectarstar.
  • Sunpaw supposedly goes missing for almost an entire moon. Stormstar starts to lose hope for the young apprentice, until he suddenly comes back from an unsaid trip to SkyClan.
  • Stormstar is furious at Sunpaw for just vanishing from camp one day without a word to anyone else. Stormstar attempts to punish him by confining him to camp indefinitely, however, is interrupted by an argument from Dovesong. The two begin to argue, leaving Stormstar in a complete fury. Eventually, Dovesong decides to leave ThunderClan with Sunpaw.
  • The medicine cats return home after a day, apologizing for their actions. Stormstar gives Sunpaw his punishment of confining him to camp without any interference this time.
  • Stormstar attends the full-moon gathering, and participates in ShadowClan's ceremony to rid of the Dark Forest spirits.



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    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


Click [EXPAND] to see Opinions.

= Acquaintance | ⦁⦁ = Friend | ⦁⦁⦁ = Best friend

= Blood relative | ⦁⦁ = Like family | ⦁⦁ = Inseparable

= Respects as equal | ⦁⦁ = Looks up to | ⦁⦁⦁ = Idolizes

= Crush | ⦁⦁ = Fling/Potential mate | ⦁⦁⦁ = Mate

= Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

= Competitor | ⦁⦁ = Rival | ⦁⦁⦁ = Archnemesis

= Annoyed by | ⦁⦁ = Dislikes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Hates


Thoughts (with cited experiences, as applicable).

ThunderClan.. I want to prove to them that I can be the best leader there ever was.

Littlelight/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/Deputy/Childhood Friend/100%
"You're the best friend I could possibly have."
There's a gentle smile visible on Stormstar's face. He's trying to hide it.
Nightrunner/⦁⦁/Senior Warrior/Friend/85%
"Now that's the great senior warrior I promoted."
Stormstar nods in approval.
Brackenberry//Medicine Cat/Acquaintance/60%
"You're a good, hard worker, but why'd you have to do THAT?"
Stormstar frowns, remembering how he was practically dragged away from Littlelight by her.
Dovesong/⦁⦁/Medicine Cat/Acquaintance/80%
"You're a good medicine cat- wish I knew you better."
Wiltedfoot/⦁⦁/Medicine Cat Apprentice/Acquaintance/80%
"ThunderClan sure does have some good medicine cats."
Stormstar nods in approval, a smile on his face.
Sunpaw//Medicine Cat Apprentice/Acquaintance/20%
Stormstar simply shakes his head in disapproval.
"Err.. someone told me you like me? Okay..?"

They helped us in the battle.. I'm forever grateful for that.

"He's a fine leader."

They're strong and proud, I admire them.

"What a nice cat. She offered to help me in such a rough situation, even after we fought against her in a battle."

Do we have to talk about them..?

Icefish//Former Elder (Deceased)/Father/75%
A small tear starts trailing down Stormstar's cheek as he averts his gaze from you.
"Talking to you is.. one of the best things ever. A big part of me wishes I could still be with you every day."
Stormstar looks away from you, refusing to say anything else."
Rippletalon/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/Former Warrior (Deceased)/Brother/30%
Stormstar looks incredibly anxious when you mention Rippletalon.. best give it time.
"Maybe I do have some regrets."

Huh. Aren't they tearing each other apart in that clan? Strange..

"Don't know too much about this one.. he seems alright."

Stormstar just shrugs.


  • Stormstar often keeps various flowers in his den to keep it "colorful" and vibrant.
  • Original name ideas for Stormstar/Stormstrike included Minkfang and Duskflight.
  • In the original idea for ThunderClan, Stormstrike was meant to be a medicine cat.
  • Stormstar (Stormstrike) was the second ever Highrisers character created, only preceded by Littlelight.


"..uh- thanks for the heads up, Nightrunner. But between you and me, Nectarstar isn't anyone to be scared of, don't fret about her. She's only a mere nuisance to us.""

Stormstar to Nightrunner on Nectarstar

"He looked up, staring at her with confusion. She wanted him to have it? That kind of feeling was new to him. He gulped, dipping his head to her before leaning down to pick up the glittering rock. "Th- thank you.. Nectarstar. I'll be sure to treasure this.""

Stormstar after receiving a gift from Nectarstar

"Ohh! So now it's a bad thing that I was worried SICK for one of my own clanmates, let alone an apprentice, when they mysteriously VANISHED one day?! How dare you challenge that mindset. I am the leader and it is MY responsibility to keep EVERY CAT in my clan safe, my apprentice or NOT!" Stormstar practically screeched, his voice echoing around the entire camp. He wouldn't be surprised if it reached the forest. "Irresponsible choices do NOT go unpunished in ThunderClan."

Stormstar arguing with Dovesong about Sunpaw's decision

"I like storms cause- cause Dad used to tell me stories about how storms are StarClan sparring each other and getting stronger and stuff," he began to ramble, remembering back to a nicer time. "Just sounded cool to me, I guess.."

Stormstar reminiscing with Littlelight