A tabby can't change his stripes.




Stagstar is a lithe, cream tom with a hickory stripe running from his bobbed tail and finishing at his nose, with a caramel spot sitting on the blaze. Stag's legs are colored with the same hue as the thick stripe. The hazel of the leader's eyes tend to flick around, his cinnamon eyebrows following. Stagstar is currently a slightly reluctant leader of WindClan.

Heritage: Breed(s) (American Wirehair X Oriental X American Bobtail X etc.)


  • White
  • Brown stripe
  • D7
  • Color-pointed
  • Shorthair
  • Semi-foreign build
  • Medium
  • Hazel eyes
  • Short Tail


    = Base
       = Marking
    = Eyes
    = Leathers

Voice: Stagstar has a quite juvenile voice, not one you would expect from a leader. Sometimes you may hear his voice trail off into a mumble if he's talking to another higher-up.

Scent: Stagstar smells like the moor and rabbits.

Gait: The leader walks with his head slightly lower, but his ears up, attempting to hear any noise.


  •  +  Focused
  •  +  Reasonable
  •  ±  Ambitious
  •  ±  Private
  •    Anxious
  •    Cowardly

Likes & Dislikes


  • Mysteries
  • The Moor
  • Wildlife


  • Forests
  • Sand
  • I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.
  • Cold Weather


  • Become more confident
  • Know more cats
  • Stop being so mouse-brained


  • Humiliation
  • Loss



Clan: Windclan
Age Range: 0-6 moons
Date Range: Before RP

  • Stagkit is born to Westgale in her first few moons at Windclan, he has one littermate, a tom named Harekit.
  • Stagkit has a nice kithood during the first few moons in the new territories.
  • Fawntail comes up to Stagstar and tells him Itisamystery

Clan: Windclan
Age Range: 6-14 moons
Date Range: Before RP

  • Stagkit is promoted to Stagpaw, his mentor, Rockfeather happy to be his mentor.
  • Fawntail takes reign. Stagpaw is not happy, however, Fawntail expresses to him that she'll be a great leader for him.
  • Stagpaw becomes a bit famous in the clan, mostly because of Itisamystery.
  • ItisamysteryItisamysteryItisamysteryItisamysteryItisamysteryItisamysteryItisamysteryItisamysteryItisamystery
  • Stagpaw joins with the other apprentices to speak out agaisnt Fawntail's doings, and gets attacked in the process.
  • Fawntail is exiled. The clan rejoices and Wheatstar becomes leader.

Clan: Windclan
Age Range: 14-23 moons
Date Range Before RP

  • Stagpaw gains his warrior name, Stagstripe. he is almost instantly given an apprentice, Halfpaw.
  • Soon after that, his old mentor, Rockfeather, is killed in the battle to revenge Daisynose. Additionally, the deputy, Gullheather is slain.
  • Stagstripe grieves, but continues to train his apprentice until his eventual promotion to warrior, gaining the name Halfwolf.

Clan: Windclan
Age Range: 23-27 moons
Date Range Before RP

  • Stagstripe becomes deputy after Gullheather is killed, a somewhat controversial decision.
  • Westgale is expecting another litter with another tom.
  • Westgale soon dies due birth complications.
  • Stagstripe grieves again but attempts to maintain his slightly broken and elderly leader, Wheatstar.
  • Wheatstar tells Stagstripe he is going to retire soon, and the deputy pleads to him that he'll stay as leader, but he kindly declines.

Clan: Windclan
Age Range: 27-Present moons
Date Range Before RP

  • Wheatstar's retirement goes smoothly, and Stagstripe becomes Stagstar as he gains his 9 lives.
  • 1st - Brindleface: Courage
  • 2nd - Rockfeather: Bravery
  • 3rd - Wheatstar: Respect
  • 4th - Hawkkit: Determination
  • 5th - Westgale: Generosity
  • 6th - Harestar: Humbleness
  • 7th - Spottedstar: Endurance
  • 8th - Yellowtail: Persistence
  • 9th - Fawntail: Stagstar hestitantly accepts Fawntail's life, she doesn't tell him what it's for.
  • Gorgeleap is made deputy.
  • Stagstar cements WindClan as a peaceful and quite boring Clan.
  • Finchcreek and Stagstar have kits, resulting in 4 kits, 2 are stillborn.
  • Berrykit becomes Stagstar's "favorite" kit, and he believes that he will become a leader one day.
  • Gorgeleap returns to her farm after giving Tortiosewish a nasty scar.
  • Stagstar greives once again, and takes a long break.
  • Halfwolf is appointed as deputy.
  • Dustythorns decides to run towards ShadowClan after an abrupt battle about her two orange-eyed kits are born in WindClan.
  • Finchcreek dies in a fire on WindClan's border.
  • Stagstar leaves WindClan for a short while after finding a dead body on his territory.
  • He finds Harecry at the farm, who is the supposed leader. He has kits with Gorgeleap.
  • After discovering he killed And, one of the farm cats, WindClan leaves. Stagstar spots him running from the farm, but lets him be.
  • He returns to find Tortoisewish gone and replaced with Sandlily. He becomes bitter with Halfwolf, but doesn't argue with the deputy.
  • Sunny, Dom, Nick, and Gorgeleap follow Stagstar, Gorgeleap dies on the way while the rest survive and stay.
  • After a moon or so, a large drought is now very visible.
  • Halfwolf retreats to ShadowClan, Stagstar dispells the cat as a failure and appoints Cloverdapple.
  • When a few of his members die, Stagstar decides to take his Clan to the tunnels.
  • The tom becomes slightly delusional in thinking that the tunnels are the salvation, he leads them all to their "new home" without hesitance.
  • Cloverdapple tells Stagstar about her litter, and he is disappointed and envious.
  • After a breakdown from Bearpaw, Stagstar realizes his wrongs.



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    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


= Acquaintance | ⦁⦁ = Friend | ⦁⦁⦁ = Best friend

= Blood relative | ⦁⦁ = Like family | ⦁⦁⦁ = Inseparable

= Respects as equal | ⦁⦁ = Looks up to | ⦁⦁⦁ = Idolizes

= Crush | ⦁⦁ = Fling/Potential mate | ⦁⦁⦁ = Mate

= Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

= Competitor | ⦁⦁ = Rival | ⦁⦁⦁ = Archnemesis

= Annoyed by | ⦁⦁ = Dislikes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Hates

"I'll destroy him one day."

"I miss her."
Finchcreek/Medicine Cat/Friend/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁
"She's was a good cat."
"Going to be a great leader one day!"
"He's trying his best."
"The true deputy."

"I'm not talking about him."
"Good friend."
Flickerheart/Deputy/Former Member/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁
"Terrible cat."
Halfwolf/Warrior/Former Member/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁

"I don't like her clan, they're so lazy."

Owlstar/Leader/Knows Of/
"I don't know her... But SkyClan is never up to anything good."

"Disrespectful and selfish."
"I don't like to be reminded of her."


  • Stagstar used to boast about him having leader blood in him, but no one is sure.
  • Stagstar is based off an old OC I had, Sprucestar.


"During the few moons of grieving for Wheatstar.... I've finally made up my mind,"

Stagstar about to appoint Gorgeleap.

"You are a good deputy, but this has greatly disappointed me."

Stagstar talking to Cloverdapple about her litter.