If only I'd get some followers, I could go marching around the territories chanting about how only the actions of living individuals really matter, but alas! I have no such power, and must waste away in the most divided Clan of the bunch!

Sparrowfeather to Silverwolf during a ~secret meeting~

Sparrowfeather is a lean chocolate mackerel tabby with light green eyes. She's extremely independent and hard-headed, and tends to poke fun at anything she can. She's currently a warrior in SkyClan, and is fairly on the edge between the reformers and traditionalists (although she leans slightly towards reformers, even if she doesn't like admitting it to herself).


Description: Sparrowfeather is tall and lean, with long legs and a narrow face typical of her breed. She's a chocolate mackerel tabby with light green eyes; in other words, simply a dark brown tabby. Her paws, tail-tip, and belly are more of a tan color, and her muzzle is instead white. (irl ref)


    = Base (#FFFFFF)
    = Markings (#FFFFFF)
    = Eyes (#FFFFFF)
    = Scars (#FFFFFF)

Voice: Her voice tends to be powerful and confident, although she's isn't necessarily loud. It's smooth and slightly low-pitched.



  •  +  Independent - Sparrowfeather is extremely independent, to the point where sometimes she may defy authority figures and/or the advice of others to follow her own judgment and morals. She teeters on the edge between reformer and traditionalist, and outright separates herself from any sort of possible group, clique, etc. that has already or may have formed. She values her independence on a massive scale, and would not want to sabotage it.
  •  +  Perceptive - Sparrowfeather tends to notice the smaller details in people and things. Things like behavior adjustments (in general or towards individuals), subtle changes in appearance, changes in environment, etc. are all things that she'll tend to notice throughout her daily life. She tries to keep track of all these slight changes, because who knows when it might benefit her in the long run?
  •  +  Friendly -
  •  ±  Sarcastic - Sparrowfeather's humor is mainly based on sarcasm, satire, and dry wit. It's a very rare sight to see her pass up on any possible jokes, and she generally pokes jabs at anything she can get her paws on.
  •  ±  Casual - Sparrowfeather is rather casual and light-hearted. She doesn't really think most things are as serious as people make them out to be, and finds that everything is just a lot less stressful when she treats things in a light-hearted manner.
  •    Strong-willed - Once Sparrowfeather has her mind set on an idea or task, she'll follow through with it and uphold it no matter what. Like stated earlier, she thinks of herself as knowing better than the majority of cats around her, and she generally has a hard time realizing when she may be in the wrong. She absolutely refuses to sway from her beliefs and opinions, and can even spitefully stick to them even on the occasion she does realize she's wrong. This tends to infuriate those who disagree with her on any points, as she really just rejects any notions of her being wrong at all a majority of the time.
  •    Impulsive - Sparrowfeather does most things on a whim, and doesn't necessarily think things through before making decisions. She may have ultimate goals in mind when deciding things on the fly, but she never really has any layout as to how she's going to go about really anything.
  •    Hypocritical -


  • Despite her name, her favorite prey is squirrel


  • Inability to admit when one is wrong
    • I just don't get it! Well- I do- I have the same problem myself- but still! It's not hard to compromise. It shouldn't be that hard to compromise. But then it just... is? Can't cats just look at the overall picture for once?
  • The cold
  • Frogs; yuck!



Clan: SkyClan
Cats Involved: Applehop, Mothwhisker, Wrenkit
Age Range: 0-6 moons

  • Sparrowkit was born to Applehop and Mothwhisker, alongside Wrenkit.
  • Sparrow's kithood was largely uneventful. She looked up to her parents and found herself automatically agreeing with and backing up anything they said, like all kits would. Playing with Wren was nice too.


Clan: SkyClan
Cats Involved: (mentor), Wrenpaw, Applehop, Mothwhisker
Age Range: 6-12 moons

  • When Sparrowkit became an apprentice, she was given (name) as a mentor. He was a traditionalist, and influenced her opinions greatly.
  • After a mere few moons of being an apprentice, Sparrowpaw took on a spiteful, know-it-all persona, deliberately turning her back on her family in favor of the traditionalist friends (name, name, name?) that (name) had introduced to her. She found that she agreed with their views, and didn't understand why reformers couldn't see how important it was to reserve tradition.
  • Sparrowpaw started joining her traditionalist friends in their antics and started vocally trying to convince others of how right they were, mimicking them. Part of her wanted to please her new friends, and part of her simply refused to believe she was wrong.
  • Throughout this time, her relationship with her family grew strained. Wrenpaw and Applehop desperately tried to show her that her new forceful nature was wrong, while Mothwhisker silently scorned her daughter, interacting with her less in favor of Wrenpaw. Sparrowpaw stubbornly continued hanging out with her traditionalist friends and listening to everything (name) said.
  • However, after a few moons when she was nearly ready to be a warrior, Sparrowpaw witnessed two of her friends (names??????) practically disown another (n??ame?????) because said other decided that they didn't enjoy the traditionalist way of life anymore. Because of this, Sparrowpaw took a step back and took a long, hard look at what she was really doing.


Clan: SkyClan
Cats Involved: Wrensong, Applehop, Mothwhisker
Age Range: 12-36 moons

  • She still hadn't made a decision by the time she became a warrior and was given the name Sparrowfeather, for her particular prowess in hunting birds.
  • However, once she settled comfortably into the life of a real warrior, she made up her mind. Both sides were utterly stupid, and there was no point in choosing either, as it just perpetuated the disagreements. She proclaimed herself as purely independent and became silent during discussions about traditionalists versus reformers, shutting out any extremists in her life.
  • From then until now, she's kept firmly out of the civil war business within her Clan, although she isn't afraid to run her mouth off during Gatherings.
  • Had an apprentice for .5 seconds.
  • She was at the Gathering when Nightrunner revealed to the Clans that StarClan disappeared. She found the event to be exciting and hilarious, instead of frightening and confusing. She also met Silverwolf and Mousetuft.
  • Silverwolf and her decided to start meeting secretly.
  • The two have a falling out when Silverwolf decides to drop the meetings without warning or explanation, leaving Sparrowfeather hurt and confused.
  • She got angry at her Clan a bit.
  • After a particular eventful night in SkyClan, Sparrowfeather wanders over to the ShadowClan border where she encounters Silverwolf. They end up reconciling after a passionate discussion, then they impulsively decide to leave the Clans that same night.

Rogue Life

Clan: N/A
Cats Involved: Silverwolf, ??
Age Range: 36-41 moons

  •  ?????
  •  ?????
  •  ?????

Warriorhood (Cont.)

Clan: SkyClan
Cats Involved: Silverwolf, Spiderstep, Ryewhisker, etc.
Age Range: 41-Present moons

  • Sparrowfeather returns to the Clans with Silverwolf.
  • They head to ShadowClan first, intending on meeting up with Silverwolf's old friends, but when they arrive, they learn that all have disappeared and/or died.
  • Silverwolf is heartbroken and Sparrowfeather tries her best to help. They only end up staying at ShadowClan for a little while, before heading over to SkyClan.
  • Sparrowfeather has a nice reunion with Spiderstep and co., before realizing that many of her friends and important SkyClan figures aren't around.
  • The new SkyClan leader, Owlstar, informs her of their deaths and the way she gained leadership, leading to Sparrowfeather immediately not trusting her and calling her out on the sketchiness of her position. Yikes.
  • Later on that night, Sparrowfeather makes an attempt at calming down Spiderstep when he gets upset with someone, which only leads to the two arguing and having a falling out. Double yikes.




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"Oh, them! They were nice at the Gathering. I wish I could've talked to 'em more, though."

"Nice kid."
"It would've been nice if she'd just straight-up said they were gone."
"A decent enough guy, I guess."

"She seems really unnecessarily tense, especially after the Gathering. She oughta loosen up a bit, being the leader of RiverClan and all."

"She's cool. Glad I've gotten to talk to her a few times, and it was fun patrolling the RiverClan border together. Along with gossiping. Gotta love gossiping."
Blacknut/Senior Warrior/Acquaintance/⦁⦁/2%
"I'm gladthat he died."
"Guess it's a shame she never had a chance to fully blossom."
"...I also don't mind that he died."
Ryewhisker/Medicine Cat/Best friend/⦁⦁/98%
"He's good fun! Fantastic humor, gotta love the sarcasm. Him and Spiderstep getting together was one of my greater decisions in life... one of them."
Spiderstep/Senior Warrior/???/⦁⦁/39%
"Come on, man..."
"Well, we were both wrong, but actually making up was definitely THE best decision of my life. What a queen, you guys."
"I don't know how to feel about her."