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The Agile and Determined

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Prey Status Moderate
Herb Status Moderate
Current Leader Owlstar
Significant Past Leaders (Canon) Skystar, Cloudstar, Buzzardstar, Leafstar
Significant Past Leaders (Non-Canon) Branchstar, Whitestar, Dawnstar, Rockystar, Drizzlestar

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SkyClan cats are lean and lightweight in build, with muscular haunches and legs for leaping between branches and sleek, soft fur for slipping into crevices. Don't be surprised if a SkyClanner has a curly coat, or more toes than normal. Their pelts are usually tabby and often a shade of brown, with the occasional white patching. Their eyes are cool colors such as green or blue.

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Private, thoughtful and unlikely to initiate hostility against other cats or Clans. When SkyClan lived in the forest, they were the most likely to seek a peaceful solution to interClan disputes, and consequently were often accused of cowardice by the other Clans. Nowadays, the Clan still abides by that general philosophy, but a social divide makes their members more argumentative and cliquey.

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Preferred Prey

Mainly birds and squirrels, but occasionally ground rodents. Songthrushes are a particular favorite.

Hunting Specialties

SkyClan cats have a unique ability to jump high into the air, with strong hind legs and lean, lightweight bodies. This enables them to leap into trees that lack lower branches, and where birds and squirrels might otherwise feel safe. Once in the tree, they can climb swiftly and move confidently along the smallest branches.

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HR SkyClan Logo SKC Allegiances HR SkyClan Logo SKC

Owlstar - A light brown tabby she-cat with a half-length tail and yellow eyes.
Crownpaw - A short haired tom with silky white fur and heterochromia.
Noondapple - Noondapple- A pretty silver-gray tabby shecat with blue eyes.
Bugpaw - A petite, short haired grey she-cat with faint brown splotches and green eyes.
Medicine Cat:
Ryewhisker - A lean, scarred cream-and-white tom with amber eyes.
Leopardlight - A petite brown she-cat with cream splotches and icy blue eyes.
Apprentice: Almondpaw - A small, long-haired, almond colored she-cat with brown eyes.
Senior Warriors:
Nightrunner - A lanky grey and black tom with bright orange eyes.
Sparkleap - A thin-furred cream tabby she-cat with pale green eyes.
Buckscar [NPC] - A tall, pale tom with burn scars and a blind blue eye.
Acornfoot - A lean, light brown furred tom with bright green eyes.
Weaselpaw - A dark grey/black tom with a patch patch across his eyes (resembling a mask), a whiter underbelly, and bright amber eyes.
Blazewing - A ginger tabby and white she-cat with pale green eyes, a nicked ear, and a thin scar beneath her right eye.
Briarpelt [NPC] - A sleek dark brown she-cat with a white chest and green eyes.
Stormhowler [NPC] - A scrawny tuxedo-colored tom with bright blue eyes and a crooked tail.
Saltbreeze - A muscular, silver tom with black, spotted tabby markings and green eyes.
Starlingpaw - A long-haired charcoal tabby she-cat with bright amber-orange eyes.
Crowstrike - A dark grey tabby tom with a white underbelly and indigo eyes.
Peppershade [NPC] - A small light gray she-cat with black specks and dull green eyes.
Thrushpaw - A lean, short haired tan she-cat with darker tabby stripes and yellow eyes.
Poppynose - A medium-haired calico she-cat with bright green eyes and a dash of black over her nose.
Pumpkinpaw - A short haired white tom with ginger tabby splotches and heterochomic eyes.
Sugarbee - A pale tom with darker brown markings and green eyes.
Twignettle - A large tail-less brown tabby tom with green eyes.
Apprentice: Sunsetpaw [NPC] - A short-haired, slender, russet tabby she-cat with a tan underbelly and bright yellow eyes.
Thistleheart - A seemingly large bulky she-cat with a lavender tone, tufts of fur littered around her muzzle, throat and limbs.
Apprentice: Quailpaw- A short-haired black she-cat with a petite build and almond shaped blue eyes.
Scorchpath - A scruffy, lithe tom, with mottled grey, russet and white fur, and turquoise eyes.
Ashblossom - A tall, blue-grey and peach coloured tabby tom with a shredded ear and opalescent eyes.
Fawnspring - Fawnspring is a bright white she-cat with a caramel hue around her muzzle ears, and paws with pale blue eyes.
Ferretmask - Ferretmask is a short furred chocolate-point Siamese cat with light blue eyes.
Larchtuft - A thick-furred dark brown she-cat with olive green eyes and a scarred flank.
Olivebranch - A brown tabby-and-white she-cat with hazel eyes.
Rabbitleap - A brown tabby-and-white tom with green eyes.
Apprentice: Bumblepaw [NPC] - A tiny black tom with brown patches, a white underbelly and paws, and hazel eyes.
Locustwing [NPC]- A muscular grey tabby tom with stunning amber eyes and a scar across his flank, and one nicked ear.
Mothfire - A brownish-grey pinstripe tabby she-cat with tall, tufted ears and dark green eyes.
Daylight Warriors:
Mountaingoat [NPC] - A thick-furred white she-cat with amber eyes.
Apricotmask - A pretty scarlet-orange point she-cat with cerulean blue eyes.
Cherrykit - A pretty scarlet point she-cat with sea-green eyes.
Cottonkit - A pale cream she-cat with rose markings and amber eyes.
Cougarkit - A handsome and large tom with mahongany-russet-like fur and indigo eyes.
Softstep - A silver spotted tabby she-cat with amber eyes.
Duckkit - A small she-cat with gray fur and orange eyes.
Willowkit - A calico she-cat with amber eyes.
Stripekit - A pale she-cat with darker stripes, a tan muzzle and orange eyes.
Other Kits
Larkkit [NPC] - A small she-cat with a thin, ginger-andwhite coat.
Sparrowkit - A sharp, dusty red-brown ticked tom with olive-green eyes.
Buntingkit - A lithe, classic blue molly with vibrant orange eyes and a bobbed tail.
Magpiekit - A small, black-and-white speckled molly with bi-color blue-and-green eyes.
Canarykit - A lean, golden-pointed tabby molly with pale blue eyes.


HR SkyClan Logo SKC Current Relations HR SkyClan Logo SKC

HR ThunderClan Logo TC ThunderClan Neutral Relationship; No trouble at the moment.
HR WindClan Logo WC WindClan Neutral Relationship; No trouble at the moment.
HR ShadowClan Logo SHC ShadowClan Neutral Relationship; No trouble at the moment.
HR RiverClan Logo RC RiverClan Neutral Relationship; No trouble at the moment.
SkyClan is welcome to any visitors outside the Clans... under certain conditions.

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Name: Note that your name must make sense, and prefixes/suffixes used should be found in nature. Some exceptions may apply but if you wish to use an extremely nontraditional prefix, please clarify how it makes sense in the context of the universe.
Requested Rank: Current ranks available: Senior Warriors, Warriors, Apprentices, Kits, Elders
Description: Please format this like the allegiances in the book. In general the description should be no longer than a brief sentence, and should include a short description, and declare whether the cat is a she-cat or a tom. Here's a surplus of examples.
Personality: Please provide 2 positive, 2 neutral, and 2 negative traits.
Roleplay Example: Please put your best effort into this example, whether you are accepted or not depends a lot on this! Remember not to use things like "xx" or ":", or anatomy/vocabulary in your example, this isn't AJ roleplay! "Traditional" roleplay only please.
Discord Username: Please provide your full username here, if you are uncomfortable with posting it publicly, you can contact the clan leader and request to deliver it privately.

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Contact a Clan Leader:
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Sources Cited:
Allegiances format adapted from the warriors wiki.

Some clan traits and quirks adapted/derived from the official site.

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