30px ShadowClan

The Wily and Proud


File:Shadowclan logo shc qwerty.png Information File:Shadowclan logo shc qwerty.png

Prey Status Moderate
Herb Status Scarce
Current Leader File:Coalstar px.png Coalstar
Significant Past Leaders (Canon) Shadowstar, Raggedstar, Brokenstar, Nightstar, Tigerstar, Blackstar
Significant Past Leaders (Non-Canon) TBA

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Describe cats physically here


File:Shadowclan logo shc qwerty.png Hunting & Territory File:Shadowclan logo shc qwerty.png

Preferred Prey Lizards and snakes are only available during the warmer summer days, so ShadowClan has also resorted to hunting (TBA).
Hunting Specialties ShadowClan cats hunt by night better than other Clan cats and are skilled at skulking unseen through the undergrowth.
ShadowClan resides in the territory farthest north on the mountain, and closest to the peak, a taiga-like forest. Full of pine trees and with a 50% chance to be cold, but during the warmer summer if it's not cold, it's wet and extremely green, but still fairly dark.

File:Shadowclan logo shc qwerty.png Allegiances File:Shadowclan logo shc qwerty.png

Coalstar - Coalstar - A large smokey black molly with yellow eyes.
<name> - <description>
Medicine Cat:
<name> - <description>
Senior Warriors:
Nightrunner - A lanky grey and black tom with bright orange eyes.
Sparkleap - A thin-furred cream tabby she-cat with pale green eyes.
<name> - <description>
<name> - <description>
<name> - <description>
<name> - <description>
<name> - <description>
<name> - <description>

File:Shadowclan logo shc qwerty.png Current Relations File:Shadowclan logo shc qwerty.png

User:Fubsy/ThunderClanLogo No conflict or alliance currently.
User:Fubsy/WindClanLogo No conflict or alliance currently.
User:Fubsy/RiverClanLogo No conflict or alliance currently.
User:Fubsy/SkyClanLogo No conflict or alliance currently.
Traditionally, ShadowClan is hostile towards and does not trust others.

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Name: Note that your name must make sense, and prefixes/suffixes used should be found in nature. Some exceptions may apply but if you wish to use an extremely nontraditional prefix, please clarify how it makes sense in the context of the universe.
Requested Rank: Current ranks available: Senior Warriors, Warriors, Apprentices, Kits, Elders
Description: Please format this like the allegiances in the book. In general the description should be no longer than a brief sentence, and should include a short description, and declare whether the cat is a she-cat or a tom. Here's a surplus of examples.
Personality: Please provide 2 positive, 2 neutral, and 2 negative traits.
Roleplay Example: Please put your best effort into this example, whether you are accepted or not depends a lot on this! Remember not to use things like "xx" or ":", or anatomy/vocabulary in your example, this isn't AJ roleplay! "Traditional" roleplay only please.
Discord Username: Please provide your full username here, if you are uncomfortable with posting it publicly, you can contact the clan leader and request to deliver it privately.