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The Wily and Proud

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ShadowClan pelts are abundant in dark, rich colors; black is the most common, followed by red, chocolate and cinnamon. Diluted colors (blue, cream, lilac and fawn) are much rarer. Tabbies and โ€œselfsโ€/solid-colors are surprisingly tied in popularity as pelt patterns, and are followed by torbies/tortoiseshells. Most to least common tabby types are as follows: mackerel, classic, spotted, ticked.

Colorpointing is rare.

Smoke (and, by extension, silver tabby) is fairly common, especially in its smoke form (via self/solid-coloring).

White spotting is uncommon but still prevalent; when it does occur, itโ€™s typically to a low degree, and almost never goes beyond mid.

ShadowClan are typically the largest and bulkiest cats in the forest, just beating out ThunderClan in average muscle density. They have strong and toned bodies with large paws and muzzles built for attacks, and a stocky bone structure for solid defense and stature.

Their pelts are normally long and always thick, to help keep warm during the frigid winters. Because of their neighborsโ€™ genes, some half-Clanners have wirehair or curled fur, but itโ€™s generally uncommon.

ShadowClan eyes are typically very high in melanocytes: the most common eye color is a deep amber, followed by yellow, orange, hazel and copper. Blue and green are uncommon, but still occur.