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The Wily and Proud

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Prey Status Moderate
Herb Status Moderate
Current Leader Coalstar Pixel Coalstar
Significant Past Leaders (Canon) Shadowstar, Raggedstar, Brokenstar, Tigerstar, Blackstar, Rowanstar
Significant Past Leaders (Non-Canon) Stonestar, Flarestar, Hickorystar

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ShadowClan cats are generally very large in size, possessing the strong muscles needed to traverse the boggy territory, along with thicker fur to shield them from the cold. ShadowClanners usually have darker fur colors to blend in with the territory around them, and more simple patterns are also very common. Their eyes are often sharper colors like yellow or orange.

HR ShadowClan Logo SHC Mental Attributes HR ShadowClan Logo SHC

ShadowClanners are notoriously crafty felines, and are quite skilled in both witty speech and sly combat. They are also quite proud of themselves and their clan, and are willing to tussle at the slightest insult. This gives them quite the temper, and they are usually unable to keep it in check at times.

HR ShadowClan Logo SHC Hunting & Territory HR ShadowClan Logo SHC

Preferred Prey

Reptiles and amphibians, such as lizards and frogs.

Hunting Specialties

ShadowClan cats specialize in stalking through the boggy marshes silently and unseen. Although they aren't the fastest cats in the forest, their large paws and strong haunches allow them to propel forward quickly enough to ensnare their prey.

ShadowClan territory is usually very boggy with many varieties of wetland flora blooming during the warmer seasons. During the colder seasons, however, the marshes freeze up, making the ground stronger underfoot and sending a perpetual chill through the air. Watery areas are uncommon, but can be found near the base of the mountain.
ShadowClan camp is tucked into a natural ravine near the eastern part of the territory, and the rift is concealed by multitudes of foliage. The cats make their dens in the sides of the cliff or in natural debris left by the river that was previously there, like hollowed logs or toughened bushes.

HR ShadowClan Logo SHC Allegiances HR ShadowClan Logo SHC

Coalstar - A large smoky black she-cat with yellow eyes.
Apprentice: Redpaw - A large red she-cat with brown underbelly and dark red specks.
Aldertalon - A fluffy ginger tabby she-cat with bright orange eyes.
Apprentice: Webpaw - A long-haired dark gray marble tabby tom with amber eyes.
Medicine Cat:
Nightmoth - A short pudgy black tom with a white underbelly and muzzle.
Apprentice: Tansypaw - A petite she-cat with chocolate and white fur with light blue eyes.
Willowthrush - A sleek blue torbie she-cat with piercing silver eyes.
Senior Warriors:
Littlepine - A small, wiry green-eyed brown tabby she-cat with darker stripes and white flecks.
Flickerheart - A tall tortie tom with burning orange eyes.
Apprentice: Peony - A ginger-and-white she-cat with golden eyes.
Silverwolf - A small charcoal bengal molly with icy blue eyes.
Snakespots - A small harlequin she-cat with chocolate spots.
Apprentice: Aspenpaw - A light brown tabby tom with green eyes.
Ashenbrook - A pale she-cat with black patches and striking blue eyes.
Apprentice: Wolfpaw - A dark coloured tom of many shades of brown with bright yellow eyes.
Firebee - A dark ginger battle-scarred tom with yellow eyes.
Duskfall - A lynx point Siamese she-cat with pale blue eyes.
Hollowflower - A mostly black she-cat with a white muzzle, front paws, and throat.
Ravenmask - A massive, muscular black and white piebald tom.
Vipertongue - A muscular dark gray tabby tom with amber eyes and body scars.
Apprentice: Ophidianpaw - A slender, black tom with sharp, hazel eyes and a white-tipped tail.
Badgerstripe - A large tom with a thick black and white coat, along with piercing yellow eyes.
Quillclaw - A dark reddish-brown tom with white patches and yellow eyes.
Rootstripe - A muscular, dark brown tabby she-cat with thick brown stripes.
Apprentice: Dewpaw- A bulky black and white she-cat.
Sweetwhisper - A white she-cat with light green eyes.
Cottonmouth - A petite and fluffy furred black calico she-cat with golden eyes.
Apprentice: Ebonypaw - A small grey she-cat with darker stripes and splotches. (TEMP)
Forsakenfoot - A pure black tom with a twisted foot.
Darkfrost - A solid black tom with bright yellow eyes and a scar on his lip.
Plumshade - A reddish-gray she-cat with a white muzzle and chest.
Frogfur - A long-haired tan-and-brown tom with glazed hazel eyes.
Silenthawk [NPC] - A pale brown-and-golden smoke she-cat with blue eyes and extra toes.

Other Kits:

Lilykit - A light-brown she-cat with darker tabby markings with blue eyes.
Taipankit - A pure brown, bulky tomcat with a razor sharp green glare and an overbite.
Iriskit - A tall, lithe white she-cat with black stockings and amber eyes.
Sedgewhisker [NPC] - A pale gray-and-white she-cat with a scarred face.

HR ShadowClan Logo SHC Current Relations HR ShadowClan Logo SHC

HR ThunderClan Logo TC ThunderClan Neutral Relationship; No trouble at the moment.
HR WindClan Logo WC WindClan Strained Relationship; Occasional fights.
HR RiverClan Logo RC RiverClan Friendly Relationship; Casual alliance.
HR SkyClan Logo SKC SkyClan Hostile Relationship; Frequent fights.
ShadowClan isn't particularly inclined towards outsiders, but they are tolerated as long as no trouble is caused.

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Name: Note that your name must make sense, and prefixes/suffixes used should be found in nature. Some exceptions may apply but if you wish to use an extremely nontraditional prefix, please clarify how it makes sense in the context of the universe.
Requested Rank: Current ranks available: Senior Warriors, Warriors, Apprentices, Kits, Elders
Description: Please format this like the allegiances in the book. In general the description should be no longer than a brief sentence, and should include a short description, and declare whether the cat is a she-cat or a tom. Here's a surplus of examples.
Personality: Please provide 2 positive, 2 neutral, and 2 negative traits.
Roleplay Example: Please put your best effort into this example, whether you are accepted or not depends a lot on this! Remember not to use things like "xx" or ":", or anatomy/vocabulary in your example, this isn't AJ roleplay! "Traditional" roleplay only please.
Discord Username: Please provide your full username here, if you are uncomfortable with posting it publicly, you can contact the clan leader and request to deliver it privately.

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Sources Cited:
Allegiances format adapted from the warriors wiki.

Some clan traits and quirks adapted/derived from the official site.

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