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Robinkit is a chocolate and ginger tortoiseshell she-cat with a bobbed tail and bicolor eyes (one blue, one green). She is shy and introverted, and often sticks to her parents. Fascinated with clan history, she loves to ask her parents about anything history-related. She currently resides in WindClan as a kit to Stagstar and Finchcreek.


Heritage: American Bobtail(Bobtail) x Moggy

Description: Robinkit is a chocolate and ginger tortoiseshell she-cat with a bobbed tail and pale fur on her paws, neck, some of her face and her tail. She has bicolor eyes, one vibrant green and the other an ocean blue.


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Voice: Will develope

Scent: Since she spends all her time in the nursery next to her mother, she has a very similar scent to Finchcreek.

Gait: She can only wobble



  •  +  Methodical - Robinkit believes anything and everything should be done with a plan, whether it's border patrol or your daily routine. No one's ever succeeded in a battle with no plan, after all.
  •  +  Perfectionist - Along with having a plan, everything has to be followed and done correctly for Robinkit. There's no use in doing something if you're not going to do it right!
  •  ±  Introverted - Robinkit tends to stick close to her parents and brothers, and likes small crowds. When she's surrounded by too many cats, she can get very anxious.
  •  ±  Know-It-All - Knowing a lot about her Clan's history isn't something every cat can brag about, so whenever she gets the chance she loves to show off her knowledge. Sometimes it can be annoying, or very educational.
  •    Stubborn - You don't like her plan? Too bad. Robinkit is very stubborn when it comes to her having to change something she likes, which is basically everything.
  •    Jealous - All Robinkit does is want to impress her Clan and her father, which means she doesn't take being one-upped kindly. She easily gets bitter when someone else is in the spotlight, which will make her apprentice days quite difficult.


  • Learning of WindClan's History
  • Playing with her Brothers
  • Being the Best


  • Being Proven Wrong
  • Being Ignored


  • Make her Mark in the Clans
  • Become Deputy
  • Become Leader


  • Disappointing her family
  • Death



Clan: WindClan
Cats Involved: Finchcreeck, Stagstar, Jaykit, Branchkit, Bearkit, Berrykit
Age Range: 0-?? moons

  • Finchcreek gives birth to 5 kits; Jaykit, Branchkit, Bearkit, Berrykit, and Robinkit. Sadly, Jay and Branch don't make it.
  • Still developing...



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= Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

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She simply mews in confusion

Finchcreek/Medicine Cat/Mother/⦁⦁/100%
"Mama's the best!"
She happily smiled.
"Pa leads the whole clan, wow! Even with all that he finds time to see us, even though I think he just comes for Berrykit."
A hint of jealousy glazed her eyes.
"Bearkit is fun to play with, but most of the time he's eating his paw or sleeping."
She giggled at her comment, knowing it was true.
"He's really smart, and weird. Pa seems to like his a lot, though."
She shrugged, turning away.

She simply mews in confusion

She simply mews in confusion

She simply mews in confusion

She simply mews in confusion


  • Robinkit was named by her father, Stagstar
  • Robin's first word was "da-da"
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