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The Skillful and Equable

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Clan Overview

RiverClan cats take pride in their vast collections of beautiful things, which can include shells, rocks, feathers, flowers, and fish scales. If a cat is to find a beautiful two-leg made object on RiverClan territory, he/she may bring it back and add it to their collection.

RiverClan cats use their intelligence to dig out small canals to aid them in fishing during the seasons. These canals fill with water during green-leaf and fish get trapped in them when the current lowers, providing the clan with fish to eat when they need them.

RiverClan cats are known to have long, sleek coats and webbed paws that are well equipped for swimming and fishing during all seasons. Out of all of the Clans, they stay well-fed throughout Leaf-bare because there are fish in the river at all seasons. It is also said that they fatten themselves on fish in leaf-fall in preparation for leaf-bare to come.