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General Information

Physical Attributes: Physically, RiverClan cats are lithe-framed felines with muscular legs, long coats and webbed paws. They are known for usually being well-fed and occasionally on the plump side. Their coats often come in silver and gray colors. Unfortunately, because of their beauty, it is said that RiverClan cats are sometimes taken by two-legs.

Mental Attributes: RiverClan cats believe in peace before war; in a sense, they are pacifistic. They believe that war and violence are unjustifiable in most cases, but when it comes to RiverClan's past experiences, they tend to hold grudges. They have a strong belief in StarClan and love collecting beautiful things and paying tribute to their deceased.


Preferred Prey: RiverClan prefer to eat fish or water-voles, but occasionally will eat mice.

Hunting Specialties: RiverClan cats specialize and are experts in fishing, and also use the tactic of building canals to help catch them. Because of the webbed paws trait which most RiverClan cats carry, they are able to skillfully and easily swim and catch fish.

Territory: RiverClan territory is located in between SkyClan and ThunderClan territory, where the river branches out the most. The land consists mainly of marsh and could be considered a steppe in certain areas. Reeds line the edges around every river and there are a few trees here and there. On the border between ThunderClan and RiverClan territory is the moon-cave, which was an area once fought over between the two Clans. On the opposite border of SkyClan there are a few hot springs which RiverClan sometimes will sulk around in. (See RiverClan's territory for more information).

Camp: RiverClan camp is located in the heart of the territory, nestled on a large island-lie formation that the river stretches around. Their camp is encircled and lined with beds of reeds and the dens are hidden within fallen trees and thick reed-beds. The camp is decorated with beautiful things, like feathers, fish scales, pebbles, and so on. (See RiverClan's camp and traditions + lore for more information).



  • Nectarstar - A light golden-cream spotted tabby she-cat with copper eyes and a plethora of scars.


  • Paleheart - A slim, long-haired lilac tabby tom with yellow-green eyes and a dark tail-tip.
    • Poppypaw - A small russet-brown she-cat with yellow eyes.

Medicine Cats

  • Fishsprout - A pretty silver molly with blue eyes and a spotted/classic tabby pelt.
  • Perchwish - A pale grey-brown, sleek-furred tom with a white muzzle and front toes.

Senior Warriors

  • Smokestorm - A soft-furred gray tom with extra toes.
    • Gnatpaw - A longhaired russet tom with blue eyes.
  • Loonsight - A black and white molly with amber-brown eyes.
  • Koikiss - A longhaired chocolate Calico with one pale blue eye.
  • Buzzardleg - A scraggly dark gray tom with black speckles and thin, patchy fur and white spotting; he has one orange eye and one blue eye.
    • Batpaw - A longhaired gray-and-brown tom with green eyes that are covered by his fur.
  • Garpounce - An old, slightly plump tom with patches of orange stripes, hazel eyes, and a nicked ear.
  • Dewscathe - A tall white tom with Siamese markings and green eyes.
    • Birdpaw - A shorthaired, dark tan she-kit with a long tail, a white patch above her nose, and green eyes.


  • Lilydawn - Cream she-cat with flame points, extra toes, webbed paws and big blue eyes.
    • Copperpaw - a long-haired dark brown solid-coated tom with a lean build and orange eyes.
  • Dinkyskip - A small white tom with pink eyes.
  • Eggshell - A white tom with golden-cream tabby spots and green eyes. 
  • Dripsplash - A small white she-cat with grey speckles.
  • Buttercupclaw - A short chubby white and yellow tabby she-cat with folded ears, green eyes, and foliage lodged in her fur.
    • Splashpaw - A large snowshoe tom with bright blue eyes.
  • Stagwater - A large brown tabby tom with spiky fur and golden eyes.
    • Pikepaw - A slim, tall white tom with gray tabby patches and turqoise eyes.
  • Gingergaze - A ginger she-cat with blue-green eyes and several grey and white spots throughout her body.
    • Bugpaw - A shorthaired, dark tan tom-kit with a bobbed tail, green eyes, white paw and nose.
  • Newtspeck - A tall grey tom with amber eyes and faint brown speckles.
    • Frostpaw - A large, fluffy white she-cat with gray tabby points and icy blue eyes.
  • Sootstripe - A gray-and-silver tabby tom with white markings and copper eyes.
    • Owlpaw - A gray-and-white tabby she-cat with amber eyes.
  • Carpsplash - A golden-brown tom with darker spots, lighter markings, electric green-blue eyes and extra toes.
  • Sleepwalker - A siamese she-cat with droopy turquoise eyes and a torn ear.
  • Willowshade - A silver and white tabby she-cat with one yellow eye and one blue eye.
  • Sparkgaze - Mottled brown shecat with piercing amber eyes.
  • Lichenstep - A fluffy cream colored shecat with a darker two toned face.
  • Daisymuzzle - A fluffy ginger she-cat with green eyes.
  • Plumcuddle - A purplish tomcat with beige markings and lavender eyes.
  • Azaleabite - A lean, ginger molly with cold, green eyes and a cropped tail.
  • Scorchfall - A brown-and-black tabby tom with pale green eyes.
  • Bumblebelly - A large creamy-white tom with brown rosettes and amber eyes.
  • Vixenflight - A russet tabby she-cat with white markings and mint-green eyes.
    • Ripplepaw - A large tan tom with darker brown markings and green eyes.
  • Turtleshell - A small slate-blue and brown tabby she-cat with turqoise-green eyes.
  • Appledawn - A tall orange tabby with a white underbelly and orange eyes.
  • Lionspeckle - A large, golden tom with green eyes, dark golden freckles, and long fur.
  • Mistywish - A brown tabby with green eyes.
  • Dovesong - A light beige and white she-cat with green eyes and a missing left forearm.
  • Moss - A small, chubby she-cat with seal points and blue eyes.
  • Sparrowhop - A grey-pointed she-cat with icy blue eyes.
  • Blizzardcall - A large lynxpointed tom with a plethora of scars and one blind eye.
  • Larchwish - A ginger tabby tom with a white stomach and brown eyes.
  • Puddlepurr - A pale she-cat with white markings.
  • Mouseleap -  A tall she-cat with a brown mixed pelt and yellow eyes.
  • Reedrise - A light grey tom with white socks, a white chest, extra toes and dark blue eyes.
  • Carnationglare - A fluffy pure white albino tomcat with redish-pink eyes.
  • Hailstone - A silver-and-white tom with darker dapples and sharp blue eyes.
  • Malone - A lean white tom with one green eye and one blue eye.
  • Almondshade - A shaggy, blonde tom with bright blue eyes.
  • Walnutnose - A tall brown-and-white she-cat with darker spots and yellow eyes.


  • Tigerlily - A sleek, gray furred she-cat with darker stripes and green eyes. (permanent queen)
  • Dripsplash - An icy white she-cat with silvery grey speckles and sea-foam green eyes.
    • Sweetkit - A white she-kit with brown patches and sea-foam green eyes.
    • Lynxkit - A silver-and-white tom with green-blue sectoral heterochromic eyes.
    • Stormykit - A pale brown tom with freckles, white markings and green-blue sectoral heterochromic eyes.
  • Sleepwalker - A siamese she-cat with droopy turquoise eyes and a torn ear.
    • Swiftkit - A lanky, chocolate-point tom with turquoise eyes.
    • Tanglekit - A brown tabby she-cat with tangled fur and droopy turquoise eyes.
    • Bananakit - A small lilac tabby she-cat with green eyes.
  • Goosefur - A petite grey and brown tom with golden eyes. (Nursery sitter)


  • Snowflakekit - A pure white tom with pink and blue sectoral heterochromic eyes.
  • Dizzykit - A silvery slate-blue and white tom with pale green eyes.


  • N/A


ThunderClan Enemy.
WindClan Ally.
ShadowClan Ally.
SkyClan Neutral.
Outsiders Cautious/wary of.
RiverClan/Overview, RiverClan/Characteristics, RiverClan/Traditions & Lore, RiverClan/History, RiverClan/Territory, and RiverClan/Territory/Camp.

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