1 season = 6 weeks

  • seasons: new-leaf, green-leaf, leaf-fall, leaf-bare

1 moon = 2 weeks

  • half moon A: last day of week 1 (saturday)
  • full moon: middle of week 2 (tuesday or wednesday)
  • half moon B: last day of week 2 (saturday)
  • new moon: middle of week 3 (tuesday or wednesday)


note: although this would mean that every real-life day would technically be approx. 1.75 days, time skips can be employed to skip uneventful days or allow for days to last longer/be more eventful as needed. time skips should be universal for the whole clan, but they do not have to be synced up with other clans' roleplays.

notable time periods:

  • gestation period for pregnant queens: 1 week (can request extensions)
  • kithood: 3 months (give or take)
  • apprentice training: 3 months (give or take)