I'm not insulting you, I'm describing you.

— ratscar upon confronting max

Ratscar is a large, brown she-cat with a lighter shade underneath, amber eyes, and a large scar on her left eye, she's sharp-tongued and a loyalist to ThunderClan as a warrior.


Heritage: Maine Coon x Rex

Description: Ratscar is a large, brown she-cat with a towering, muscular frame, she has a lighter shade of brown underneath, and peircing amber eyes, she also has a large scar on her left eye, a result of a skirmish, she also has deeper brown markings, and long ears.


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Voice: Oktavia von seckendorff

Scent: She smells of dead leaves

Gait: Ratscar walks normally at a fast pace, paying little attention to grace.



  •  +  Loyal - Ratscar is loyal, when she trusts you and you trust her back, she will dedicate herself to you.
  •  +  Logical - Ratscar will think before acting, movement-wise, at least, she takes every plan into an odd amount of thought, even when it's something as simple as catching prey.
  •  ±  Sharp-tongued - Ratscar is what you'd call brutally honest, if she has something to say about you, she will say it, this may cause her to unintentionally hurt someone emotionally, but she believes if they need to hear something, it's for the best.
  •  ±  Sly - Ratscar is sly, in correspondence with her logic, she can trick you easily, though she mainly does this in good intention, it would be easy for her to convince you, unless you know her well.
  •    Hostile - Though ratscar won't essentially physically attack anyone unless she's told to or has to, she has a sense of hostility, this is especially towards other clans, she has nothing against kittypets, since most of the cats in her bloodline are, but she tends to have a special wariness of rogues and other clanners.
  •    Evasive - Even when Ratscar is completely innocent or it's just normal, she doesn't like being questioned about her personal matters/life, she tends to be evasive to questions like these.


  • Shade
    • Ratscar enjoys the shade, she can normally be found sitting under a tree, while others bask in the sun, she enjoys the shade, between herself, she thinks it somehow makes her look hotter.


  • Rogues
    • Ratscar has a burning hatred for rogues, though she knows there is good in some of them, she utterly despises them anyways, though she keeps this mainly to herself, it's not that hard to notice if she sees one.


  • umm
    • stay tuned


  • Thatanophobia
    • Ratscar is afraid of death, despite thoroughly learning about starclan and the dark forest, she still doesn't 100% believe in it, as such, she is terrified of the thought of death, assuming it's just going to be black and empty after you die.



Clan: hmm
Cats Involved: hmm
Age Range: ??-?? moons

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give me 2 years im gonna write



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  • Ratscar was originally going to be named brokenheart.
  • Ratscar's bloodline are mainly kittypets.
  • she's gay



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