"She asked me, do you love me? I told her only partly."

Quillclaw is a tall, slender, muscular muddy ginger tabby tom with hazel eyes and silky-short fur. His underbelly is a substanially lighter sandy white and trails down to his tail, underhis neck, belly, and tail, to his tail tip. Head strong, steadfast, clever and witty, he can be infatuating and aggravating, both or neither, and simply confusing with his attitude. 


Heritage: Moggy mix

Description: A lean murky ginger tom with muddy, wild tabby stripes on his shoulders, back, tail, face, legs, everywhere. They stretched and hug his body like shadowy strips, and vary in color. His facial markings, chin, muzzle, chest, belly, and bottom of his tail are a sandy, pleasant pale coloration and fit nicely into his frame. He's muscular, and wiry, but not at all scrawny.


:    = Base (#e6e8e5)

:    = Eyes (#fffd8e)

:    = Inner Ears (#ffe0fc)

:    = Nose (#ffcefa)

:    = Tongue (#ff7585)

:    = Pawpads (#ffe0f1)

:    = Scars (#ed97a6)

Voice: Confident, a bit thin, and airy,

longtail here. 

Scent: Fresh mud and rain,

Gait: Self assured and prideful, he holds himself as though he has nothing to hide.

* +  Crafty - Creative and witty, he can solve many issues with his mind and not his claws, and with intellect, and loves to pull pranks and debate.
* +  Intelligent-just what it says, he has a sharp mind.
* ±  Flirty- He's a player, he doesn't know what he wants and he hopes by with hooking up with as many cats as he could.
* ±  Wily- tba
*   Decietful  - He'll lie, cheat or steal to persue his own goals.
*   Brash - He acts without thinking.