They spoke to us. You were right, Littlecloud. We can't ignore the spirits of our warrior ancestors. Not when they're still watching over us.

Blackstar, in Long Shadows.

Otterjaw is a brown tom with a darker shade of brown for his tabby markings, having a light cream underbelly and slick fur with broad jaws, his eyes are also a light green with a dark green pupil. Inhabiting RiverClan as a Senior Warrior.


Heritage: Oriental longhair(based on build) x Havana brown(based on fur)


  • Tabby markings
  • Long wirey fur(due to matting)
  • Brown base coat
  • Cream undercoat
  • Long build(like an otter)
  • Green eyes
  • Broad jaws
  • Large ears


Strength: 7/10
Stamina: 6/10
Constitution: 5/10
Speed: 5/10
Agility: 9/10
Wit: 9/10
Overall Rating: 42/60


    = Base (#795b4f)
    = Markings (underbelly)(#d3c4be)
    = Other Markings (stripes)(#654f49)
    = Eyes (#c1cdaa)
    = Eyes (#606d4d)
    = Inner Ears (#cab2a5)
    = Nose (#654f49)
    = Tongue (#f7c8d3)
    = Pawpads (#f7c8d3)

Voice: Ashfur

Scent: a mix of lavender and reeds, as well as the constant smell of his damp fur.



  •  +  Considerate - Otterjaw is considerate over a lot of things, especially his friendships and rank as Senior Warrior. This trait links in with his kindness to others.
  •  +  Determined - Otterjaw gained this trait solely for his goal to reunite himself with his sister, Blossompaw once again. During events and tasks such as hunting, training and patrolling, he always makes sure he gets his part of the job done, sometimes overdoing himself and pushing to the extremes.
  •  ±  Trusts easily - From a kit, Otterjaw was taught to trust those around him, what he didn't know was that his father had meant inside of RiverClan, if they seem approachable, he will trust them completely until they break his trust, and that's the only way he learns.
  •  ±  Unforgiving - Linking with being easily trusting, Otterjaw doesn't forgive those who break his trust easily, if at all, once one has proven them-self disrespectful to him, in any situation, it isn't easy to gain his trust back, or get him to accept an apology.
  •    Aloof - As approachable as Otter seems, he tends to distance himself from others to keep his mind focused on his Clan, this also effects his social skills and friendships, he struggles to show hostility however, and just comes off as bland.
  •    Stubborn - When it comes to things he takes no interest in, it takes a while to reassure him and convincing him into doing it, since the disappearance of his sister he refuses to put off any task that will effect his chances of reuniting with her in the future.


  • Treasure hunting
    • Otterjaw, from a kit has adored fishing for objects inside the rivers, his father used to take him out with his siblings to do it twice every week, usually finding eye catching pebbles, fish skeletons, small pieces of two-leg jewellery and anything abnormal in the area.
  • Swimming
    • Being a RiverClan cat, Otterjaw is a natural born swimmer, their labelling quote "swim like otters" are taken literally with Otterjaw, he has a longer neck to keep his head up from the water with a thin body that easily glides through the water.


  • Climbing
    • Climbing usually involves trees, which is a disadvantage for Otter, he struggles to even get a grip of the bark, and finds it frustrating to see others do it with such ease.
  • Birds
    • Birds are Otterjaw's least favourite prey, he prefers fish; obviously, and finds it repulsive when others eat them.


  • Find his sister
    • When Otterjaw and his siblings, Cedarstep and Blossompaw were apprentices, Blossompaw was taken by two-legs when she strayed too far from the territory, Otterjaw has always had dreams of finding her, and he has made it his top goal to find her.


  • Clouded water
    • Clouded water has been a fear for Otterjaw ever since his apprenticeship, the water is fogged up and he struggles to control his anxiety if he cannot see whats beneath him.



Clan: RiverClan
Cats Involved: Feathertail Reedwhisker, Blossomkit
Age Range: 0-6 moons

  • Otterkit and his sister Blossomkit are born, their mother being Feathertail and father being Reedwhisker.
  • Growing up in RiverClan, their birth clan, they're taught their ways as well as some family traditions.


Clan: RiverClan
Cats Involved: Reedwhisker, Blossompaw, Two-leg
Age Range: 6-12 moons

  • Otterkit and Blossompaw become apprentices, Reedwhisker as Otterpaw's mentor, going out for their first hunt in the territory.
  • Blossompaw is taken by a Two-leg after straying too far from the border, and is never seen again.


Clan: RiverClan
Cats Involved: Feathertail, Reedwhisker
Age Range: 12-20 moons

  • Feathertail, Otterpaw's mother tries to put Reedwhisker at fault for Blossompaw's disappearance after 14 moons, causing Reedwhisker to leave RiverClan.
  • Otterpaw becomes Otterjaw, named after his otter like appearance and skill in fishing.

Senior Warriorhood

Clan: RiverClan
Cats Involved: Nectarstar
Age Range: 20-35 moons

  • Otterjaw snuck off, meeting up with a kittypet by the name of Lola on a barn, where they had Sparkkit.
  • Otterjaw learned to put behind his family issues during his warriorhood, and has become one of the aged warriors of RiverClan, taking the rank of a Senior Warrior, given to him by his leader Nectarstar.
  • He currently trains Frogpaw, and has made it one of his top priorities to teach her everything he has learnt himself.
  • During a patrol to the TC border, a heron is potted, Otterjaw is stubborn and ignores the warnings and goes in to attack, assumed TC is responsible for his death, the clan soon finds out it was a heron, and he now rests searching for StarClan for his final resting place.
  • I never found Blossompaw. Was his last thought before his death.




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"Nectarstar is a very noble cat, I am glad to have her as my leader."


"My mother, she's been through a lot, I'm thankful to still have her at the age she is now."

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