My son, you simply do not comprehend my relationship with your mother. Her mind is simply too deluded in her own fantasies to raise her only kit. You wouldn't want her to get in the way of your future no longer, do you?
Jackalclaw to Nimbusleap

Nimbusleap is a tall, white tom with yellow eyes and a stubby tail. He is currently a warrior of WindClan.



Nimbusleap is an Oriental Shorthair x American Bobtail mix with a completely white pelt and rich yellow eyes. His body is taller than an average feline, making his body naturally slim, as well.

Heritage: Oriental Shorthair x American Bobtail


  • Stubby tail
  • Triangular facial structure
  • White fur
  • Short-length fur
  • Lithe form
  • Yellow eyes
  • Tall frame


Strength: 6/10
Stamina: 9/10
Constitution: 4/10
Speed: 7/10
Agility: 7/10
Wit: 8/10
Overall Rating: 41/60


    = Base: (#E5E5E5)
    = Paw Pads: (#BD7A7A)
    = Ears & Nose: (#D77D7D)
    = Eyes: (#EAD64A)

Voice: Low, clear, and concise

Scent: Burnt wood and grass

Gait: Nimbusleap usually brings an intermediately normal, only bringing a quickened walk when he is assigned with hunting patrols or border checks.


  •  +  Ingenious- In some respects, Nimbusleap usually attempts to discover an outlandish or risky method in doing certain tasks. His eyes would have a certain glow if he finds a way.
  •  +  Tenacious- When the late Warrior makes a decision, he usually stands firm by his choice. This tends to persist in his battling strategies, as well as his methods of speed and stamina.
  •  ±  Ambitious- As much as he is ingenious, he also strives for bigger and greater accomplishments, like becoming promoted to Senior Warrior, at the very least. 
  •  ±  Unpredictable- Nimbusleap, according to the naked eye, could be a little unexpecting. One day he would leisurely wander around the camp, another he would silently slouch in the Warrior's den, coldly glancing toward any cat who would pass by.
  •    Cold- After his father's pessimistic and rather seething behaviors he displayed towards his mother and himself, Nimbusleap began developing his father's toxicity. A simple glance would potentially send a signal that you've done something foolish or attempted to reason with his moral mentality.
  •    Direct- In his philosophy, he believes that there is no need to sugarcoat anything, even if it were touchy subjects, like mental illness and even death. Nimbusleap will also bluntly point out any mistake a feline makes during the day.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Thing


  • Thing


  • Fear
  • Description of Fear



Clan: WindClan
Cats Involved: Jackalclaw, Heatherfur, & Nimbuskit
Age Range: 0-5 moons
Date Range: Before Chapter 1

  • Nimbuskit was born to mates Jackalclaw and Heatherfur.
  • For a third of his kithood, he cherished his mother and father very dearly when he learned of their previous kit, Rabbitkit, dying almost instantly when she was born.
  • In some point, he found out a sudden change in his father's behavior. Nimbuskit usually comes back from playing with his fellow friends to see Heatherfur sobbing quietly to herself, bleeding clawmarks creasing her face.
  • Still confused on the concerns of his mother, Nimbuskit resorts into asking Jackalclaw on the matter. The only response the burly tom gives him was a simple gesture to keep quiet, laugh deviously, and walk away. This only made the situation more convoluted for him.

Clan: WindClan
Cats Involved: Nimbuspaw, Jackalclaw, Heatherfur, Thistlethorn, & Wolfjaw
Age Range: 6-13 moons
Date Range: Before Chapter 1

  • The Senior Warrior, Wolfjaw, willingly accepts Nimbuspaw as his apprentice, who was somewhat shy around him.
  • tba
  • After he was done with a sparring session with his mentor, the familiar, metallic scent of blood and the excruciating cries of pain and misery ringed in his ears. It was surprising that, this time, Heatherfur wasn't sent to the Medicine Den. Nimbuspaw only mere witnessed his own father's claws, unsheathed and coated with his mate's blood; the only signal was sent to him were the simple words: "Don't let yourself end up like her."

Clan: WindClan
Cats Involved: Nimbusleap, Jackalclaw, Heatherfur, Wolfjaw, Wheatstar, ShadowClan cats
Age Range: 14-Present 
Date Range Before Chapter 1

  • Nimbusleap has now been promoted into a Warrior.
  • Point 2




    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


  • Jackalclaw (father)
  • Heatherfur (mother)


  • N/A


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Thoughts (with cited experiences, as applicable).

No current affiliations with cats inside ThunderClan.

Jackalclaw (DECEASED)/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/Senior Warrior/Father/0%
Nimbusleap sneers and coldly glares at you with an aura drenched in toxicity and inner rage. He walks away from you.
Wolfjaw (DECEASED)/⦁⦁⦁⦁/Senior Warrior/Mentor/90%
"Ever since then, I told you you were a great warrior. You've held that title dearly to your heart from the very beginning."
"He's...a decent leader. Cowardice, but decent."

No current affiliations with cats inside ShadowClan.

No current affiliations with cats inside RiverClan.

No current affiliations with cats inside SkyClan.

Heatherfur (UNKNOWN)/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/Warrior/Mother/100%
"Mother. I think I now understand your decision in dispersing from the Clan. It was because of Jackalclaw's violence and flawed beliefs, wasn't it? ...Otherwise, I hope you're doing well."


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Shut up! You have no right to hit my mother like that!

Late Nimbuspaw at Jackalclaw when he hurts Heatherfur

...I carry my father's sins, which puts an unnecessary weight upon my shoulders.

Nimbusleap to Wolfjaw when he asks about his father's relationship