"He's a traitor. No good cat for my clan. You'd kill liars too, wouldn't you?"

-Nightstar to Scorchpath on why he killed Archfall.

Nightstar is a robust jet-black tomcat with white extremities. He has bright orange-pink eyes and has two grisly facial scars. Many cats take note of his aggressive behavior, disregard towards the code, and his extreme hatred towards Starclan.

He is currently the Leader of HR ThunderClan Logo TC ThunderClan, and a rather unorthodox one at that. He was the first Highrisers Leader to be denied lives.


Heritage: European Shorthair + Moggy


Nightstar is a rather tall, robust, and athletic-looking tom. He has medium length fur that's rather messy and unkempt, there's often dried blood or dirt coating it.

As stated, his fur is mostly black aside from his extremities (ears, tail, paws, face) being white, due to the Kaparti mutation. His eyes are a bright orangey-pink and he has two token facial scars; one across his muzzle and the other going down the left side of his face. He also has scars on his shoulder and stomach.


    = Base (#262626)
    = Markings (#f5f5f5)
    = Eyes (#ff2647- Iris)
    = Eyes (#ff633b- Sclera)
    = Nose/Ear (#ff2647)
    = Scars (#7a1e1e- facial scars)
    = Scars (#740303- under eyes)

Voice: Adam Driver

  • Very low/guttural, yet oddly smooth sounding.

Scent: Dried blood

  • This is due to his issue with Excoriation.



  •  +  Honest-Nightstar isn't one to lie, however, sometimes he can be too honest to the point where it's hurtful. But hey, he won't hide much from you!
  •  +  Quick-witted- Nightstar is quick to respond to many things; whether it be an attack or insult.
  •  +  Confident- Nightstar is very self-assured, and rightfully so. He views himself to be a great leader and fighter- he likes to boast about how he has won many battles and killed many of his foes.
  •  Β±  Egotistical- Nightstar is very self-centered, often flaunting his superb fighting skills or looks.
  •  Β±  Enigmatic - Nightstar doesn't reveal much about himself, his past remains a mystery.
  •  Β±  Hypocritical- Nightstar sets high standards for others but not himself.
  •  βˆ’  Cruel - Nightstar causes pain to many with his savage acts, often feeling no concern over it.
  •  βˆ’  Aggressive/Hostile - Nightstar is a rather explosive cat, and isn't one to mess with- it's granted he'll snap back in a moment's notice.
  •  βˆ’  Amoral- Nightstar has no true moral compass on whether things are right or wrong, he'll normally do things if they benefit himself or his friends.

Other traits:

Malicious, Impassive, Critical, Extortionist


  • Being in the forest
  • Fighting
  • Gossiping/eavesdropping
  • Creepy bugs (maggots, spiders)
  • Robinbelly


  • Cats who are nosy
  • Annoying Apprentices
  • Riverclan
  • Flings
  • Kits
  • Elders


  • To honor Robinbelly and the wonderful life she lived
  • Obtain 9 lives (Completed)


  • Cats finding out his true past and his deepest, darkest secrets.
  • Runningstar.
  • Starclan.



  • Nightrunner's adoptive father is Runningstar.
    • The two were fairly close, Runningstar had countless health issues though.
    • Nightrunner was closer to his mother.
  • Nightrunner's mother is found dead by the Riverclan border, Nightrunner soon develops an unjust hatred towards the clan.
    • Runningstar doesn't handle this all too well.
  • Horror

Apprenticehood- Warriorhood

  • Dark, desolate times..
  • Nightpaw runs away from Thunderclan, never to be seen again.
  • Not much is known, he spent most of it with a cat named Ospreyscreech- the two
    • Nightrunner admits that he spent time training in the Dark Forest alongside his mentor, Ospreyscreech, and a fellow trainee named Tarpaw.
    • It is unsure as to how Nightrunner was introduced to the Dark Forest.
  • Revenge...

Senior Warriorhood


  • A cat by the name of Nightrunner appears on Thunderclan's territory- no one seems to remember him from when he was previously in Thunderclan as a kitten. He is attacked by a patrol but effortlessly holds his own against them.
    • Stormstar hesitantly accepts him in but immediately gives him the Senior Warrior rank. His reasoning behind the promotion is unknown.
  • Nightrunner reveals to the clans at a Gathering that Starclan has abandoned them, turning many against him. He attacks two of his own clanmates and causes mass hysteria amongst the clans.
    • It's safe to say he becomes the most-hated cat in Highrisers due to this.
  • Nightrunner returns to Thunderclan (opting to avoid his clanmates for a few days) during a battle with Riverclan over stealing their fish- he and Leopardskip brawl it out and he's left with a nasty shoulder injury. He got Leopardskip back by sending a nearly-fatal claw strike to her neck.
    • Thunderclan wins.
  • Thunderclan and Windclan have a fish feast and are raided by Shadowclan and Riverclan. Nightrunner is attacked by Nectarstar but escapes from her clutches. He mauls a Riverclan apprentice named Frightpaw, Vipertongue retaliates by attacking him and leaves him with some horrible stomach and neck gashes.
    • Later, Frightpaw is revealed to be Daywalker's daughter.
  • Robinbelly and Nightrunner go to the Mossy Tree together to try and talk things out.
  • Robinbelly decides to leave the clans to live on her own as a Loner. She spends her last day in Thunderclan with him.
    • Robinbelly leaves the clans due to her dislike towards the harsh life.
  • Nightrunner, in the midst of a storm, goes to the Mossy Tree and is devastated by her departure.
  • Beetlepaw vanishes- wishing to go find Robinbelly. However, she gets lost and is found at Shadowclan camp.
    • Nightrunner treks through the many territories to find her; soon invading Shadowclan's camp to bring her back to Thunderclan.
  • Robinbelly returns shortly after- the tom is ecstatic.


  • Stormstar and Littlelight depart from Thunderclan, leaving Nightrunner to run the clan on his own against his own will.
    • Feeling abandoned, Nightrunner begins to hate the two- he feels as if he was left to fend himself.
    • He views the as nothing more than "treacherous kittypets."
  • Nightrunner and Dovesong visit the Mooncave to receive his 9 lives.
    • Runningstar intervenes his ceremony and refuses to give him nine lives, he brings something up about a past crime.
    • Nightrunner becomes the first leader in Highrisers to be denied his lives.
  • Nightrunner attends his first gathering as leader- and is met with mixed reviews. He scolds the other leaders on showing better respect to the new leaders, especially him.
  • Rookpath questions Nightrunner's leadership and believes he killed Stormstar and Littlelight, he lures him to the territory- only to kill him in one single move.
    • This causes a rift between Thunderclan- should they trust their new leader? Should they reject him?
  • Robinbelly and Nightrunner get into a fight. He soon learns that she kinda wants kits, he's not sure how he feels about this.
    • Nightrunner feels like he'd be a terrible parent- this is due to his own family struggles.
  • Nightrunner and March try to commence a Leadership Ceremony with living cats giving him his 9 lives, this backfires and causes a huge fight in the clan.
    • Many don't like how this goes against the traditional Mooncave/Starclan ceremony.
  • Beetlepaw declares Nightrunner is not her friend anymore- he leaves to go to the Peak after this.
    • He meets Spiderstep, the two get along great.
  • Nightrunner returns and his long-lost cousin barges into Thunderclan camp, claiming he killed her beloved daughter: Frightpaw.
  • Nightrunner exiles Dewpaw, threatening to kill him if he ever returned.
    • He couldn't handle the tom's drama, hatred towards him.
  • He and Beetlepaw spar, causing Beetlepaw to nearly die and for Nightrunner to lose half of his neck fur.
    • Nightrunner's hatred towards Beetlepaw only grows.
  • Nightrunner plans to invade Windclan in order to take control of the Twoleg Place.
    • He and a patrol of 6 attack the camp, he threatens to kill Bearpaw in hopes of gaining the territory. He's met with success.
    • TC/WC rivalry begins to blossom.
  • Robinbelly passes away due to heatstroke. Nightrunner attacks Tawnyspots and almost kills her in a blind fit of anger.
  • A Riverclan exile, Sparkpaw, joins. Nightrunner notices many similarities between the two.
  • The heat (that killed Robinbelly) becomes unbearable, Nightrunner moves Thunderclan into a sewer system to escape the heat. He is met with success.
    • He accidentally drinks sewer water and gets sick
    • Rats attack Thunderclan
    • He loses his nest that he and Robinbelly once shared.
  • Nightrunner 'talks' to Robinbelly- upset with how he cannot see her and how she leaves him with more questions and answers.
    • He believes Starclan has trapped her.
  • Nightrunner leads Thunderclan out of the tunnels and to their (now destroyed) camp, only to be attacked by foxes. Sootpaw and Cranewing die.
  • Nightrunner starts hearing a voice in his head- he has no clue who it could be. They urge him to move on from Robinbelly.
    • He belives it's Ospreyscreech, his old Dark Forest mentor.
  • Nightrunner threatens to raid Windclan again, he and Coalstar agree to forge an alliance.
    • Windclan has been trespassing in the Twolegplace.
  • Nightrunner takes in Rowanpaw as his apprentice, hoping he'd be a good replacement for Beetleclaw.
  • A loner, Snooze, joins TC- asking where Robinbelly is, only to find out she died. She and Nightrunner go to the Mossy Tree to grieve over her loss and talk.
    • She's accepted as Sleepwalker.
  • Nightrunner appoints Sparkbite as his Deputy, this is met with plenty of controversy.
    • Riverclan especially doesn't enjoy this.
  • Nightrunner catches Skyclan seeking shelter in his territory- once he reaches their makeshift camp he attacks a member and holds an apprentice, Pumpkinpaw, hostage at his own camp.
    • Since TC doesn't know what Pumpkins are.. Pumpkinpaw is renamed Flarepaw.
    • Flarepaw decides to stay with Thunderclan, Nightrunner isn't sure why.
  • Three kits show up at camp, Archfall claims to be their father.
  • It's revealed that Archfall had stolen hese kits from Windclan at the gathering.
    • Infuriated, Nightrunner chases the tom and the kits out of camp.
    • They go to Windclan's territory
    • Archfall and Nightrunner duke it out- Nightrunner killing the tom by sending three powerful claw marks to his stomach. After being attended to by Sleepwalker and Sparkbite, he collapses due to blood loss and exhaustion.
    • His neck, face, and stomach are badly cut up.
  • Badgermist, a Thunderclanner, is found dead in Windclan's territory. Enraged, Nightrunner goes to Windclan's camp for answers- only learning that Weaselbite may be the culprit.
    • Nightrunner is quick to plan an attack.
  • Nightrunner and his army of Thunderclanners ambush Windclan; his first victim is Weaselbite.
    • Nightrunner severely injures Weaselbite via bites to the neck.
    • Nightrunner blinds Russetwolf and gives him head trauma- Russetwolf in turn reopening his stomach wounds. Russetwolf passes out from said head trauma.
    • Nightrunner nearly kills Birchkit, Leapkit, and Curlykit during his raid in the Nursery- Sandlily and Scorchtail both attack the crazed tom. Scorchtail shreds up his ears and Sandlily gives him a scar to the cheek. Nightrunner is able to kill one kit, however- forcing Windclan to surrender.
      • Nightrunner (also) nearly kills Sandlily in a enraged attack to her torso- causing her to black out.
      • Nightrunner blinds Curlykit, gives Leapkit a broken rib, and bashes Birchkit against the floor numerous times.
      • Nightrunner kills Eaglekit via mauling her.
      • Birchkit dies due to back/head trauma.
      • Thunderclan wins the fight.
    • Nightrunner goes to the Mooncave to try and figure out how to get lives- here, he sees Robinbelly, but the two are separated by a border.
      • Robinbelly suggests asking Dark Forest cats for lives.
    • Nightrunner goes to the Mooncave to receive his lives:
      • Robinbelly: Love
      • Russet: Faith
      • Ospreyscreech: Trust
      • Tarpaw: Happiness
      • Rocktumble: Persistence
      • Sootpaw (now Soothop): Friendliness
      • Silverbrook: Wisdom
      • Runningstar: Sympathy and Forgiveness
    • Daywalker, Nightstar's cousin, gives birth to her four kits (who are Nightstar's little cousins): Frostykit, Curlykit, Stormykit, and Frightkit



⦁ = Acquaintance | ⦁⦁ = Friend | ⦁⦁⦁ = Best friend

⦁ = Blood relative | ⦁⦁ = Like family | ⦁⦁⦁ = Inseparable

⦁ = Admires | ⦁⦁ = Looks up to | ⦁⦁⦁ = Idolizes

⦁ = Crush | ⦁⦁ = Infatuated with | ⦁⦁⦁ = Mate

⦁ = Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

⦁ = Competitor | ⦁⦁ = Rival | ⦁⦁⦁ = Archnemesis

⦁ = Annoyed by | ⦁⦁ = Dislikes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Hates

⦁ = Respects | ⦁⦁ = Trusts | ⦁⦁⦁ = Relies on

⦁ = Skeptical of | ⦁⦁ = Mistrusts | ⦁⦁⦁ = Betrayed by

⦁ = Dead | ⦁⦁ = Grieves over | ⦁⦁⦁ = Longs to see again

"I miss you so much.."

Robinbelly's untimely demise haunts Nightrunner like a ghost. He can't seem to move on from greiving over her loss, his ultimate weakness. He loved her with all his heart, he wishes to see her again. Too bad Starclan has trapped her. Maybe he can free her...

"Worthless. Shame I had to mentor such a disgrace like you."

Nightrunner resents this shecat for what she's done, he wishes that he was never her friend or mentor. He did so much for her- why did she leave him?

He can't dwell too much on it now, everyone leaves him. He'll get revenge, though. It will be far worse than neck scratches.

Daywalker/Warrior/Long-lost Cousin/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁

"She thinks I killed her daughter."

Nightrunner has vague memories of the two playing. He has no clue who the hell Frightpaw is, either. Apparently he killed her though.


"Thunderclan will be unstoppable with you as my Deputy!"

Nightrunner thinks highly of this former Riverclanner, and believes that he's far better than any petty description Nectarstar can give; he feels as if the tom was just misunderstood and needed a second chance in life. He hopes he'll serve Thunderclan well.


"She's alright."

Nightrunner seems to be warming up to this peculiar shecat, the two are inseparable. She gets a little too close for comfort at times, though.


"I didn't know what a Pumpkin was, also what's so scary about Skyclan? The fuckers live in trees."

Flarepaw (originally Pumpkinpaw) was first a hostage within Thunderclan, but begged to join.. Nightrunner doesn't understand why.

"Orange eyes motherfuckers!"


"You're a pathetic leader of a pathetic clan!"

Nightrunner views this wimpy tom as the dirt he romps on. Stagstar will forever be a coward, pathetic, and stupid leader in his eyes.

He should he be grateful that Bearpaw wasn't killed.

"Our cool allies!"

"I hate Riverclan, they're all lower than dirt. Scum, in my eyes."


"Pathetic Leader of a pathetic clan."

Nightrunner despises this shecat, he scoffs over the fact that she always seems to be in the Nursery, also over the fact that she had to ally with Windclan. What a lame leader!


"He's nice to talk to, good for him that he's Deputy."

Sleepyfawn introduced this Riverclanner to Nightrunner, he seems pretty nice. He's skeptical of him, though- being a Riverclanner and all.

"Flarepaw is scared to go there, hm."


Nightrunner hates his Father and anything associated with him. He hates his stupid nickname from him, the stupid adventures they went on, everything. He's glad he got his revenge, though.

Ospreyscreech/Father-figure/Dark Forest resident/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁
"Your the only cat who ever believed in me! Where did you go? Are you the one talking to me?!"

Nightrunner's trusty mentor, he did everything for him! Acted like a father when he needed one, trained him, acted as his only friend. He misses him a great bunch.

Tarpaw/Dark Forest Trainee/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁
"I'm not sorry."

Nightrunner's training buddy, he was a traitor, though.

"You weren't around much, why should I care about you?"

His rather absent mother, some Riverclanner killed her before the Incident.

The Voice/voice in his head/conscious?/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁
"Who are you?"

Nightrunner hears this voice from time-to-time.


  • Has Excoriation- he often scratches at his scars until they bleed/scar up even worse. He normally does this when he is stressed or angered. He often eats the skin he picks off and despite feeling relieved after it- he is soon overcome by shame and guilt.
  • Nightstar's token facial scar was inspired by Kylo Ren's facial scar.
  • Nightstar slicks his hair back with spit.
  • Nightstar is the first Highrisers leader to be denied lives.


❝ Don't you DARE silence ME. ❞

β€” Nightrunner to Nectarstar

"Your Medicine Cats, Deputies and your own LEADERS. Have been hiding the biggest secret from ALL of us...My friends- Starclan has ABANDONED us...YOUR LEADERS AND MEDICINE CATS KNEW THIS FOR TOO LONG, AND HID IT FROM YOU FOR TOO LONG"

-At the Gathering


β€” Nightrunner to the cats at the Gathering