"No, Dapplekit. If it weren't for Mudskip, things would be fine," She corrected lightly, lifting a paw to touch her own face, where the large x-shaped scar was. "If I could give one of my nine lives to have your mother here again, and every cat that's died, I would. But StarClan doesn't work that way, so you'll have to learn to move on. Your mother will always be with you in your heart."

- Nectarstar to Dapplekit.

Nectarstar is a scarred, short-haired, somewhat plump she-cat with thick, sleek, golden-cream spotted tabby fur, white paws and a white underbelly. She has copper eyes and webbed paws, and currently resides in RiverClan HR RiverClan Logo RC as the Leader. She is the mother of 13; 7 of which are still alive and well in RiverClan, and is mates with Smokestorm.



Nectarstar, unlike most of the cats in her clan, is a bright golden-cream spotted tabby she-cat with a short-haired coat and a long, curling tail. She has big webbed paws equipped for swimming, hooked claws good for grabbing fish, and big copper eyes. She has a soft white underbelly and a white muzzle, as well as white paws. Her legs are - compared to the rest of her body - very muscular and long, making it easy for her to swim agilely. Her fur is short and soft, fluffing around her shoulders. She has plenty of scars- the most recognizable being her neck scar and the x-shaped scar in between her eyes.

Heritage: American Shorthair x British Shorthair


  • Golden-cream color
  • Spotted tabby
  • White underbelly, muzzle + paws
  • Shorthair
  • Semi-foreign build
  • Medium size
  • Copper eyes
  • Few mutations
  • Unusually long tail, webbed paws


Strength: 7/10

Stamina: 9/10 Constitution: 5/10 Speed: 6/10 Agility: 10/10 Wit: 7/10 Overall Rating: 44/50


    = Golden-cream Base (#F0E5B2)
    = Tabby Markings (#D9AE51)
    = Paws, Muzzle, Underbelly, Eyespots, Chest (#FFFFFF)
    = Eyes (#81240A)
    = Leathers (#pink)

Voice: Slightly raspy, aged and yet still authorative and confident. Can sound cocky when not intended.

Scent: Musky river/fish scent; breath reeks of fish.


  •  +  Open-minded - Nectarstar is always willing to consider new ideas, and because of this she is seen as unprejudiced. She is willing to listen to any suggestions, good or bad, and weigh out what the best decision would be for her Clan. It is this trait that made her consider letting her Clan be open to the breeding pool, and why she has resentment for WindClan's closed breeding-pool policy.
  •  +  Humility - Nectarstar tends to try her best to be humble and to respect others, regardless of what they are going through. She is one to give others as much mercy as possible before she has to resort to other things.
  •  ±  Cautious - Sometimes, Nectarstar can tend to be too careful to avoid potential problems or dangers, to the point where it can get annoying. But she tends to be cautious because she knows that a single action can lead to moons of devastation. After the deaths of Pikestar, Rippletalon and Snagstar, she knows that the Clan is relying on her to be their Leader.
  •  ±  Capricious - Sometimes, Nectarstar has swings or change in mood which is sometimes unpredictable and slightly unnerving. She can go from being happy-go-lucky one moment to being easily angered the next.
  •    Begrudging - It's no shocker that Nectarstar is a grudge-holder. She takes things personally, and often times will take a personal hurt to her grave.
  •    Indulgent - Because she is so open-minded, sometimes Nectarstar can be overly generous to or lenient with others, even cats outside of her Clan. Some cats even call her a Firestar 2.0 because of it.

Likes & Dislikes


  • Fish, hunting fish
  • Swimming
  • Leading
    • Even though she may doubt herself at some points, she loves leading RiverClan and would do anything for her Clan.
  • Helping others
    • Sometimes so much so that she is looked down on because of it. This is the sole reason why she allows so many rogues/exiles into her Clan, as she believes in second chances.
  • Collecting beautiful things
  • Organizing spirit-pebbles
  • ShadowClan
    • She's always found their mysterious ways intriguing, and she believes that most ShadowClan cats are friendly until they prove they aren't. She's fond of their leader, Coalstar.
  • Willow Trees


  • Herons
    • Especially after the death of Otterjaw and Pikestar, she has grown more and more bitter in regards to these birds. While she's beginning to push them to the back of her mind, she still keeps one eye open for them.
  • Mud/getting her pelt dirty
  • Rabbits and most land prey excluding water-voles and birds
  • Being cold
  • ThunderClan
    • It would be a lie to say that RiverClan and ThunderClan had never fought. Most RiverClan cats hold a grudge against ThunderClan for their past, and for the battle that went down over the moon-cave. Especially now that they are lead by Nightrunner and Sparkbite, an exile of RiverClan, she is extremely wary of them.
  • Rogues
    • After the recent battle against the rogues, Nectarstar is especially wary and skeptical of almost all of them. If she were to accept a rogue into her Clan after this, it would be with precision and caution. She isn't willing to take her Clan down a path to devastation and hunger again.


  • Death
    • Nectarstar has been receiving strange dreams lately, and she has recently been a bit afraid of when her ending may come. In her eyes, there is much too much to do for her to be passing any time soon.
  • Herons
    • After Pikestar's mysterious death involving one of these stoic, long-legged birds, most RiverClan cats have a vivid fear and suspicion of herons. They see their appearance in the river as a bad omen that means famine for the Clan, but if the heron flies overhead and away from camp, a sign of peace.
    • Otterjaw's death due to a heron has only firmed her beliefs.
    • Although this has lessened slightly, Nectarstar is still rather unnerved by them.




Clan: RiverClan

Cats Involved: Pikestar, Limpetspot, (Wind) that Rustles Leaves, Lilyfoot, Swiftkit, Tansykit, Tigerkit, Tricklestep, Slugpaw. Age Range: 0-5 moons

Date Range: Before Chapter 1

  • Nectarkit, Tansykit, Swiftkit and Tigerkit are born to Lilyfoot in RiverClan camp. No one is quite sure who the father is, and is suspicious of the litter of she-kits' short pelts.
  • While they were in the nursery, their mother would tell them stories of how their father was a noble Mountain Cat, who lived with the Tribe of Rushing Water in the mountains. No cat believed her, and some labeled her as insane. The other kits mocked Lilyfoot's litter because of what she would say. Nectarkit had a strong belief that her mother was telling the truth, while the sickly Tansykit and the defiant Swiftkit did not.
  • When she reached the age of 4 moons, the river went through it's annual spring flooding. During this time, Tansykit and Limpetspot, the Clan's deputy, joined StarClan.
  • Nectarkit is forced to sleep in the Medicine Cat den for a moon afterward when she caught green-cough. She recovered, luckily, but during her time became good friends with Slugpaw, the Medicine Cat Apprentice at the time, and his older brother, Snagclaw, who became the deputy after Limpetspot.
  • When she became 5 moons old, her mother took she and her siblings out on a walk when the moon was high in the sky. They traveled to the RiverClan border, where they met a lean-legged, broad-shouldered cream tabby tom with copper eyes. He called himself 'Wind,' and told them the same stories their mother had described. Every other night the kits would wander out of camp on their own and visit him.


Clan: RiverClan

Cats Involved: Pikestar, Snagclaw, Dewbounce, Tricklestep, Tigerpaw, Swiftpaw, Slugpaw, Lilyfoot. Age Range: 6-12 moons

Date Range: Before Chapter 1

  • Pikestar gives Nectarkit her apprentice ceremony, renaming her Nectarpaw. She becomes the apprentice of Dewbounce, who will mentor her for the next six moons.
  • Dewbounce shows Nectarpaw the RiverClan territory, introducing her to the tradition of keeping spirit-pebbles to honor their fallen RiverClan members. Nectarpaw is shown which one is Tansykit, and she immediately honors the tradition and has a strong bond with her RiverClan ancestors.
  • Because of her short-haired coat, it takes Nectarpaw longer than others to get used to the cold water of the river in leaf-bare. When she does, however, she is one of the most expert fishers in the Clan.
  • Nectarpaw attends her first gathering with the other Clans.
  • Nectarpaw has her Warrior assessment, and it is a complete success. She catches two rainbow trout and proves herself able to become a Warrior of RiverClan, in spite of her father's leave.
  • When Nectarpaw returns to camp to tell Lilyfoot the happy news, she is devastated to find that her mother had passed away due to old age just moments before her arrival.
  • When the litter of apprentices goes to visit their father, he asks why Lilyfoot is not with them. They have to inform him that his mate has passed away. From there on out, Wind stopped visiting, and practically disappeared.
  • RiverClan leader Pikestar takes Nectarpaw to the mooncave (??)-- it is required that every apprentice visit their StarClan ancestors for approval before becoming a full Warrior. But instead of going there - because the Clans, in the new territory, had no way to contact StarClan yet - Pikestar led her past the territories. The two fall asleep in a moonlit clearing and Nectarpaw has a visit from StarClan in her dreams instead. On the way back, when hunting at the river, a heron lands and attempts to steal Nectarpaw's prey. Pikestar attacks it and Snagclaw and Dewbounce arrive, just in time to witness Pikestar slipping and falling into the river-- disappearing under the current.
  • The Clan searches all day and night to find their leader, but fails. Snagclaw becomes the next leader of RiverClan and appoints Tricklestep as his very first deputy.
  • Tigerpaw, Nectarpaw and Swiftpaw all become very close as they near Warriorhood.


Clan: RiverClan

Cats Involved: Snagstar, Tricklestep, Dewbounce, Slugstripe/Stormpaw., Mudskip, Turtlefoot, Tigerlily, Swiftbreeze Age Range: 12-25 moons Date Range Before Chapter 1

  • Snagstar holds Nectarpaw's warrior ceremony, renaming her Nectarsight, for the way her eyes represented the deep brown color of sap. He notes her confidence and expertise in hunting, and the Clan welcomes her as a Warrior of RiverClan.
  • Nectarsight and Slugstripe become quite good friends and begin to talk a lot. Snagstar suspects that the two may like each-other, and pulls Nectarsight aside to snap her out of it. After that, the two were very distant and rarely even glanced each-others' ways.
  • Nectarsight grows uneasy as the Clan barely sees or hears a word from their leader, who often stays locked up in his den. The Clan is suspicious that he's perhaps not even there-- or that he is sick. Many cats - because Tricklestep became the leader-figure of the Clan - assumed that he had passed away.
  • Nectarsight attends her second gathering with the Clans.
  • Mudskip and Turtlefoot return from a patrol, battered and bruised-- Tricklestep had been killed by a fox. Rather than mourn for too long, the Clan rejoices when they see Snagstar leave his den and once again become the leader they needed. Nectarstar suspected that Mudskip and Turtlefoot may have murdered Tricklestep, but says nothing.


Clan: RiverClan Cats Involved: All of RC, Snagstar, Slugstripe/Stormpaw, Mudskip, Turtlefoot, Rippletalon, Leopardskip, Stormstrike [TC] Age Range: 25-37 moons

Date Range M/D/Y - M/D/Y

  • In Tricklestep's place, Nectarsight is appointed Deputy of RiverClan, much to her surprise.
  • Snagstar wages war on ThunderClan for the rights over the moon-cave. RiverClan prepares for the first attack, hopeful to gain control over the Mooncave territory.
  • RiverClan crosses the border and meets a ThunderClan patrol. On Snagstar's command, the fight breaks out, and by her side, Rippletalon goes straight for Stormstrike. Nectarsight shared his fury, knowing that Stormstrike had chosen ThunderClan over RiverClan.
  • Nectarsight fights Twigpaw, a small cinnammon-chocolate and white tom. She ends up chasing him off with bad injuries, and urges her Clanmates on during the fight. 
  • When ThunderClan's deputy drops, they retreat, and RiverClan stands proud over the claimed territory. They yowl in victory for all of ThunderClan to hear, and only then does Nectarsight realize RiverClan's casualties. 
  • When Snagstar and Rippletalon pass, RiverClan mourn greatly. 
  • Nectarsight shapes her sadness for the deaths of her clanmates into a new tradition; releasing her Clanmates onto the river. The Clan joins her in doing so, and the tradition still lives to this day. 
  • Nectarsight goes to recieve her nine lives with Slugstripe at her side.


Clan: RiverClan Cats Involved: Leopardskip, Slugstripe, all of RC Age Range: 37 moons - current Date Range: Before Chapter 1 - Current day

  • Slugstripe and Nectarsight travel to the moon-cave, and she receives her nine lives. She is given the lives as follows by the following cats:
    • Rippletalon - a life for forgiveness
    • Snagstar - a life for strength
    • Pikestar - a life for love
    • Tricklestep - a life for caution
    • Dewbounce - a life for happiness
    • Tansykit - a life for wisdom
    • Limpetspot - a life for exploration
    • Lilyfoot - a life for devotion
    • Turtlefoot - a life for determination
  • Nectarsight is renamed Nectarstar.
  • Nectarstar and Slugstripe return to RiverClan camp in the morning, and the Clan rejoices.
  • When they reach camp to hold vigil, Nectarstar unexpectedly calls a meeting. During the meeting, she appoints Leopardskip deputy of RiverClan, calling her out for her bravery in the battle and how she had been unafraid to face a Clan where her brother now called home.
  • Slugstripe passes away due to old age, and Stormeye becomes the Medicine Cat of RiverClan. Nectarstar and all of RiverClan mourn the death of their old friend.
  • Nectarstar is devestated to discover Otterjaw's deceased body on the ThunderClan border. She suspects that the cause is either a heron or a ThunderClan patrol, but evidently realizes it is a heron-- a bad omen.
  • Nectarstar attends the gathering.
  • Nectarstar and her Clan catch ThunderClan and WindClan trespassing at the river, stealing fish. Nectarstar declares battle and the Clans fight until she realizes that RiverClan is badly outnumbered, and after she sees a heron. She calls her clan to retreat, but promises that there will be revenge.
  • Nectarstar makes an alliance with ShadowClan.
  • Three or four days later, Nectarstar and Coalstar arrange a raid on ThunderClan. The battle is interrupted by StarClan as they return, telling them a new prophecy.
  • Terribly wounded, Nectarstar loses a life, and is heartbroken when she sees Spitfire has passed.
  • The Clan returns back to camp, dismayed and terribly wounded.
  • Creekrunner passes away, leaving Nectarstar devastated.
  • Nectarstar declares Turtlekit her adopted daughter.
  • Smokestorm and Nectarstar have a fling.
  • Nectarstar and Rocktumble argue during a Clan meeting. She ends up punishing him by clawing his muzzle, making a point to the rest of the Clan that she's not playing games.
  • She and her sister discover that they are both pregnant with kits.
  • The Annual flood rages through RiverClan's camp, and they are forced to evacuate. They retreat to the peak, and it is found that many of their Clanmates have passed away, including: Shimmerscale, Icefish, Feathertail, Patchmask, Swiftbreeze and more. Nectarstar is devastated.
  • Tigerlily gives birth to three kits, but one does not survive. Together, they name the deceased kit Windkit, in remembrance of their father.
  • Stagstar arrives at the peak, offering RiverClan a place to stay in WindClan. They make camp at the Great Tree, where Windkit is buried.
  • Nectarstar gives birth to five healthy kits: Lilykit, Carpkit, Sootkit, Hailkit and Brindlekit.
  • Mothflutter attacks Rocktumble, and retreats the scene. Nectarstar, in fury, sends a patrol to bring him back so that RiverClan can return to their territory after the flood.
  • RiverClan returns to their camp and rests for the night. In the morning, Mothflutter returns, and Nectarstar assigns Swanlight and Skyheart to watch over him.
  • Rosepaw, Smokestorm and Silentpaw (exiles from SkyClan) ask to join and Nectarstar accepts, but assigns cats to watch them all. 
  • Barely a moon after they've recovered from the flood, a murder mystery begins in RiverClan. Many cats are attacked.
  • Minnowripple survives an attack from the murder and reveals that it is - in fact - Mudskip. Nectarstar's trust shatters for the tom she'd known her whole life, and they attack each-other in an all-out brawl.
  • Nectarstar loses her second life during Mudskip's attack. While she is out cold, the rest of RiverClan attacks and kills Mudskip.
  • Sunpaw and Leopardpaw of ThunderClan and RiverClan are brought down from the peak to aid in healing RiverClan cats' wounds while RC's meds are not around. 
  • Nectarstar recovers from her wounds and promoted Rosepaw and Silentpaw to Warriors. She names them Rosewish and Silentsong.
  • A day later, Nectarstar calls a ceremony for Eggpaw, Frecklepaw and Shellpaw. Out of spite of their father, Mudskip, Nectarstar renamed Shellpaw Shellskip. Shellpaw, Eggpaw and Frecklepaw all decided that they were not ready to become Warriors because of this, and the meeting was called to an end.
  • Nectarstar gest into an argument with her sister, Tigerlily, and the two refuse to speak to eachother.
  • That night, Nectarstar goes for a walk and finds Sunfreckle in her territory. He is matted with mud, dirt, grime and blood, and so she escorts him back to her camp, where he stays for about two days to recover.
  • Brackenberry of ThunderClan arrives to take Sunfreckle back home, but he refuses. The next day, however, the tom decides to go home.
  • Rocktumble brings home four kits: Mountainkit, Whitekit, Bristlekit and Bramblingkit.
  • Newttail leaves RiverClan.
  • Nectarstar desperately attempts to comfort her son-figure, Maplestrike.
  • Skyheart and Nectarstar go for a night walk and talk about their lives.
  • Nectarstar and Tigerlily apologize to each-other. She comforts Turtlepaw.
  • Nectarstar and Smokestorm talk that night, and she falls for him.
  • Nectarstar and Smokestorm admit their love for each-other, and Smokestorm woos her with a beautiful decorated Willow-tree den. He asks her to be his mate, and she gladly accepts.
  • Nectarstar travels to ThunderClan to speak with Dovesong, ThunderClan's Medicine Cat, about Minnowripple being sick. She agrees to meet Sparkpaw and her the next morning.
  • On her way back home that night, Nectarstar decides to stop by the Sacred Waterfall. There, she discovered Maplestrike has slipped and passed away on the edge of the river. Nectarstar is devestated.
  • After the others come, Nectarstar travels back to her camp to get the rest of her Clan for Maplestrike's ceremony. She discovers a tom-kit on the edge of the river and takes him back to camp.
  • The next day, Smokestorm and Nectarstar go out to their Willow den and do the dirty o-o
  • Nectarstar discovers that this tom is named Aspenkit. Later, he asks her and Smokestorm to be his parents. She gladly accepts.
  • Nectarstar's first litter becomes apprentices: Lilypaw, Sootpaw, Hailpaw, Carppaw, and Brindlepaw.
  • Nectarstar has her kits: Leopardkit, Stormkit, Willowkit, Jaykit and Swiftkit. Leopardkit and Stormkit are still-born.
  • Nectarstar exiles Sparkpaw after he injures his Clanmates.
  • The drought causes the cats to suffer. Many cats suffer heat stroke.
  • A sinkhole forms near the river at the edge of the territory, revealing a tunnel. The cats that had fallen in were found at the entrance of a tunnel within the Sacred Waterfall. Nectarstar finds this out and moves her Clan underground, where they make their new home and discover water.
  • A tunnel collapses after the underground river swells and collapses on top of Minnowripple. He survives, but is hurt.
  • Turtlepaw receives her full Medicine Cat name and is renamed Turtleshell.
  • Nectarstar discovers a new location known as the Crystal Cavern.
  • A monsoon floods the tunnels and RiverClan are forced to go back above-ground. Pigeonwing passes away, and in the process of trying to save him, Nectarstar loses a life. She now has five.
  • Nectarstar leads her Clan back to their camp and they begin repairs.
  • Minnowripple retires. Puddlekit, Pipkit, Sparrowkit and Mosskit become apprentices. She is the new mentor to Sparrowpaw.
  • Minnowripple leads Nectarstar, Beechpaw, Skyheart and Turtleshell to the Mooncave, where they share his last moments. He passes away peacefully in his sleep, and they are devastated. This is when Nectarstar begins to lose her hope, and mourns dreadfully.
  • Nectarstar and Sparkbite have an argument at the border. It ends up in a fight, and Nectarstar has new scars on both sides of her cheek. She pins him down and threatens him, and then leaves the site, wounded and menacing.
  • Minnowripple is buried. In the meantime, Nectarstar and Smokestorm find Sunfreckle and Nate in the territory and she welcomes him to join RiverClan.
  • Nectarstar decides that she's going to ask WindClan for an alliance.
  • RiverClan and WindClan become allies.
  • Nectarstar holds a Clan meeting to discuss the Clan's relationships with the other Clans. They discuss SkyClan and ThunderClan.
    • Nectarstar takes a patrol (herself, kokiss and paleheart) to the Peak to offer help to SkyClan.
    • Nectarstar takes Loonsight and Paleheart to ThunderClan to apologize; their apology is not accepted, and Nectarstar is furious, but silent.
  • Turtleshell goes missing, and Nectarstar is devastated.
  • Skyheart speaks to Nectarstar about retiring.
  • Nectarstar announces Paleheart to be the next RiverClan deputy.
  • Nectarstar and Smokestorm find Aspenkit at the Sacred Waterfall- he is dead.

  • Nectarstar rejoices when Carppaw, Sootpaw and Hailpaw return.
  • Nectarstar's first litter become warriors.
  • Sleepwalker is brought to RiverClan by Paleheart.
  • Lionspeckle and Mistywish return to RiverClan. Tigerlily and Nectarstar are overjoyed.
  • Blizzardcall (Lynxleap) returns to RiverClan with his kits.
  • Turtleshell returns; Nectarstar's heart leaps with happiness.
  • The river starts to dry up again. Nectarstar sends a patrol to investigate this issue, and the patrol is attacked by rogues just a bit outside of their territory.
  • Nectarstar arranges for there to be another patrol sent out. The patrol goes out, but they are attacked again. This time, Ottercreek is killed.
  • A third patrol is sent out, and they discover Reedpaw badly injured- nearly dead. Nectarstar decides that enough is enough, and arranges for a battle.
  • A moon or so later, Nectarstar takes the Clan to the rogue territory to speak with their leader about a compromise. When Boo says that RiverClan will not be taking down the dam, she orders her Clan to attack.
    • RiverClan win, but three rogues are killed and Pikepaw, a friend of Boo, turns on the Clan.
    • As a result, Nectarstar stays behind to help carry the rogues to RiverClan's sacred waterfall for a proper ceremony. She makes a mental note to have a Clan meeting about this matter.
  • When she returns home, she has a one-on-one conversation with Paleheart. She is annoyed by his questioning, and tells him that the next day she'll host a meeting about it. He seems to misinterpret her.
  • Nectarstar announces her disappointment to her Clan regarding the battle, and then appoints Lynxkit, Stormykit and Sweetkit apprentices.



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    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


⦁ = Acquaintance | ⦁⦁ = Friend | ⦁⦁⦁ = Best friend

⦁ = Misses | ⦁⦁ = Longs For | ⦁⦁⦁ = Mourns Over

⦁ = Blood relative | ⦁⦁ = Like family | ⦁⦁⦁ = Inseparable

⦁ = Respects as equal | ⦁⦁ = Looks up to | ⦁⦁⦁ = Idolizes

⦁ = Crush | ⦁⦁ = Fling | ⦁⦁⦁ = Mate | ⦁⦁⦁⦁ = Loves

⦁ = Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

⦁ = Competitor | ⦁⦁ = Rival | ⦁⦁⦁ = Archnemesis

⦁ = Annoyed by | ⦁⦁ = Dislikes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Hates

⦁ = Envies | ⦁⦁ = Loathes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Pities | ⦁⦁⦁⦁ = Empathizes With

⦁ = Feels Betrayed By | ⦁⦁ = Wants to Forget

Character [ ratings ]

Thoughts (with cited experiences, as applicable).

|-|ThunderClan= "Kittypets."

Stormstar [ ⦁ - ⦁⦁ ]
"Where have you gone?"
Nectarstar frowns. The she-cat has had a very long history with the former ThunderClan leader, and although it was rough at first, she had come to terms with him before he'd left. Now she's left to wonder where he's gone, and if he'd ever return.

Littlelight [ ⦁ - ⦁ ]
"You left with Stormstar- where have you both gone?"
The RiverClan leader gives a simple sigh.

Nightrunner [ ⦁⦁ - ⦁ - ⦁⦁⦁ - ⦁ ]
"Keep your Clan away from mine- that is all I ask."
Nectarstar narrows her eyes, and her copper eyes blaze with annoyance. She definitely doesn't like the tom, nor does she trust him- but she'd rather be on good terms than him than bad.

Sparkbite [ ⦁⦁ - ⦁⦁⦁ - ⦁⦁⦁ - ⦁ ]
"Stay away from my Clan and I."
Nectarstar appears to be.. haunted, of some sorts. Her eyes are blazing with fury, but she says nothing more. Sparkbite is a cat she definitely doesn't like, but she'd rather not speak of him at all than speak spitefully.


Kestrelstar [ ⦁ - ⦁ ]
"...I look forward to a close alliance with him."
Nectarstar lifts her chin, looking rather happy. She doesn't know the tom too well, but thinks that he's trustworthy enough. She feels bad that he has to deal with issues all of the time, and wishes to help him.


Coalstar [ ⦁⦁ - ⦁⦁ - ⦁ - ⦁ ]
"Coalstar's a wonderful she-cat, and she loves her Clan the same as I love mine. She's helped RiverClan in times of deep need, and I am grateful for that- i'll do anything it takes to help ShadowClan when the time comes."
Nectarstar doesn't say anything, but a long while ago, she wishes she and Coalstar could have been something more. Now, Nectarstar is only looking for a close friendship.

Flickerheart [ ⦁ - ⦁ ]
"I'm sure Coalstar chose well."
Nectarstar gives a brisk nod.


Leopardskip [ ⦁ - ⦁⦁⦁ - ⦁⦁ - ⦁ - ⦁ ]
"I... Oh, Leopard, i'm so sorry."
Nectarstar is unsure of what happened to her former deputy and close friend. She feels guilty that she had to resort to replacing her with Skyheart, and wishes she was still around. She remembers vividly when Leopardskip had confessed that the she-cat liked her, and wonders what they could have been one day.

Rippletalon [ ⦁⦁⦁ - ⦁⦁ - ⦁ - ⦁⦁⦁ - ⦁⦁⦁ - ⦁⦁⦁⦁ - ⦁ - ⦁ ]
"What could have been for our future, Ripple? There's so much I wish I had told you, and when you left, I..."
She trails off, looking a bit distraught. Nectarstar misses her childhood friend dearly, and sometimes still has dreams about him. She was, in fact, in love with him, before he passed away.

Lilyfoot [ ⦁⦁⦁ - ⦁ - ⦁⦁⦁⦁ - ⦁⦁⦁ - ⦁ ]
"Oh, ma.. I miss you so much. I wish the Clan would've believed what you said.."
Nectarstar cracks a small smile at the thought of her mother. She misses her dearly.

Wind that Rustles Leaves [ ⦁⦁ - ⦁ - ⦁ ]
"You've been gone my whole life, and even now, you barely speak to me.."
The leader frowns and glances away, looking ashamed. She wants to get to know her father better, but is still mistrustful of him after he ran off when she was a kit.

Tigerlily [ ⦁ - ⦁⦁⦁⦁ - ⦁⦁⦁ - ⦁ ]
"Arguments or no arguments, she's my sister, and I love her. I don't know what i'd do without her."
Nectarstar smiles lightly and lets out a purr. Tigerlily is her only living sibling left, so she is very watchful of her. The two may butt heads sometimes, but she'll always love her sister.

Swiftbreeze [ rates ]
"I... Oh, sis, i'm so sorry... I shouldn't have left you behind."
Nectarstar looks sorrowful and guilty. She feels that it's her fault her sister died in the flooding of RiverClan's camp, and still hasn't forgiven herself.

Tansykit [ rates ]
"Oh, Tansy, I wish you could've been around longer than you had been. Stay safe, little sis.."
Nectarstar appears a bit disappointed, but smiles slightly. She doesn't have many memories of her sister who died only a moon after being born.

Ottercreek [ rates ]
"You did not deserve to die at the paws of those rogues. I should have been there, fighting beside you, for my sister."
Nectarstar frowns and lets out a sigh.

Smokestorm [ rates ]
"I know I must get annoying, being jealous and all-"
Nectarstar laughs slightly, shaking her head. She is beaming- her copper eyes are glazed-over with happiness and love, and she straightens her posture just a bit. Smokestorm is the love of her life, and the father of her kits- she isn't sure what she'd do without him.

Otterjaw [ rates ]
"Why couldn't you have listened- you were too head-strong! You could have.. you could have been there, for your son. Maybe things wouldn't have turned out the way they did if.."
She scowls and trails off.

Skyheart [ rates ]
"I hope life in StarClan is swell, old friend. I'll see you on the other side."
Nectarstar cracks only a half-smile. She misses her friend dearly.

Minnowripple [ rates ]

Nectarstar stares at the ground, like she's seen a ghost. Minnowripple had been there all of her life- she looked to him both as a father figure and a brother. When he passed away, Nectarstar had been devastated- she was beside him when he'd joined StarClan. The thought of her old friend makes her think back on the good times.

Beechpaw [ rates ]
"Where... where have you gone?"
Nectarstar seems disappointed.

Rocktumble [ rates ]
"What am I supposed to say? You had my trust, and then you.. you tried to kill my mate, and killed one of your Clanmates? How could you?"
Betrayal is the only emotion portrayed on her face. She shakes her head in disbelief. She was heartbroken at the loss of Rocktumble, but isn't sure how she should feel about him.

Mountainpaw [ rates ]
"You've gone- where to? By StarClan, where have you all gone..?"
Nectarstar looks expressionless.

Bramblingpaw [ rates ]
"You were a sweet tom, and I would've loved to see what you could have done for the Clan in the future. Where have you gone?.."
Nectarstar lets out a sigh.

Turtleshell [ rates ]
"I am so glad that you've returned."
Nectarstar lets out a long, relieved sigh. Thank StarClan her daughter has returned.

Reedrise [ rates ]
"Stay strong, and may you find what you are looking for on your journey."
Nectarstar gives a small smile. She's known the tom since he was a kit, and hopes that he enjoys whatever life he will have beyond Highrisers.

Dinkyskip [ rates ]
"You are such a sweet young tom."
Nectarstar purrs lightly.

Rosewish [ rates ]
"I don't know you well, but I know that you are very close to Smokestorm. You're a good mother and you were a great Clanmate."
Nectarstar gave a nod.

Lilydawn [ rates ]
"My sweet, sweet daughter... Don't let your heart get broken."
Nectarstar lets out a sigh and scowls a bit. She is very aware that the she-cat once conversated with a ShadowClan she-cat a lot.

Brindlesnap [ rates ]
"You're quite quiet.."
She shrugs her shoulders at the thought of her daughter.

Lionspeckle [ rates ]
"You're a good cat."
Nectarstar purrs lightly at the mention of her Nephew.

Buzzardleg [ rates ]
"I... I have yet to find it in me to forgive you, Buzzardleg. You helped him murder your own Clanmates- you watched them drop, one by one. What am I supposed to say?"
Nectarstar frowns and glanced down at the ground.

Mudskip [ rates ]
Nectarstar's eyes are glowing with mistrust. She doesn't like to think of him.

Paleheart [ rates ]
"You're an excellent warrior an an even better deputy. We may not agree on everything, but that's a good thing. You'll make an excellent Leader for RiverClan, one day."
Nectarstar gives a nod.

Blizzardcall [ rates ]
"I'm so sorry..."
Nectarstar lets out a sigh. She feels sympathy for his losses.

Dewscathe [ rates ]
"I have no doubt that giving you a second chance has paid off."
She gives a sharp nod.


Drizzlestar [ rates ]
Nectarstar shrugs. She doesn't care much about the tom.

Owlstar [ rates ]
"StarClan, what happened?"
She is unsure about the she-cat's disappearance.

Noonstar [ rates ]
"I'm sure you'll be a wonderful leader for SkyClan."
She gives a small nod.

|-|Outside the Clans=

Name [ rates ]


  • Nectarstar created RiverClan's tradition of releasing their Clanmates on the river.


Snagstar was a noble tom, with a heart as big as LionClan. That is how we should remember him: as the tom who died serving his Clan and protecting them, even on his last life. RiverClan will never forget him. ❞

— Nectarsight to all of RiverClan after Snagstar's death at the battle with ThunderClan.

I am nothing like that tom. Everything I do, I do for my Clan. Everything I do, I do for all of you. I fight for the sake of my Clan, nothing more and nothing less. Perhaps if you were in my paws, you'd understand the stress that weighs on my shoulders. Each day, I spend my time thinking on ways to solve the internal conflict we seem to have. Each day, I watch my Clanmates argue until they bring up the dead, the cats we honor, with no hesitation. I spend so much time on my Clan that I can't focus on training my own apprentice. You want to tell me you do so much for this Clan? Bullshit.

- Nectarstar to Rocktumble during a RiverClan meeting.

Don't tell me I'm lazy when you only leave camp when you feel. That is not what a Warrior does, and I won't allow it. If I must, you'll go straight back to your apprentice days and i'll have you picking ticks from the elders' backs- you seem to like camp and acting like one yourself, anyway.

- Nectarstar to Rocktumble during a RiverClan meeting.

RiverClan keep their bellies full through every season, and have plentiful herbs. We have the strength of swimming, and the grace to prove it. We are known to have an equable respect for our ancestors, so why-" She paused, letting her words sink in, "is it so hard for you Warriors to behave your age? Even when ShadowClan came for a visit, many of you still bickered! Talked to each-other like you weren't even in a Clan together!" She practically yelled, her fur bristling. "Maybe i've been too nice to you all. Maybe I shouldn't let my Clan be opening to the breeding pool-- maybe I should be like Stagstar and banish everyone with orange eyes!" She exclaimed, her eyes widening to emphasize her disappointment. "SkyClan are the ones who are having a civil war within themselves, not us. So what seems to be the problem?"

- Nectarstar to RiverClan during a Clan meeting.

We made a mistake, and i'm having kits. They will live here, with me, in RiverClan, and I will do everything in my power to raise them in a healthy, loving environment. I won't stop them from visiting you, and they'll know who their father is.

- Nectarstar to Smokescent reguarding their kits.

Dear, Rocktumble's like that to everyone. There's some cats who are nice, and some cats you have to spend a lot of time with to see that they're nice. Rocktumble is a good cat, and eventually you two will warm up to each-other. When I was young, there was an apprentice named Stormpaw, and he left to join ThunderClan. We've always butted heads, and still do- he's ThunderClan's leader today. The point is you must learn to deal with each-other's differences, and grow from it.

- Nectarstar to Searage, reguarding her anger.

Yes, I may be. But my duties won't change, and I will continue to be a wonderful leader, just the same. Tell anyone you'd like- rumors spread quickly, anyway.

- Nectarstar to Maplestrike on the topic of her pregnancy.

Kits are a blessing- whether they have a father or not. We didn't have one for the most part, but we're here now, with blessings of our own.

- Nectarstar to Tigerlily on the topic of their flings.

Nectarstar pushed her sister away with a look of seriousness in her gaze. "I have six- five kits that still need caring for. I have two others that are motherless who need someone to watch them in the meantime. Along with that, I must lead this Clan because that is my duty. I can handle myself, Tigerlily. I've done it for many moons, and i'll continue to do it for many moons yet."

- Nectarstar to Tigerlily after her attack.

And you will always be my son.

- Nectarstar to Maplestrike.

If you aren't willing to change for your Clan, then so be it, Nightrunner. We'll be on our way.

- Nectarstar to Nightrunner.

Can't you see, Nightrunner? This violence between our Clans is not about us, or my relations to any of your members, or likewise. This is about the generations after us, long when we're gone. If we don't stop this now [...] then our Clans will destroy each-other. There will never be a winner. Surely, you can see that.

- Nectarstar to Nightrunner.


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