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Heritage: BengalFrom her motherBurmillaFrom her father

Description: She is a willowy and lithe she-cat. She has a light silver undercoat with a tabby and leopard mixed pattern in dark grey to black. Morningbird has larger then normal ears and whiskers. The eyes of this she-cat is chartreuse, between green and yellow.


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Voice: Romi Park (Voice actor on "Attack on titan")

Scent: Herbs and dirt, she neglects to groom herself

Gait: Frolicking or long confident strikes depending on mood



  •  +  Energetic- Morningbird has no limits when it comes to energy; she needs consistent tasks to keep her busy. When all Medicine cat chores are finished, she'll be experimenting, discovering, tinkering, adventuring, and simply causing mischief.
  •  +  Chipper- She has a friendly and extroverted personality. It can be a bit overwhelming with how positive and welcoming she can be, skipping most social steps. Some cats will find it pushy, uncomfortable, or overpowering, but she can't seem to control her bubbly pep!
  •  ±  Freethinker- This Medicine cat is quite the crafter. From plans to inventions, she has the ability to create something in the time of need. She likes to think for herself, do things herself, and have it her way. Of course she is cooperative, but she may beg to differ on your thoughts and ideas.
  •  ±  Eccentric- Simply by the way she acts and thinks, she isn't normal. Her behavior is overwhelming and how she thinks is out of the box. How she goes about her rank tasks isn't the same as every other Medicine cat. She'll get ecstatic for injuries to cure, new herb mixes, discovering plants, and how she shows her joy is overpowering. She is a mad scientist, if you will, when it comes to her job.
  •    Carefree- She can be rebellious, risky, and out of her mind. Solely on the fact that what she thinks she is doing is right, someone needs her help, or it will satisfy her curiousity. Morningbird will take no hesitation to cross lines set by the code or her clan for whatever sake she likes. Besides that, she has a ridiculously careless attitude when it comes to adventuring out. Everything seems to be a game to her.
  •    Outrage- Despite her friendly personality, she harbors a dark side. It can be triggered depending on specific things that really get to her. From one moment she is calm and to the next wickedly scary. This is a uncommon side of her and thankfully she can cool herself down efficiently enough.

Click for details:{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style=" width:85%; align:center;" |A better persona description |- | She appears to be an energetic, freethinker, eccentric, carefree, and chipper. Often seen acting passionately about her rank and what she does in it. New breakthroughs or findings is something she can burst with excitement from, often others see it "to much" and overpowering.

She's a crafty/cunning genius, using her brain to create contraptions and tactical plans for the benefit of the clan. As a fellow, she is thoughtful of her comrades, and can easily figure out complex problems in order to create plans for her clanmates to carry out. On a less cheerful note, she can use this genius anyway she can, being able to easily manipulating people to do what she wants in order to benefit her clan or herself.

Her energetic attitude is only half of her personality, as she actually harbors a dark attitude under her usual self. Probably the strongest emotion she expresses is anger, as she is able to flip from calm and collected to rage filled and threatening. However, this extreme change in personality is usually brief as she quickly calms down herself, and is only seen under highly urgent situations or something that greatly angers her.

Less frequently will she show her lighthearted nature, being often blunt and serious if times challenge her energetic/eccentric ways. Morningbird can be an arguementive cat yet she is very open to learning and listening from someone else. She has a tendency to push her limits, often being reckless and taking to many unsafe risks. Her passion for learning and doing pushes her need to surpass the lines set by the warrior code or her leader. |}


  • Two-leg trinkets
    • She likes to make things out of them if she finds the time
  • Stars and the sky
    • It manages to give her peace


  • Thunderclan
    • They've got so many herbs she doesn't!
  • Harry or black spiders
    • They give her bad vibes


  • Discovering
    • To discover/invent new ways of doing and thinking in a beneficial way + enlarge the herbal options to cure wounds and find greater efficient cures for injuries
  • Live a little
    • Use and enjoy her life to the fullest

Skills and Weaknesses

  • Skills - She has a cunning and crafty intelligence making her a prodigy at tactical plans, sudden occurring issues, creating inventions of different sorts from battle moves to finding a better way to secure camp, manipulate others, hiding her gloom she has a strong sense of sympathy, and will do almost anything under pressure.
  • Weaknesses - She can swim in shallow waters, even when strong or have difficult terrain, but cannot strongly swim anywhere where the water surpasses her ear tips, She can be a pest, become impatient, become childish, insecure about being worthless, enjoys arguing just a bit to much, and takes to many risks caused by recklessness.



Cats Involved: Parents, clan
Age Range: 0-6 moons

  • Finds ways to spend her time
  • How her parents effected her

Morningbird was born into Windclan. With no littermates or playmates in the nursery, her time was occupied in unusual ways. Her father was absent from most of her life, but when he was around, was supporting her interests for discovering. He also encouraged childish fun, deep thoughts, and adventurous goals in her young moons before he passed away from an illness. This is one reason she is influenced to take the medicine cat path, she has always regretted not being capable of healing her father or helping in some way.

Her mother was another story. She was blunt and level headed, often her thoughts caged away. She was patient, tolerant, and had a way with empathy. When Morningbird astrayed to far into her fathers beliefs, her mother was there to drag her back into reality. Silverbrook did give her daughter sensibility to an extent, but really into a rebellious nature. That nature later growing to the risk-taking adventurer.

Morningbird all in all took after her father, and later on mentor, but didn't get carried away thanks to her mother. She still remains unaware to the fact her dark attitude, including her passionate emotion of anger, was a trait of her mother. Because of her mother's great tolerance and patience, she rarely exchanged those traits for her vicious rage if provoked well enough.


Cats Involved:Grovemouse, Silvebrook
Age Range: 6-15 moons

  • How her mentor effected her
  • How she became a Medic

When her kithood was about to come to an end, she befriended Grovemouse. The eccentric and energetic tom-cat was much like Morningbird. Grovemouse's ways of thinking and thirst for adventure intrigued Morningbird more into investigation of the clan's Medicine cat. Both of them having similar personalities had an easy break when it came to beginning a friendship of their own.

Grovemouse encouraged Morningbird's diverse personality. The Medicine cat caught many instances of his young self walking side by side with Morningbird in a metaphorical aspect. Morningbird was influenced to take the path of a Medicine cat guided by Grovemouse's support, her future mentor was pleasured to know someone succeeded him much like himself. The clan needed a cat of her sort.

Grovemouse died during a clan battle. To push away Morningbird's heartache from her mentors passing, even with her mothers support, she watched the warriors and apprentices of the clan. She'd listen carefully to the patrols and scrutinize at the spars in camp. She manifested a great interest in combat, this would eventually advance into something more elite with growing intelligence. But, with no friend in sight, for she was to much heaps of happiness and a odd ball, she remained alone as a Medicine cat.

Medicine Cat Life

Cats Involved:TBA
Age Range: 16-continuing

  • TBA
  • TBA



Unknown kits

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  • Her name represents her energetic, enthusiastic, carefree, and chipper attitude traits like a songful bird
  • She abuses to groom herself and usually must have someone force her
  • She was inspired by Hange Zoe from Attack on Titan
  • She has interests in sparring and combat moves
  • Enjoys tinkering and collecting in her free time


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