We came on our own accord. One of your warriors saved my life. I am not here on behalf of ThunderClan. I am here as my own individual cat.

Maplelight during her apprenticehood pleading to Gorgeleap and the rest of WindClan

Maplelight is an abnormally small brown tabby she-cat with short fur, a white muzzle and eyes the color of gold, like the sun's light. Formerly known to strictly abide by the rules, then as a rebel, Maplelight is now a warrior, working hard in ThunderClan to be recognized as a credit to her birth Clan.


Heritage: American Shorthair mix(based on pelt)

Description: Maplelight is an abnormally small she-cat with a pelt of varying shades of brown, primarily a chestnut brown. Darker brown stripes cross her pelt, accompanied by a white muzzle, dainty white paws, and a flash of white across her chest. Her tail is slim and whip-like, and her fur is silky to the touch from excessive grooming. Her eyes are her most stunning feature, shining like brilliant topaz gemstones. On a good day, they gleam with joy and happiness. Rarely do they dull with sadness, but it's not an entirely uncommon sight to see rage blazing within their depths, as she's known to have quite the temper.


    = Base (#aa834c)
    = Overcoat (#93633b)
    = Muzzle/Chest/Stomach/Paws/Tail-tip (#fbefd7)
    = Tabby Stripes (#423223)
    = Sclera (#e9d76d)
    = Iris (#dda53a)

Voice: Maplelight's voice tends to vary, but generally she speaks in a voice that's clear and easy to understand.

Scent: Maplelight smells of woodland: ferns, moss and soil. The faint scent of water clings to her pelt.

Gait: Maplelight can usually be seen trotting around the camp with a beaming smile upon her face.



  •  +  Optimistic - Over the moons, Maplelight has learned it's best to regard and tackle seemingly impossible situations with a positive attitude. Nothing but hurt results from being a grouch. With these things in mind, Maplelight plans on turning her life around completely after the incident with Russetpaw, the kits, and Stormstar occurred. Whereas she was very deflated and discouraged in the past, she hopes to turn these around and birth a new cat, who will be a credit to her Clan rather than an embarrassment.
  •  +  Determined - Maplelight has a determined mindset, not to be confused with stubbornness. She will do everything in her power to achieve her goals, but even she knows her own limits. She isn't one to back down from a challenge very quickly, knowing if she at least has a chance at success.
  •  ±  Unpredictable - Who knows what Maplelight is thinking half the time? Her mood fluctuates like the waves of an ocean: calm and serene at one moment, then torrential and merciless the next. Close friends and her brother are usually graced with her cheerful side. However, she is making a visible effort to change this behavior.
  •  ±  Independent - Maplelight likes her freedom and occasionally slips away into the night to give herself some time and space to be alone. Certain events have only lead to Maplelight appreciating her freedom even more. Any cat foolish enough to take it away will surely be subject to a loud protest. Maplelight is perfectly content with working solo, but her true strength shines when working in a group.
  •    Explosive - Maplelight can only keep up her cheerful personality for long before she explodes. She has a bad habit of bottling up her emotions, resulting in a slow buildup. Once it reaches a peak, she unleashes her pent up anger on a poor unsuspecting feline. Formerly, it didn't take much to set off Maplelight, but she's working to control her temper. Although she is small, Maplelight can be fierce and daunting if she wants to be.
  •    Suspicious - Maplelight is still learning to be more trusting of new cats again, but in the meantime, she's often very quick to make assumptions and judgments based on first impressions. She makes swift work of analyzing any feline she meets to determine if they're worthy of her respect, trust ... or her undesirable hatred. Given some time, she is capable of warming up to felines.


  • Kits
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  • Trees
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  • Stars
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  • Mice
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  • Swimming
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  • Clouds
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  • Fish
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  • Holes
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  • Redeem herself
    • Description of Goal
  • Raise kits of her own
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  • Serve her Clan to the best of her abilities
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  • Being hated
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  • Losing more friends and family
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Clan: Loner
Cats Involved: Elm, Deer, Creek, Moth, members of ThunderClan
Age Range: 0-6 moons

  • Point 1
  • Point 2


Clan: ThunderClan
Cats Involved: Stormstar, Creekpaw, Pinepaw, Halfpaw, Russetpaw, Nightrunner, other members of ThunderClan
Age Range: 6 moons-present

  • Point 1
  • Point 2


Clan: ThunderClan
Cats Involved: Creekskip, Songbird, Owlheart, other members of ThunderClan
Age Range: 6 moons-present

  • Point 1
  • Point 2

Senior Warriorhood

Clan: ThunderClan
Cats Involved: Members of ThunderClan
Age Range: 6 moons-present

  • Point 1
  • Point 2




    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


= Acquaintance | ⦁⦁ = Friend | ⦁⦁⦁ = Best friend

= Blood relative | ⦁⦁ = Like family | ⦁⦁⦁ = Inseparable

= Admires | ⦁⦁ = Looks up to | ⦁⦁⦁ = Idolizes

= Crush | ⦁⦁ = Infatuated with | ⦁⦁⦁ = Mate

= Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

= Competitor | ⦁⦁ = Rival | ⦁⦁⦁ = Archnemesis

= Annoyed by | ⦁⦁ = Dislikes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Hates

= Respects | ⦁⦁ = Trusts | ⦁⦁⦁ = Relies on

= Skeptical of | ⦁⦁ = Mistrusts | ⦁⦁⦁ = Betrayed by

= Dead | ⦁⦁ = Grieves over | ⦁⦁⦁ = Longs to see again

"He's my only family I have left, and I trust him completely, despite what a dork he is."
Maplelight beams and looks genuinely happy at the mention of her brother.
Stormstar/Loner/Former Clan Leader/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/0%
"If only he were here to see how I've changed. He thinks I'm the troublemaker, mm? Well, he's the one who left his own Clan for his selfish reasons, so I think I win. Eat it, Stormy, your dumb punishment has only made me stronger, and I'm going to serve ThunderClan until my very last breath, unlike you!"
Maplelight draws herself to her full height, a maelstrom of emotions, primarily anger, blazing in her typically warm golden eyes.
Nightrunner/Leader/Clan Leader//35%
"I honestly don't have a solid opinion on him anymore. One moment he's acting like a half-decent leader, and then the next he's acting strange or doing something certainly not befitting of the leader of ThunderClan! Although, he has been acting more reasonably as of late... It's frustrating how inconsistent he is!"
The fur along Maplelight's spine prickles uneasily, and a look of mixed uncertainty and irritation flashes across her face.
"It's been awhile, Russet. Wherever you are, I really hope you're well."
Maplelight's gaze is drawn to something in the distance as a fond smile graces her face, as if recalling something.
"She's really nice! I hope I get to talk to her and get to know her more! I also can't help but notice her hanging around my brother a lot. I wonder..."
Maplelight trails off and tips her head to the side, a knowing look in her eyes as she smiles giddily.
Songbird/Warrior/Close Friend/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/90%
"She's such a sweet cat, and she doesn't seem to mind my rambling! Everyone needs a Songbird in their life."
Maplelight smiles and waves her tail to and fro in a cheerful manner.
Owlheart/Warrior/Close Friend/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/90%
"She's a truly, genuinely kindhearted cat, and I'm glad she's one of my friends. I honestly love her company."
Maplelight beams, eyes closed as she tilts her head to the side ever-so slightly.

"Probably the only decent cat in WindClan. Too bad I haven't seen him since the battle that took place all that time ago..."
A small sigh escapes Maplelight's jaws.
"Let's just say we did not have a good first encounter."
Maplelight narrows her eyes and curls her lips back.
Gorgeleap/Former Deputy/Acquaintance/⦁⦁⦁/0%
"She wasn't the most understanding cat around, if I recall. I haven't seen her since then. Good riddance. She had a temper."
The tip of Maplelight's tail twitches against the ground.

Maplelight narrows her eyes and curls her lip back, but says nothing.

"She seemed decent when Creekskip and I met her as apprentices. She was defensive, but not hostile."
Maplelight's expression is neutral.
"She was really friendly! I liked meeting her. I wouldn't mind another chat someday."
Maplelight purrs and grins.
"I hear all the bad things others say about him, but I still hope he's okay."
Maplelight stares fixedly at her paws.
"I hope he and his family are happier in RiverClan."
Maplelight nods her head once, but says and does nothing more.

Maplelight shrugs her shoulders. She's never met any SkyClan cats.

Maplelight shrugs her shoulders, but perks her ears with interest.


  • Maplelight was made a warrior at 17 moons old, making her apprenticeship one of the longest.


Russetpaw: "Let's burn down the camp."

Lynxleap: "Wh-what?"

Russetpaw: "Shh. I want to see if she's distracted to the point where she'd nod along."

Maplepaw: "Mhm..."

Russetpaw taking advantage of a distracted Maplepaw gazing at the stars

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