“There is nowhere you can go that I won’t be with you, watching from the stars above. I’ll do what I can.”

Silverbrook to Lynxleap right before he leaves ThunderClan.

Lynxleap is a large and lean blue lynx-pointed highlander with a dusted cream pelt. His eyes are an grey blue color and he has multiple scars. Lynxleap is currently a warrior in RiverClan, in which he is very happy with. He is happily mates with Nettlemuzzle, is the adopted father of Sunfreckle, and has four kits by the names of Mosspaw, Sparrowpaw, Puddlepaw, and Pippaw.


Heritage: Highlander(Overall build, Pelt) x American Bobtail(Pelt and Slightly longer tail)

Description: Lynxleap is a 13 pound Highlander cat, with a blue lynx-point marking. He has light cream and brown stripes covering his legs, tail, and face. His ears are both a solid off-brown and they curl backwards. His nose and legs have the lynx-point markings. The rest of his pelt is a cream color, with faint broken-spotted tabby markings. Lynxleap currently has multiple scars scars, two of which are located on the bridge of his nose, one on his lower spine, the other on his front left leg, and a few on his back leg. His fur is dense and thick, and his bob-tail is around 3.5 inches long. His most visible markings are visible on his face; the tabby "M" on his forehead and his light blue nose. Lynx is fairly large, which is average for his breed. He's tall but he isn't very muscular.


    = Base (#ede7de)
        = Paws, legs, bridge of nose (#777985) (#bcb9b9)
        = Markings (#b5a499) (#92847a)
    = Chin (#d7cbc2)
span style="background:linear-gradient(to top, #aebcc8 0%, #6e7c87 100%); border:2px solid black">   </span> = Eyes (#aebcc8 to #6e7c87)
    = Outer Ears (#92847a)
    = Inner Ears (#a5898b)
    = Nose (#786061)
    = Tongue (#a88486)
    = Pawpads (#4a4b51)
    = Scars (#c39595)

Voice: Lynxleap's voice is low and soothing. He's got a masculine voice and he doesn't usually have voice cracks. His voice is rather soft and calm and he only talks loud when he's laughing or really mad. When he's upset, his voice does crack and it gets a bit lower. His laugh is like any low-voice laugh, but it's always calming.

Scent: Lynx smells strictly of pine trees and fresh snow.

Gait: Lynx walks with pride, his head held high and with good posture. His bob tail is usually glued to his body, but is visible due to it's stripes. But, the tom is somewhat pigeon-toed.



  •  +  Caring - Lynx cares about everyone and wishes death upon no one. He's one who would take in a kit and nurture them until they could go off on their own, even if they were from a rival clan. He's a very kind cat, coming off as hesitant, but many will trust him. He's also seen as a fatherly figure to many, and he has a soft spot for kits.
  •  +  Strong - Both mentally and physically. Lynx doesn't let things get to him, not the words or the images. He knows that some are just wanting to hurt others, and there's no use in giving them that feeling of success. Lynx, being a rather large cat, is also very strong. He's not very muscular, but he wouldn't be one to go up against in battle.
  •  +  Affectionate - TBA
  •  +  Fatherly - TBA
  •  ±  Indecisive- He's hesitant. Lynx can't decide anything to save his life, so he mostly remains neutral. Usually, he will let the other cat decide, saying that he doesn't care either way. He doesn't want to force someone to do something they don't want to do.
  •  ±  Openly Opinionated - TBA
  •  ±  Somewhat Patient - TBA
  •    Irritable - TBA
  •    Judge-mental - TBA
  •    Rude - TBA
  •    Over Protective - TBA


  • Snow
  • Trees
    • "It's complicated, you see, I like the trees and I hate them. I love how they look in the sun, and I love how they smell. I love it when the snow covers them. I love their shelter.."
  • Kits
    • "I've got a soft spot for them. They make me feel welcome."
  • Nettlemuzzle
    • "It’s more like ‘love’ my friend.. Not like."


  • Trees
    • "I don't know if something will come out of them. I just don't know."


  • Protect Dewkit and his siblings, and Cinderbreeze
    • Lynx promised to protect these felines for as long as he was alive.
  • Be there for his family.
    • Be the Dad his father wanted to be.
  • Bcome a senior warrior at a younger age, but most likely not deputy.


  • Death
    • Lynx has seen a lot of death in his life, and he hopes that he will die of old age and not from being murdered.
  • Fire
    • "There's just something about it that I don't understand."
  • Heights
    • "The cliffs, they'll get to you after a while."


Kithood, Rogue

Clan: N/A
Cats Involved: Ravenfeather, Wolfsong, Raccoonkit, Lynxkit, Mousekit, Sparrowkit, Lionkit, Troutkit, Coyotewalk, Deerspots
Age Range: 0-6 moons

  • Ravenfeather and Wolfsong have a litter of six while residing with Wolfsong's brother and his mate. Troutkit was the oldest, Lynxkit following. The order of the kits: Troutkit, Lynxkit, Raccoonkit, Sparrowkit, Lionkit, Mousekit.
    • The kits were named after animals that the parents have either looked up to, or have encountered.
  • Ravenfeather disappears when the kits are 1.5 moons, leaving Wolfsong, Coyotewalk, and Deerspots to raise them.
    • Wolfsong was heart broken when Ravenfeather left, but she knew it was simply because they weren't mates, and Raven didn't want to feel trapped. Wolfsong told her kits many stories of how great Ravenfeather was.
  • The family moves around a lot throughout the first several moons, but found the perfect place in an abandoned bear cave.


Clan: Rogue
Cats Involved: Wolfsong, Raccoonpaw, Lynxpaw, Mousepaw, Sparrowpaw, Lionpaw, Troutpaw, Coyotewalk, Deerspots
Age Range: 7-13 moons

  • Wolfsong is assumed dead after she goes out hunting and doesn't return. Coyotewalk is devastated but continues to raise the kits with Deerspots.
  • Lionkit and Mousekit were both very close to Wolfsong, and the two grew a tight bond when she died.
  • Coyotewalk and Deerspots rename the kits, making them all apprentices. The couple also mentors them throughout the time being.
    • Each apprentice specialized in their own area of training. Troutpaw was very good at fishing, and she hummed every time she caught one. Lynxpaw was very good at hunting and doing a lot of physical activity, such as running and jumping. Raccoonpaw was very good with hiding himself, as well as sniffing out prey. It was discovered that he had very good eyes. Sparrowpaw was very good at tracking and catching birds. Lionpaw specialized in battle and defense. Mousepaw was very good with herbs, using them and finding them.
  • The family goes through a rogue attack, leaving some scars and minor injuries. No one is brutally hurt.


Clan: Rogue
Cats Involved: Raccooneyes, Lynxleap, Mousestrike, Sparrowchirp, Lioncall, Troutsong, Coyotewalk, Deerspots
Age Range: 13-20 moons

  • The siblings are named after their specialties.
    • Lynxleap wishes that he would have been named "Lynxsoar," but he doesn't complain.
  • Deerspots becomes sick with an unknown illness. Mousestrike, now the "medic" in the family believes that she will be fine.
  • Raccooneyes and Lioncall are attacked by a group of rogues, causing Lioncall to lose his left eye.
  • Deerspots' illness continues to get worse, forcing her to stay in the cave and no longer go hunting with Coyotewalk.
  • A group of rogues attacks the family, resulting in the death of Deerspots.
    • Coyotewalk is never the same after the death of his mate, as he seems to spiral downwards.
  • After Deerspots' death, the family begins to argue about their safety.
  • The family is yet again met with a rogue attack, this attack not being as bad, but taking a toll on the family.
  • The family decides to split up, with Lioncall, Troutsong, Mousestrike, and Coyotewalk moving to a new cave, Raccooneyes and Sparrowchirp deciding to join some of the other rogues, and Lynxleap being left alone.
    • Lynxleap didn't want to follow his uncle and siblings simply because he didn't want to give up fighting for his home. His mother and aunt had died there, and he had a feeling that his father would find him. He also did not want to go with Raccooneyes and Sparrowchirp, as he made them promise to try and convince the others not to come back to the cave.
  • Lynxleap gives in and leaves the cave after a moon, deciding he cannot live on his own.


Clan: ThunderClan and all those other clans.
Cats Involved: Basically almost every ThunderClan cat
Age Range: 13-26

  • Lynxleap meets with Cinderbeeze on his first day after being welcomed to ThunderClan. He talks with her through the day.
  • Lynxleap meets Dewkit after hearing curse words. He meets up and befriends the troubled Russetpaw and the kind Maplepaw, talking with them as Dewkit continues with his "escapes"
    • Lynx also got to meet Dewkit's father, Silverbrook, and the queens in the nursery, Cloudmist and Lilythorn.
  • Lynx tightens his bond with Cinder after they go hunting.
  • Cloudmist plays a trick on Lynxleap, tackling him from a tree while he was anxious. This causes Lynxleap to break out, have what seemed to be a ptsd moment. It ended with him running into the trees.
    • Silverbrook helps calm Lynxleap down, and the tom told Silver about his fear of the trees.
  • Lynxleap meets Nettlemuzzle after a patrol. He quickly starts to like her and wants to know more.
  • He leaves TC camp in hopes of exploring, wanting to know his surroundings. On his way, he goes across the peak and stumbles across a SkyClan member by the name of Peachfuzz. Lynxleap begins to like her, but he can't help but notice how she's about to give birth.
  • Lynx and Nettle have a small fight but grow closer. Nettle also dislocates her paw, causing Lynx to really worry about her.
  • Dripkit asks if the two are okay and if they love each other again. The warriors are both very embarrassed, not wanting to admit anything. But Lynx steps forward and says that he does, which leads Nettle to say that she feels the same way.
  • Lynxleap sprains his ankle while breaking Nettle’s fall after slipping out of a tree.
  • Lynxleap goes to the Peak and sees Peachfuzz. After a small amount of talking, Peachfuzz demands Lynx to take her to Thunderclan camp so that she can join. He goes along with it.
    • Nettle gets mad at Lynxleap, which results in another fight. After the fight, Lynxleap tells Nettle that he loves her, and Nettle explains that she loves him, too.
  • Lynx goes with Gingerkit and asks for help to name a moth. Gingerkit leaves after smelling blood. Sunpaw, later on, tells Lynx how he's feeling. Lynx in return promises to be there for him. He views Sunpaw as a son.
  • Lynxleap and Nettlemuzzle go for a walk, and Sunpaw comes along. They come across the RiverClan border and they find Wiltedfoot. Lynx carries him back to camp and it's revealed that he has died.
    • The Highlander tries his best to comfort Dovesong, Nettlemuzzle, and Sunpaw. He breaks down in the process of helping Sunpaw. But he ends up being very proud, just due to the fact that Sun was stronger than he's ever seen in that moment.
  • Lynxleap takes Nettle to the mossy tree, the place they met. They spend the night and half the day there. During the time, Lynxleap expresses his love for her and asks Nettle to be his mate. She accepts!
  • Lynxleap finds Sunfreckle and Leopardpaw at the peak and he confronts the two. After a short talk, the three get along and watch the sunset. During that time, Sunfreckle asks if he could call Lynxleap "Dad," and Lynx says that he can. This leads Lynx to adopt Sunfreckle as his own son. The Thunderclanners part with Leopardpaw and go back to camp.
  • After a night at the mossy tree, Nettlemuzzle and Lynxleap return to camp. A few days later, Nettle tells Lynxleap that she isn't feeling good, which leads to the realization that she is pregnant with his kits. Lynxleap then leaves for two days due to Sunfreckle having a break down. When he returns, he's met with unhappy glares.
  • Lynx goes to get some wounds checked up on by Sunfreckle, which leads to a disaster. Brackenberry, another medic in TC, ends up snapping at the two. In the end, she scratches Sunfreckle, stomps on his nest, and basically trashes him. Sun runs off and does not want to return. Lynxleap follows behind. The two end up going to the peak and Lynxleap sees Spiderstep, Ryewhisker, and their daughter Leopardpaw. He apologizes for Cottonheart's behavior, and the Thunderclanner's rush off. He soon returns to camp with Cottonheart, leaving Sunfreckle at the mossy tree.
  • Lynxleap and Cinderbreeze get in a fight because they haven't been talking a lot.
  • Stormstar and Littlelight leave the clan to live together in a stress free life. Nightrunner is promoted to leader. Sunfreckle soon leaves due to this, which breaks the father’s heart.
    • He gains a closer bond to Robinbelly in the mist of it. And, he also explains to Nightrunner that he is loyal to him, and apologizes for previous behaviors.
  • Lynx attends his first ever gathering.. It was.. Interesting. He ends up making friends with ShadowClan’s new deputy.
  • Nettlemuzzle gives birth to five kits, but one of them doesn't make it. Nettlemuzzle insists on naming her Gentlekit.
    • The couple names the surviving kits. Mosskit is the oldest, named after the mossy tree. Sparrowkit is the second and is named Sparrowkit after the parents’ siblings. Puddlekit is third and is named after Lynx’s love for rain and puddles. Pipkit is the runt and is named after the nickname “Pipsqueak,” which is what Lynx calls Nettle.
  • Lynxleap convinces Peachfuzz to go on a walk with him. There, he apologizes for his behavior and asks to be friends again. Peachfuzz accepts, but only on one condition..
  • Dewpaw is exiled for disrespectful behavior. Drippaw is now Lynx's apprentice.
  • Cloudmist dies from old age.
  • RiverClan claims the peak and Peachfuzz gets beat up. Lynx chases Drippaw and Gingerpaw there, since they leave to see Dewpaw. They come across RiverClan and Lynx manages to get them to safety before it escalates.
  • Lynxleap leaves ThunderClan with his family and goes to RiverClan. It's a very dramatic goodbye between him and Silverbrook.
    • Lynxleap talks to Silverbrook about leaving, how he's like a father to him, tries to convince him to come to RC with him, and about how when Silverbrook dies, Silverbrook needs to give him some sort of sign.


Clan: RiverClan
Cats Involved: RiverClan
Age Range: 26-present moons

  • Lynxleap goes to the border between TC and RC, meeting a few cats.
  • Nothing happens for a long ass time.
  • Silverbrook dies, Lynx is sad for a long ass time. Cinderbreeze comes to RC and then also dies.
  • Lynxleap goes out with a few other members for a patrol and ends up breaking his leg when they fall in a sink hole.
  • His brother Raccooneyes comes to camp, but he never notices him.
  • Nettlemuzzle explains she wants more kits. They agree to wait until the kits are apprenticed.
  • Heatherpaw, Dewpaw, and Dinkypaw have their ceremonies. Heatherdawn, Dewscathe, and Dinkyskip.
  • Lynx tells Dewscathe that Silverbrook isn't his actual father. The two of them fight.
  • His kits have their ceremonies!!!
  • He and Nettle.. Do the dirty.
  • Lynxleap is promoted to Senior Warrior!!



Sunfreckle (Adopted)
Blindkit (Adopted)

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


= Dating | ⦁⦁ = Fling/Potential mate | ⦁⦁⦁ = Mates

= Crush | ⦁⦁ = Likes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Loves

= Annoyed by | ⦁⦁ = Dislikes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Hates

= Competitor | ⦁⦁ = Rival | ⦁⦁⦁ = Archnemesis

= Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

= Acquaintance | ⦁⦁ = Friend | ⦁⦁⦁ = Best friend

= Blood relative | ⦁⦁ = Like family | ⦁⦁⦁ = Inseparable

= Respects as equal | ⦁⦁ = Looks up to | ⦁⦁⦁ = Idolizes

"I love her."
Nettlemuzzle is the mother of Lynx's kits and his mate. She means more to him than anyone else. They get along nicely and they are obviously inseparable. After Nettlemuzzle tackled him at the mossy tree, Lynx knew that this cat was something else. And soon enough, he asked her to become mates! The two had five kits together, but sadly only four made it. Lynx is very protective of Nettlemuzzle and he shields her from whatever he believes is dangerous. He wouldn't know what to do without her.
Sunfreckle/Warrior/Adopted Son/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁
"I don't know where he is.."
Lynx adopted the troubled Sunfreckle when he was just an apprentice. He's come a long way, but he's only gone downhill. Lynx hasn't seen him in a while and he's hoping that the tom is doing okay.
"She looks just like me! She’s big, too. And for some reason she keeps screaming at the wall."
Lynxleap thinks that his daughter is a complete freak. But he loves her either way. This little kit is obsessed with walls and everything nature, and Lynx admires it. He loves Mosskit just as much as his other kits. He believes that she'll grow up to be a fine warrior.
"Nettlemuzzle thinks that she’s going to be a climber! Her paws are just like her’s.."
A trouble maker! Sparrowkit is a handful according to Lynx. She loves her mother more than anything, and that's obvious. Lynx believes that Sparrowkit will grow up to be one of the best warriors in ThunderClan, nothing less.
"She looks exactly like her mother! Except, with lighter colors."
She's a real doll. Lynx loves his daughter dearly. She's shy and easily scared, but she's got some spunk to her. Lynx is proud to say that she's coming out of her shell.
Gentlekit was the only stillborn in the litter. She was buried a day after she was born. Nettlemuzzle and Lynxleap mourned her death and fantasized a reality where she was alive and well. Lynx hopes that she is doing well in StarClan and that his family and Nettle's family is raising her right. Lynx misses his daughter and wishes she was alive; he longs to know her.. Or at least see her.
"He’s so small.. So innocent.. And he looks exactly like Gentlekit."
Pipkit is identical to Gentlekit.. Which is why Lynx is so fussy with him. Pipkit is the couple's only full-blood son. He's the runt of the litter and he's very small. Lynx is worried about Pipkit and wants to make sure that he's always safe.. But he's worried that he's going to keep the poor kit in a bubble.

Silverbrook/Deceased/Father Figure/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁
"I miss him."
Ever since Cloudmist passed away, Lynx has kept a close eye on the tom. He knows he's growing old, but he doesn't want him to die. Silverbrook is like a father to Lynx and the tom doesn't know where he would be without him. Lynx hopes that he can always be there for him.

Dewscathe/Warrior/Ex-Apprentice, Friend??/
"Damn him."
Lynxleap's ex-apprentice.. He's got plenty to say about him. Dewpaw was rough from the start and a trouble-maker at heart. But he fell in love with the little kiddo.. He was heart broken when Dewpaw started to change.. And he broke when he was exiled.
Heatherdawn/Warrior/Friend??/im lazy
eh I’m lazy
Smokestorm/Warrior/Friend/im lazy
"What a good tom."
eh I’m lazy

"I doubt those stories were true.. How many step siblings do I have, Father?"
Lynxleap's tba
"You would be so proud of me."
Lynxleap's tba
"I worry about her. I wonder what happened to her.. Will she find me? Does she have a mate? Am I an uncle..?"
Lynxleap's tba
"I hope I never see you again."
Lynxleap's tba
"She should've come with me. She made a mistake.."
Lynxleap's tba
Lynxleap's tba
"What a fool, an herb-loving fool. Strikes me that he became a medic."
Lynxleap's tba
"I hope he's okay. Even after Deer, I knew he still loved us.."
Lynxleap's tba
Lynxleap's tba


  • Lynx is a gentle giant, being nearly 13 pounds, which is normal for his breed.
  • Lynx loves kits. He craves a family of his own and is hoping to have multiple kits, and a loving mate.
  • Lynx hates to walk on rocks. He walked on rocks when he was young and he cut open one of his paws on a sharp rock. Since then, he refuses to walk on them.
  • Lynx and his siblings were all named after animals.
  • He absolutely loved his aunt and feels terrible knowing that she died at the paws of rogues.
  • Lynxleap is anxious of the trees, as he's terrified that something dangerous will come out of them and kill everything that he touches, as brutal as it sounds.
  • He is the son of a fling and the largest out of the kits.
  • Lynx thinks flings are totally normal and he fully supports them, even if one has a mate and has a fling (as long as it's just for kits). He thinks this because he grew up with it.


"I'm an open book, Cinder."

Lynx to Cinder, talking about family.

"Please don't tell anyone about what happened."

Lynx to Silverbrook after telling him about his fear.

"I don't have to know a feline to care about them, Russet."

Lynxleap to Russetpaw.

I'm going to work on it. I'll work on it for you.

Lynxleap to Nettlemuzzle in a promise to make the relationship work.

And for once, the kit-sitter failed at explaining. "I-erm... Uhm..." He really, really failed at explaining... But as he prepared himself to explain, just a little more, happiness ignited in his chest. It was like a fire in the woods, slow burning and fast spreading. He was trapped, but he had to say it, didn't he? The fire in his chest made his heart flutter and his face heat up. He was flustered again, he was nervous and embarrassed. But for as stupid as a tom as he was, his own fears and embarrassment wouldn't stop him. "I do, yes Dripkit... In a way, I do. Very much so."

She smiled sheepishly at the kit, “yes, only joking.” She reassured, “what you said..” she coughed awkwardly, shuffling her paws, “E-we-well the feeling is.. mutual.” She finally choked out, staring at him from her spot below his chin.

Lynxleap and Nettlemuzzle talking to Dripkit. (Lynx first, then Nettle)

"I should," He sighed. "But I could never love that twig as much as.." Lynxleap shifted his gaze to his paws, taking a deep breath and ignoring his thumping heart. "I could never love that twig as much as I love you." [....] "I.. I want you, too." He whispered and continued to purr. "I want you and only you."

Lynxleap to Nettlemuzzle.

Lynxleap sighed, taking a moment before puffing out his chest and readying a response. "You're not a whiny kit, Sunpaw. You're the medic apprentice, and no matter what they say, the clan is happy to have you." His gaze fixed on his paws as he spoke up again. "I don't blame you for being rather.. Curious of the other clans. I can tell that this clan might not be fond of you, and I understand the need to feel wanted and loved. I don't know you very well, but Sunpaw.. I'm here for you. I don't believe the things they say. And I'm sorry that you're treated like this, no one deserves it." He inhaled, his breath shaky. "I'll stand up for you. I'll come and check on you every now and then-and don't think it's out of pity or some shit like that, because it's not. I won't let you feel like this, and I won't let you rot in here alone... I'm here for you, Sunpaw.." [.....] "It's okay, Sun.. You're safe. You're okay... As long as I'm here, I'll always be here to protect you. You can come and talk to me whenever you need, and I'll come talk to you as much as I can. Even if I'm talking to someone else, I'll be there. You don't have to fight alone."

Lynxleap to Sunpaw when he was struggling.

"Do you mind if I call you dad? It's a weird question, but it's been on my mind.." (... Lynxleap speaks:) "I've always wanted to be called that, honestly.. So yes, Sunfreckle, you can."Of course I would, Sunfreckle.. Sometimes you get frustrated and mess up, but I still love you. You're like a son to me." He purred, smiling down at the medic. "I would love to adopt you and to be able to call you my son."

Lynxleap to newly adopted Sunfreckle

I love you, too. I would follow you into the dark, Nettlemuzzle. Goodnight, my love. May our kits be blessed with beautiful dreams of mice chasing and may you see your family tonight. I’ll see you when you open your eyes in the morning..

Lynxleap to Nettlemuzzle.

"Promise me that w-when you go.. You'll give me a sign. So I know.."

Lynxleap to Silverbrook right before he leaves ThunderClan.