Lilykit to Sootkit on what his warrior name should be.

Lilykit is a soft, short-haired, cream-furred she-cat with flame point markings. She has webbed paws and big pale blue eyes. She’s currently resides in RiverClan as a kit of Nectarstar’s, along with her four other siblings.


Heritage: American Shorthair X Norwegian Forest Cat

Description Lilykit has short cream fur, unlike most in her generally long-furred clan. Her silky coat fluffs around her shoulders and elbows, giving her a youthful air about her. Her most defining feature is her flame point markings, which branch out from her nose upwards and fading back to a pale cream on her cheeks; She also has flame points on her ears, paws, and tail. Lilykit has the polydactyl genetic mutation passed down from both parents, giving her extra toes. She also has webbed paws that will aid her in fishing, and long slender legs. To complete her ensemble, Lilykit has large, rather beautiful pale blue eyes.


    = Base (#F7E4CC)
    = Markings (#ffa366)
    = Secondary Markings (#ffb280)
    = Eyes (#abc7ff)
    = Inner Ears (#D98486)
    = Nose (#9D4B3F)
    = Tongue (#eb9999)
    = Pawpads (#D98486)

Voice: High pitched and soft, due to her being a kit.

Scent: Faintly sweet, with undertones of lavender and milk.



  •  +  Poised -
  •  +  Perceptive -
  •  ±  Open-Minded -
  •  ±  Meticulous -
  •    Over-Tolerant -
  •    Self Concious -


  • Rain
    • Lilykit likes splashing in the puddes!
  • Attention, praise
    • Who doesn't like compliments every now and then?
  • Flora
    • Lilykit has always had a fondness for plant life. She often wears flowers she finds tucked behind her ears.


  • 'Fun sponges'
    • "I just wanna have fun!"
  • Uncertainty


  • To become a strong and noble warrior!
    • Lilykit idolizes Nectarstar, and holds her at the upmost reverence. She definitely wants to become just like her when she grows up.


  • Failure
    • Lilykit doesn't want to disappoint, especially if it means letting down her family...



Clan: Riverclan
Cats Involved: Nectarstar, Hailkit, Sootkit, Brindlekit, Carpkit, Dapplekit, Turtlepaw, Lionkit, Greykit, Lionkit
Age Range: 0-6 moons

  • Lilykit is born to Nectarstar, along with her other siblings Carpkit, Hailkit, Brindlekit, and Sootkit.
  • Liykit befriends many of the kits in Riverclan, particularly Greykit Hailkit and Oatkit.
  • Her friends Greykit Dapplekit and Oatkit are promoted to apprentices. Lilykit can't help but feel jealous.

Daylight Apprenticehood

Clan: Riverclan
Cats Involved: N/A
Age Range: 6-__ moons

  • Point 1
  • Point 2



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    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


= Acquaintance | ⦁⦁ = Friend | ⦁⦁⦁ = Best friend

= Blood relative | ⦁⦁ = Like family | ⦁⦁⦁ = Inseparable

= Respects as equal | ⦁⦁ = Looks up to | ⦁⦁⦁ = Idolizes

= Crush | ⦁⦁ = Fling/Potential mate | ⦁⦁⦁ = Mate

= Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

= Competitor | ⦁⦁ = Rival | ⦁⦁⦁ = Archnemesis

= Annoyed by | ⦁⦁ = Dislikes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Hates

Character/Rank/Relation to/Dot Rating(s)/Trust%
The character is asked their opinion of a specific character. Add what their response would be below!

"Who?" Lilykit looks puzzled

"Who?" Lilykit looks puzzled

"Who?" Lilykit looks puzzled

Character/Rank/Relation to/Dot Rating(s)/Trust%
"Speaking opinion would go like this"
Acting or thinking opinion would go like this

"Who?" Lilykit looks puzzled

"Er..." Lilykit looks confused, a trace of fear gleans in her eyes


  • Lilykit was named after her grandmother, Lilyfoot.


I'm a fish!

Lilykit after decorating her pelt with fish scales

My Mama tries her hardest to protect this clan, she gave her life! Do you really think she wants these things to happen? Put yourself in her place, what do you want her to do Dapplekit?

Lilykit to Dapplekit on the topic of her mother's leadership

H-Hey! Let me go you fiend!'

Lilykit to Rosewish after being plucked off of the climbing tree