Note: These rules apply to all interactions and behavior OUTSIDE OF ROLEPLAY. See the Roleplay Policy for rules about the roleplay universe.


  • Harassment and Bullying of any sort is strictly against the rules anywhere in Highrisers. If you are found harassing another user, you will immediately be warned, suspended, or kicked, depending on the severity. Remember, there's a difference between a fight in roleplay and a fight outside of it, and a difference between actual mockery and poking fun.
  • If you are found stirring up drama or creating trouble (even if you might not have been the one to start it in the first place) you may also be warned, suspended, or kicked from the system.
  • Be polite and respectful to other players at all times, even if they're not someone you know well or an administrator.
  • Discrimination such as racism, sexism, or homophobia is forbidden. It's okay to have different opinions, but please don't express those such as these that may offend some.
  • Please don't minimod. If you see someone breaking the rules, politely inform them of the rule and then report it to an admin on the server/wiki. Trying to enforce the rules and threatening someone with a block/suspension/kick without the authority to do so can (ironically) get you in trouble as well.


  • Swearing is acceptable anywhere within the system (on the wiki, in the discord). However, you may not use swearing to attack or harass another user, and you should not swear excessively. If a user expresses discomfort with certain language, please refrain from it or keep it in moderation.
    • However, slurs are not allowed. If you need clarification on what is or isn't a slur, please contact an administrator or moderator.
  • Please don't use an excessive amount of other languages. Our system operates primarily in english, so that is the language we operate off of.

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