Language & Grammar Reminders

  • Note: The Roleplay Policy applies at all times during roleplay, even and especially during a battle. For a refresher on what our RP policy is, look to the navigation above or click here.


  • Clan conflict or tensions should not be taken outside of roleplay. If your clan looks down upon or sees another clan in a negative light, remember that this is just roleplay. There is no need to act that way towards its members in reality.
    • Sincere harassment of any members of the server, even and especially fueled by inter-Clan rivalry, is forbidden. Insincere/sarcastic harassment (teasing) is allowed as long as all involved parties are okay with it. If at any point anyone becomes uncomfortable with what is happening (and openly expresses it), then all further harassment becomes sincere and will not be tolerated.


  • Clans may only send apprentices, warriors, deputies, and leaders to outside/planned battles (ie outside of camp). However, if another Clan invades your Clan's camp, any and all ranks capable of it may fight if needed.

Character Death

  • You cannot kill or severely injure a character without permission from its owner.
  • When a character dies, he or she is assumed to have gone to StarClan/Dark Forest and is no longer to be operated in HR.
    • Certain integral characters may be "revived" via dream sequences or reincarnation for plot purposes if they are given permission from their Clan's Council as well as the System Council, but otherwise a dead character will stay dead.