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    Highrisers is a Discord-based traditional five Clan system, where each Clan is given an adaptation with a unique twist. It is set several generations after the events of the books, and follows a line of leaders based loosely on a discontinued Animal Jam roleplay alternate universe. (Any inconsistencies with canon should be blamed on that history.)

    The system's first chapter starts four generations after the Clans have left their old territories around the lake due to a devastating famine. They have established themselves in a new territory around a mountain, and over time have adapted to the new environment through not just the resources they use, but through the behaviors they exhibit and even through changes to their core beliefs. As the last remaining cats born into the lake territories disappear over time and ascend to StarClan, it's now up to the fourth generation, made of fresh young adult warriors, to carry out the legacy of the three before them - and as tensions rise, bind their Clans together before their new vices tear them apart for good.

The system is currently: Open!
We are expecting to accept applications: At the discretion of the leaders!
Interested? Click Here for Joining Info!

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