"Thank you, Ashenbrook. I'll never let you go."

Flickerheart to Ashenbrook's spirit before burying her

Flickerheart is a tall, broad-shouldered, mainly black tom with orange tortoiseshell markings over his front and burning, orange eyes. As of late, the tom is depressed, irritable, and jealous, but through his immense grieving and loss, he's still loyal and hard-working to his Clan and family. He currently resides in ShadowClan as deputy.


Description: Flickerheart is a short-haired tom, though his fur often prickles on the back of his neck and by his tail. He has a black coat as a base, which defines his long legs and broad shoulders. He has dapples of ginger markings across his chest and the lower portion of his face, and speckles of ginger can be found on his tail and his legs as well. His eyes are a burning orange, which corresponds with his tortoiseshell ginger fur quite nicely.

Voice: Flickerheart has a low, rumbling voice. He mostly speaks in a mature manner and takes his time to speak, so his words can be thoroughly understood. At times, it can be raised to address a crowd or when he's maddened. Flickerheart mostly keeps his cool, though, keeping his emotions inside or shown in his burning gaze.

Scent: Flickerheart smells faintly of cedar sap from his treks through the ShadowClan woods, due to his seeming restlessness.

Gait: Flickerheart has a confident stride and usually walks with his tail straight behind him, and his head raised. He's in no rush, but he also isn't slouching and stumbling, either.



  •  +  Hard-working- Flickerheart has a relentless attitude and is extremely hard-working when it comes to anything to serve the Clan that saved him. He often stays late at night, patrolling or hunting, watching and waiting for anything on his territory that could put ShadowClan at risk.
  •  +  Loyal - Flickerheart is solely loyal to his Clan and his leader only. He vows to serve Coalstar for as long as he lives and holds great respect for his Clan for welcoming him into the Clan.
  •  ±  Ambitious - Flickerheart is quite the tom to set goals and strive for them, and often focusing purely on that and nothing else he might put in jeopardy. An example of this was when he left ShadowClan for...
  •  ±  Determined - Flickerheart is a persistent tom. If he wants something, he's willing to do anything to get it. Reaching a goal, getting his point across, proving himself, or finding someone he misses are many examples of when his trait comes into play.
  •    Argumentative - Flickerheart is an extremely stubborn tom, and he won't give up without getting his point across or saving the last say in an argument. He'll often argue with cats of conflicting views, and gets stuck in fights with cats from other Clans across the border.
  •    Resentful- If he doesn't like someone, he truly doesn't like them and it will take him many, many moons to forgive them or get over his hatred. He can't seem to let some things go and move on.


  • The sun
    • Flickerheart is a lover of warmth, due to his short coat but his black fur, he heats up pretty well. It causes his flame-colored markings and eyes to glow and put him at ease for a while.
  • Flowers
    • He's a soft-hearted tom inside, loving the scent and colors of the plant that flourishes in fields and meadows, specifically in WindClan. He fondly remembers Ashenbrook and him decorating their pelts with them.
  • Kits
    • He finds the goofy little buggers charming.


  • Snow
    • Flickerheart finds it displeasing beneath his paws, feeling separate from the earth and grass and the sun and warmth above. In winter, he becomes lazier.
  • Fish
    • He finds it purely disgusting and a disgrace to the prey system.


  • Find his father, step-mother, and brother, and step-sister
    • Ever since Nightmoth left ShadowClan to become a Twolegplace resident, Flickerheart hasn't been able to recover from his inner longing to see him again. He knows deep down that he's safe, but he can't get the thought out of his head that he and the new additions to his family could be in danger. One day, he'll find them.
  • To train his apprentice to the best of his ability ✓
    • Flickerheart feels a deep guilt for leaving the Clan, and his apprentice, for so long without warning. He now dedicates his time to training and teaching the young tom Taipanpaw to learn all he needs to know to be a good warrior, however much effort it will take.
  • To fall in love ✓
    • Flickerheart longs the companionship of another cat, specifically, to love one cat. He feels as though he needs someone to mend the sorrow cast upon his heart, and, perhaps, already found just that cat to help him along the rest of his journey.
  • To have kits/a family
    • After losing most of his family, he doesn't have many other cats he can closely relate to as his own. He longs for kits or a mate to spend his life with.


  • Stagstar
    • Flickerheart keeps a tough reputation around WindClan despite his roots. In actuality, he fears the Clan and its' leader because of the confrontations he's had.
  • Fire
    • ...



Clan: WindClan
Cats Involved: Craneflight, Sparky, Fallowfern, Nightkit, cats of WindClan
Age Range: 0-7 moons

  • Flickerkit and Nightkit are born to Craneflight, with their father being unknown at the time.
  • Flickerkit and Nightkit meet the different kits in the nursery and become targets for bullies.
  • Flickerkit and Nightkit are bullied constantly by the other kits, and suffer from constant staring and whispering from the Clan.
  • Flickerkit learns about the fear of fire in WindClan from Fallowfern.


Clan: WindClan
Cats Involved: Cats of WindClan
Age Range: 7-?? moons

  • Flickerkit and Nightkit are promoted to apprentices and given mentors.
  • Flickerpaw gets in many different fights and arguments with other warriors and apprentices to defend his honor and Nightpaw.
  • Flickerpaw is taken on a patrol to the ShadowClan border, and he's dr


Clan: WindClan, ShadowClan
Cats Involved: Too many to list
Age Range: ??-Now moons

  • Flickerpaw and Nightpaw are promoted to warriors and given their names Flickerheart and Nightmoth.
  • Flickerheart and Nightmoth are later banished from WindClan and resort to ShadowClan.
  • Flickerheart and Nightmoth are brought into the Clan by Coalstar.
  • Flickerheart becomes mates with Ashenbrook.
  • Flickerheart adopts four kits from a kittypet and raises them alongside Ashenbrook in ShadowClan.
  • Flickerheart and Ashenbrook go on a walk together and are confronted by Twolegplace rogues. Ashenbrook is killed in battle.
  • ShadowClan moves underground.
  • Flickerheart suffers terrible grief from the loss of his mate and best friend.
  • Flickerheart moves on from his grief and meets Halfwolf and Heronlegs, growing quite close to them.
  • He gets into a nasty fight with Mountainpaw and Sparkpaw, gaining a few scars.
  • Flickerheart welcomes Halfwolf's kits into ShadowClan, and is wary of a possible battle between WindClan and ShadowClan due to the rising tensions.




    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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= Acquaintance | ⦁⦁Friend | ⦁⦁⦁ = Best friend

= Blood relative | ⦁⦁ = Like family | ⦁⦁ = Inseparable

= Respects as equal | ⦁⦁ = Looks up to | ⦁⦁⦁ = Idolizes

= Crush | ⦁⦁ = Fling/Potential mate | ⦁⦁⦁ = Mate

= Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

= Competitor | ⦁⦁ = Rival | ⦁⦁⦁ = Archnemesis

= Annoyed by | ⦁⦁ = Dislikes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Hates

"Hmph... "
Flickerheart narrows his eyes slightly. You can see distrust in his eyes- and he stiffens.

Stagstar/WindClan Leader/Enemy
"Stagstar- I hate him. I will never forgive him for what he's done. He tears families apart, and exiles innocents just because of their eye color. If WindClan dares trying to attack ShadowClan to get Halfwolf's kits back, Stagstar will certainly regret it."
Flickerheart digs his claws into the earth, gritting his teeth. His eyes glow with anger.
Pigeonthorn/WindClan Warrior/Enemy/

Coalstar/ShadowClan Leader/Mother-figure
"She brought me into ShadowClan when we had no other place to go. She taught me what it's like to be loved. She protected Nightmoth..."
Flickerheart seems to lighten up into a slight smile, his eyes growing cloudy as he thinks of her.
Ashenbrook/ShadowClan Warrior/Mate/
"Thank you, Ashenbrook. I'll never let you go."
Flickerheart's eyes were cloudy, glistening with tears as he smiled sadly, dipping his head. He says nothing else.
Duneclaw/ShadowClan Warrior/Close Friend
"Thank you for being such a loyal, noble warrior... you were a good friend to Ashenbrook."
Flickerheart nods, his eyes glossing over.

Nectarstar/RiverClan Leader/Acquaintance/Dot Rating(s)
"Nectarstar seems quite close with Coalstar, and that's all I know."
Flickerheart shrugs, tilting his head.
Maplestrike/RiverClan Warrior/Acquantance/Dot Rating(s)
"He's a creep."
Flickerheart grits his teeth.

Owlstar/SkyClan Leader/.../Dot Rating(s)
"I'm not sure SkyClan as a whole is doing so well. What is their leader up to?"
Flickerheart furrows his brow.

"I... I don't understand. How could someone just leave after having kits?"
Flickerheart looks down at his paws.
Mitzi/Kittypet/Step-mother/Dot Rating(s)
"I haven't even had the chance to meet you yet. Who are you?"
Flickerheart frowns, looking genuinely sad.
"I'm glad we finally got a chance to meet. I promise to the best of my abilities that I'll raise your daughters and sons to become strong and worthy individuals. They'll be safe in my paws. I won't let you down."
Flickerheart smiles, his eyes glowing with happiness.


  • Flickerheart is infertile- given that he is a tortoiseshell tom.
  • Flickerheart is a former WindClan cat.
  • Flickerheart has rogue and kittypet blood in him, thanks to his father's side.


"Yes. I promise." He pressed himself closer to Nightmoth, embracing him like he used to when they were both jabbed at by the WindClan cats- and the night they were exiled- when they had to find a cold, damp place for shelter and neither could fall asleep. He closed his eyes gently, lapping him on his forehead to soothe him. He thought distantly of the battle before him- and more specifically- meeting WindClan once more. He pressed his eyes shut, feeling claws close around his stomach with anticipation. StarClan, let me serve my Clan tonight as a true warrior.

Flickerheart glanced over to her and grinned, meeting her eyes. ”Heh. I suppose I can say the same.” He joked. He watched her for a few more moments before speaking again, holding her gaze steadily. ”We’ve grown and developed as cats for moons now.. and we did it together. You helped me know what it’s like to be accepted, and not looked down upon for being who I am. You taught me confidence, courage and strength, and you drew me in with your power and beauty, however cheesy that may sound.” He took a breath. ”I mean what I say when I say I’m in love with you. So, so, so in love with you, Ashenbrook. And after everything that’s happened, my hardships, your hardships, struggles and the fights... I’ve never stopped loving you.” He was smiling uncontrollably, his heart drumming. ”I think I’m ready to make a new start. So tell me, Ashenbrook. Will you be my mate?”

Flickerheart to Ashenbrook

Character-Defining Roleplays


He raised onto his hind legs, placing his paws on the railing. He pushed himself up onto it, teetering on it before finding his main point of balance, his claws curling into the manufactured wood. This is ShadowClan territory now. We've gained back what's rightfully ours. And if SkyClan dares to try and take this back, I'll be fighting at my Clanmates side this time. He felt a new wave of strength go through him, imagining the training he went through in WindClan, how he was told ShadowClan had evil pure in their hearts. He gritted his teeth. If only they could see me now.

Flickerheart, after assisting ShadowClan in claiming the Twoleg tree

Flickerheart listened silently to his deputy, staring at the pile of dry growth. This is it. If this fails... Highrisers will be doomed. He put his intense trust in his deputy and the leaders, his burning orange gaze casting around the Clans gathered. And to all of you... I put faith in every single cat. StarClan, please let this work. For the sake of all Clans.

Flickerheart felt an uprising within him. He raised his head to the sky, chanting toward the night sky as the flames licked at the obsidian blanket. He watched as the shadows of the haunting spirits flickered through the peak and into the flame. Horror went through him momentarily at the screaming and shrieking, but suddenly, everything was gone. The fire, the spirits, the chanting. Everything...

Flickerheart's glowing orange eyes remained fixed on the fire, which seemed to reflect and uphold the fire-like markings upon his black fur. He was enveloped in the flames- watching as the sparks flew up to the sky. He didn't speak a word- too fixed on the element he had been named of.

I want to be scared of it. I should be scared of it. His ancestry of WindClan had assured him to be afraid, and to avoid at all costs, a flame of any sorts. But he seemed... attracted to it. He watched silently, his breath catching in his throat.

Flickerheart flung the flowers he held into the eruption of flames, watching as they grew higher and higher. He opened his jaws and released a yowl, joining in his Clanmate's cries, the enchantment of the ceremony enrapturing him.

Flickerheart during the ritual to seal the spirits

Flickerheart turned his eyes on the sudden cat appearing on the Highrock. Shock rippled through him- though he couldn't move. He breathed with astonishment. They're here. That was all just a...

Flickerheart spoke with astonishment, his voice trembling. "We were wrong all along. They're here..." He closed his eyes as if trying to fix his vision. But it wasn't just a dream. Flickerheart almost laughed, his lip quirking with a smirk at their Clan's stupidity. They were watching all along. Flickerheart turned his dull flame-like gaze on the apprentice approach. He didn't respond- interrupted by the StarClan cats. He listened, his jaw-dropping with awe.

Flickerheart during the reappearance of StarClan

Flickerheart + Stagstar Interactions/Battle Scene

Flickerheart was swarmed by the two WindClan cats. He gritted his teeth with rage as he was flung onto his spine. Flickerheart let out another ear-splitting cry. Do it for Nightmoth. He tore away from Tinylark, causing his shoulder to tear- Flickerheart shrieked with pain as blood began to pour. He flung out a paw wildly, his claws striking against her forehead- not a deep wound but enough to sting like hell. He closed his eyes and bellowed, pain flowing through him, but overtaken by rage. Flickerheart turned his attention to Stagstar, now that Tinylark was shoved off. He launched himself out at the leader, his paws slamming down his puny shoulders. He clenched his teeth around his foreleg, biting down hard. Blood pooled in his mouth.

Flickerheart felt pain strike through his chest and a stinging in his neck. He gritted his teeth and screamed through his foreleg. "You'll regret the birth of your ancestors! This is for Nightmoth!" He released his foreleg and instead lifted his head up, blood dripping down his muzzle. He raised a paw, ready to deliver a harsh blow, but was interrupted yet again by Tinylark. He shrieked with anger, being flung to the earth by her force. He opened his jaws and snarled, spit and blood flying from his jaws. He kicked out at her face with her teeth around her ankle, which went out at her jaw. Satisfation rippled through him as her grip was released. He rolled himself to his paws, his breathing heavy but fight still left in him.

Flickerheart released an 'oof' as another cat came rolling into him. He hit the earth on his side, winded momentarily. He breathed out, his chest tightening, and was still for a split second, but interrupted by her claws meeting his shoulder. "Fucker!" He gritted through his teeth, pain piercing through him. He rolled onto his spine and kicked out wildly at the cat, hitting her with furious, flailing, wide paws. He rolled into her, sending her down with him. He sunk his teeth wherever he could, which ended up a bite on her flank. He bit down with the might he could wrangle together.

Flickerheart screamed with agony as teeth went into another open wound. "G-gaah!" He choked out, feeling blood rush in his ears. Keep. Fighting. His breath coming slower now, he raised his head and swung it wildly, having it end up ramming against the both of their foreheads, having no other way to counterattack. He wheezed, seeing the face of Stagstar through blurred vision taking over him again. But he was WindClan. He spluttered with rage. "What the FUCK do you want, scum?!"

Flickerheart screamed with pain as he felt Robintalon's claws and blows sent at him ruthlessly. A downpour of blood cascaded through his gaze, and he shook his head irritably, his headache pounding. As Stagstar released him, he pushed himself to his paws. He raised his head slowly to meet Stagstar's gaze. His eyes were still burning as blood dripped down his face. "You... piece.. of utter.. shit. Burn! Burn in the fires I'll cast upon your cursed camp!" He screamed- losing all sorts of control in this situation. He was deadly close to fainting- from all his anger and bloodloss.

Flickerheart's sides heaved, feeling slight blackness at the edge of his vision. He seperated his paws to stabalize himself, his head ducking. For a moment, he stood there, before he raised his head to stare at the WindClan leader again. Blood from cuts above his eye now dripped into his mouth, he spluttered. "I'm not leaving, Stagstar. However badly you want me and Nig-Nightmoth to *f-fucki-ng go..." He swallowed, hard. His blood tasted foul on his tongue. "I'll never leave. Until I'm killed in battle, fighting for MY family, home, my CLAN- I'll never leave." He took a moment to breathe, his sides aching. "And you know what? I know you weren't completely at fault for my exile. But until I get my last word to y-your f-fucking rat-ridden Clan..." He coughed, trembling with the effort. "I hope the memory of me burns a scar in you, Stagstar." @boot // stagstar // beetlepaw

— Stagstar was a bit hesitant firstly, remembering the small kit he used to see when he was younger, he oddly liked him back then, when he wasn't named flicker. But he disregarded that, this wasn't the same kit. This was a monster born from, as he believes. "So b-be it." He stuttered, his neck wound becoming more and more of a problem as the battle progressed, "If you want to die... I'll deliver." He struck into Flickerheart, instantly pushing him into the ground with small forepaws.

Flickerheart almost chuckled at his words, and fell back hard as he was pushed to the ground. His blood stained the earth as he collapsed, he widened his eyes, his blood burning them, but nonetheless, kept his gaze with the leader. He spread his jaws wide and flung his head forward, his blow meaning to land at his neck but instead closing around his shoulder. He wheezed and clenched his jaws together, tasting blood rush into his mouth. Another wave of adrenaline- his last scraps of energy building up in him to aid him in this last fight against his last enemy. He swung his paws up and whacked one against his head, growling monsterously as he kept his jaws on his shoulder, rolling his head back and forth to create a bigger wound. @boot // stagstar // beetlepaw

— Stagstar let out an extremely loud and deafening yowl as he tore himself away, the pain in his neck now unbearable as he staggered back, just as tired as Flickerheart now, his breath thinning and his gaze blurring, this might've been it for him, so he figured he'd go out with a bang. He launched himself at the warrior as hard as he could, which wasn't a lot for a dying leader, he suddenly froze, hearing the other voice, and a foreign smell, and let Flicker alone.

Flickerheart stared straight ahead, prepared for death to hit him as Stagstar flung himself forward. So fucking be it. He kept his eyes wide open, ready for the killing blow, but was stopped sharply by the loud cry in the camp. Flickerheart turned his gaze toward where the voice sounded- but everything in his ears was overwhelmed by pounding, rushing of blood. He stumbled forward, his paw almost slipping in a pool of his own blood. </font>