I still haven't figured myself out yet...

-Eaglepaw to Leopardpaw

Eaglestorm is a chocolate tabby tom with a white face and chest. He is currently a Warrior in SkyClan, his former mentor being Drizzlestar, who he admires greatly. He is very close with his two other siblings, Olivepaw and Owlpaw, and notably the kindest of the three, along with being the only son of the litter.


Heritage: Pixie-bob(father) x American Shorthair(mother)

Description: Eaglestorm is a chocolate tabby tom. His tail is at half-length and he has decently thick fur. His face and chest are white, and he has a white underbelly and socks as well. His face and torso are covered in a multitude of scars from being attacked by an eagle, his left ear is completely shredded-up, and he is now blind in both eyes- they glow a ghastly yellowy-white.


    = Base (#523724)
    = Markings (#331E0F)
    = Other Markings (#E8DCD4)
    = Eyes (#D2C653)
    = Inner Ears (#8E5E4E)
    = Nose (#481C0A)
    = Tongue (#8E5E4E)
    = Pawpads (#481C0A)

Voice: He has a higher-pitched voice that is slightly nasally, but not to an incredibly noticeable degree. He tends to stutter and slur words together when anxious.

Scent: Eaglestorm smells like fresh flowers, he often sneaks into the Medicine Cat's den to rub flowers into his fur.



  •  +  Compassionate - Eaglestorm is very caring and compassionate, always worried about others.
  •  +  Optimistic - Eaglestorm always tries to see the brighter side of things.
  •  ±  Naive - When it comes to the bad aspects of the world, Eaglestorm is very naive towards them.
  •  ±  Weary - Eaglestorm is very jumpy and hesitant to rush into things, which can be both a good and bad thing.
  •    Awkward - Eaglestorm is very awkward, especially around others. He struggles to communicate efficiently and confidently.
  •    Doormat - Eaglestorm is quite the doormat, and struggles to say no to others and stand up for himself. He is also very weak-willed in general.

Other traits: Envious, independent, moody, cry-baby.


  • Flowers
  • His few friends
  • Animals


  • Blacknut and the standards he wants Eaglestorm to live up to
  • His parents
  • The political party drama


  • Drizzlestar vs Hazelbranch Rift
    • Eaglestorm wants to figure out what caused the rift between his sister, Hazelbranch, and his idol, Drizzlestar, who used to be close friends.
  • To earn the respect from his clanmates that he rightfully deserves
    • Eaglestorm will go to extremes to earn respect and admiration from his clanmates.
  • To travel the forest one day
  • To learn about the many creatures that share the forest with him


  • Practically everything.



Clan: SkyClan
Cats Involved: Quailflight, Barkpelt, Olivekit, Owlkit, Hazelbranch, Drizzlefoot
Age Range: 0-6 moons

  • Olivekit, Owlkit, and Eaglekit are born to Barkpelt and her mate Quailflight in the SkyClan nursery.
  • Olivekit and Owlkit begin to pick on Eaglekit slightly, to "toughen him up". Although they do so with good intentions, Eaglekit grows stressed.
  • Hazelbranch and Drizzlefoot begin to kit-sit the trio for Quailflight and Barkpelt. After Drizzlefoot stands up for Eaglekit against his sisters, Eaglekit begins to develop a strong admiration for the tom.
  • Hazelbranch and Drizzlefoot, who are usually inseparable, have a mysterious falling out, and Drizzlefoot no longer helps kit-sit Eaglekit, much to his disappointment.


Clan: SkyClan
Cats Involved: Olivepaw, Owlpaw, Rockystar, Hazelbranch, Drizzlestar, Jackalcry
Age Range: 6-15 moons

  • Olivepaw, Owlpaw, and Eaglepaw are granted apprenticeship by Rockystar at 6 moons of age. Eaglepaw is assigned Drizzlefoot as his mentor.
  • Jackalcry is killed on patrol after getting in a skirmish with a ShadowClan patrol. Eaglepaw is present at his death in the medicine den, where he dies due to blood loss. Only himself, Olivepaw, Owlpaw, and Hazelbranch are in the den at the time of his death.
  • Eaglepaw and Leopardpaw explore the territory, a tree soon falling on top of Leopardpaw. He is traumatized and upset from this event- needing consultation from Hazelbranch.
  • Eaglepaw is envious of Olivepaw after seeing she killed an eagle. He grows angry over this, feeling like he can never live up to his family's name.
  • Eaglepaw begins to distance himself from his old friends, especially Leopardpaw.
  • Blacknut, Olivepaw, and himself go to the SKC-RC border to hunt, only to find Smokeyspot's gored body. Eaglepaw has a panic attack and races back to his camp to alert the others.
  • Blacknut drives out Drizzlestar and proclaims himself as leader- Eaglepaw is saddened and furious. He refuses to talk to anyone and sulks around camp in silence.
  • Tinybug is killed by an eagle.
  • Olivepaw convinces Eaglepaw to join her on an "eagle hunt" to avenge Tinybug and to pass their assessments. Olivepaw is able to kill the eagle- but Eaglepaw is left scarred, and is now blind.
    • Eaglepaw now believes he serves no purpose in the clan.
  • Drizzlestar returns and battles Blacknut to the death, Eaglepaw doesn't leave his side for about two days.

Warriorhood ===
Clan: SkyClan
Cats Involved: Owlstar, Drizzlestar
Age Range: 15- moons

  • Eaglepaw receives the warrior name, Eaglestorm.
    • Owlstar mentions how she and Drizzlestar 'talked' during her ceremony- Drizzlestar saying that he loves an misses his apprentice. Eaglestorm believes his name was inspired by Drizzlestar, both being rain-related names.
  • Since he is completely blind in both eyes- Eaglestorm feels that he is useless. He isn't able to do anything without help from another cat, which is embarrassing in his eyes as well.
  • Eaglestorm meets a Kittypet tom named Cooper, the two become friends right off the bat.
  • In an attempt to be viewed as a hero to his clan- Eaglestorm attempts to go to a Twoleg construction site to chase the Twolegs away. Instead, he is captured and taken away to a shelter.



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"I don't know what's up with her."
He sat there, thinking to himself
Drizzlestar/Leader and mentor/Father-figure/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁
"x "
Spiderstep/Senior Warrior/Uncle/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁
Blacknut/Senior Warrior/Uncle/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁
"I don't like you. You and your stupid expectations, face it- I'll never be like you."
He hissed in disgust, a pang of hatred mixed in too.
"He's cool, one of my many newly-discovered family members! Wow, the Family Tree keeps growing by the minute!"
He smiled, giggling.



  • Eaglestorm sleeptalks and sleepwalks.
  • Due to being raised practically motherless and fatherless (mother died early on, dad too busy) he often feels like he's forgotten about.
  • Eaglestorm is torn on being a Traditionalist (siding with his sister), being a Reformer (siding with his mentor/idol).The drama surrounding the two parties leaves him confused and upset.
  • Eaglestorm feels like he has let Jackalcry down by telling the secret to Drizzlestar, he fears the traditionalist extremists apart of the plan will attack him.


You two aren't blind. How would you help me.

-Eaglepaw to Leopardpaw