Courage, dear heart.

C.S Lewis

Duskfall is currently a warrior of Shadowclan. She is a pale lynx-point Siamese moggy with stygian blue eyes. Described as aloof and austere by her comrades, she is one of few words. Few abscond her stark glare without hastily tucking their tails between their hind legs.


Heritage: Siamese(pelt) x Unknown

Anatomy: An effigy of poise and elegance, Duskfall possesses the physique of a dancer. Her svelte build is fashioned upon limber legs that augment to beguiling extents, allowing her to execute swift and nimble movements. Her hind legs are of superior design, corded and adorned with muscle in sinewy layers, adapted for tenacious chase. Dense padding obscures her arced claws, an imperative feature for sauntering through jagged terrain.

Mien: Painted with pallid hues, Duskfall's pelage is an ivory-spun composition of silken texture. Pale hues embellish her pelt, similar to the flames of a white fire in the faintest whisper of the wind. Hues of silver and faint chocolate brown blemish her pelt, coursing through her spine and legs. On her face is a mask of ashen brown. Hues of blue, blemished by specks of silver domicile her iris in an enthralling display of valor and starkness; a daunting gaze to decry. Her face is marred by a large scar, evidence of a fierce skirmish.


    = Base (#f1f1f1)
    = Markings (#9e978f)
    = Eyes (#9cb0ca)
    = Inner Ears (#f3edf4)
    = Nose (#f6eff4)
    = Tongue (#f9e4ed)
    = Pawpads (#fbf1f5)

Voice: Duskfall strikes as one with an articulate voice. It is one composed of silken melody, gently cadenced with a hushed, yet somewhat husky tone.

Scent: The warm, sweet aroma of spring emits from this feline's hide, gently obscured by the notes of the pure, dewy perfume of a brisk early morning.

Gait: Graced with a slender physique, Duskfall rests on sylphlike limbs. Her limber legs grant her the ability to execute a swift yet nimble gait.



  •  +  Dutiful- Bearing an unyielding passion for her clan, Duskfall often works herself to the bone in order to uphold her clan's honor and tradition. However, Duskfall bears an inferiority complex, forcing her to work harder in order to gain the approval of others, especially from her liege.
  •  +  Passionate- Description of trait
  •  +  Cordial- Although she hates to admit it, Duskfall is softhearted. Duskfall bitterly refutes any compliments calling her kind with flustered and jumbled words. Under her cold facade hides a disposition that flourishes with sympathy, kindled with her cordiality. However, she goes to great lengths in order to disguise her compassion in fear of being seen as weak by others.
  •  ±  Loyal- Duskfall is ferociously loyal to her clan. However, her loyalty makes her distrust others strongly and leads her to find others as suspicious. Her undying loyalty and will often makes her the last one to give up in any situation. If severely injured in battle, Duskfall will continue to fight no matter how grave her wounds are. She bears an unnerving obsession for vengeance.
  •  ±  Aloof-
  •  ±  Competitive- Due to her inferiority complex, Duskfall possesses a rather competitive edge. She often feels the need to compare herself to others and prove her value and strength by surpassing her comrade's abilities.
  •    Contrary- Described as aloof and bitter by her comrades, Duskfall often distances herself from her clanmates. Proving herself to be quite fierce, her tongue will often belt out words of spite at those she finds foolish or suspicious.
  •    Timorous- Duskfall was often deemed as weak by her kin. She was proclaimed to be too frail to protect anything she loved or cherished. This fear always accompanied Duskfall throughout her life, haunting her to this day. Uncertain of her abilities and strength, Duskfall is notoriously insecure about herself. She simply despises anyone who proves to have more skill than her.
  •    Envious- Surrounded by a cool aura, Duskfall often tries to maintain a calm attitude, leading to others perceiving her as coolheaded. However, while she hides under her "mask", she often calls herself a weak, anxious fool who cares too much about what others say within, leading her to harbor feelings of envy and intense hatred towards her clanmates. 


  • Honey
    • "The smell of honey often reminds me of my mother. The taste and color of honey also makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It makes me feel like a kit again.'
  • Flora
    • "Any sort of flower or plant makes me happy. Always so bright and colorful... Although some of them don't smell as good as others say. I'd always pick flowers with my brother Privet. I always wanted to be a medicine cat due to my fondness for er, helping others and herbs. It's just a failed dream now, I guess.'


  • The dark
    • "I just don't like it. Nuff said."
  • Prey with scales
    • "It's just nasty stuff."

Goals & Dreams

✓- Goal/dream achieved

✕- Goal/dream failed

  • Gain approval from others
    • "I want to be accepted and praised for who I am-- something that didn't happen to me as a kit. It's not a very ambitious goal and it seems a bit childish, but it's something I desired and yearned for all my life."
  • Settle down and have her own family ✓
    • "I promised Snakespots that I'd raise her children well. Even if we aren't blood-related, I'll always cherish her kits and love them as if they were my own."
  • Become a medicine cat
    • "I've always envied healers. Ever since I was a kit, I wanted to be like the medicine cats my mother always told me about. They've always held great importance and esteem in the clans. The gravity and vital denotation to their clan's prosperity is always a burden on their shoulders, but I like to feel important. I'm a pretty pathetic excuse for a warrior, anyways."


  • Failure
    • "My father always looked at me with a face of disappointment whenever I failed him. I never understood what I did wrong. Whatever. My old man can eat some ass and shut up."
  • Flaws & Weaknesses
    • "I hate being seen as weak! It makes others think I'm some sort of feline that can't take care of herself. Being compared to others is the worst... it's like you're worth nothing. I wish I could be perfect, but everyone just sputters out the 'no one is perfect bullshit' all the time, yet they pick at you for every single flaw you have."
  • Being/Becoming Weak
    • "If I wasn't a strong warrior on the battlefield, I would be worthless to the clan. No one cares about the weak."
  • Death
    • "I'm not afraid of my death. I'm afraid for others. I'm scared that I'll be too weak to protect the ones I love..."



Clan: Loner
Cats Involved: Umbercreek, Valentine, Privet, Pippin
Age Range: 0-6 moons

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Clan: Loner, Unknown group
Cats Involved: Umbercreek, Valentine, Privet, Pippin
Age Range: 6-12 moons


Clan: Unknown group, Loner, Shadowclan
Cats Involved: N/A
Age Range: 12-present moons

  • Point 1
  • Point 2

Loner Life/Rogue Life/Kittypet Life

Clan: N/A
Cats Involved: N/A
Age Range: ??-?? moons

  • Point 1
  • Point 2



Unknown kits

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


= Acquaintance | ⦁⦁ = Friend | ⦁⦁⦁ = Best friend

= Blood relative | ⦁⦁ = Like family | ⦁⦁⦁ = Inseparable

= Respects as equal | ⦁⦁ = Looks up to | ⦁⦁⦁ = Idolizes

= Crush | ⦁⦁ = Fling/Potential mate | ⦁⦁⦁ = Mate

= Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

= Competitor | ⦁⦁ = Rival | ⦁⦁⦁ = Archnemesis

= Annoyed by | ⦁⦁ = Dislikes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Hates

This clan doesn't seem to rouse any interest or reaction in Duskfall.

This clan doesn't seem to rouse any interest or reaction in Duskfall.

"I don't have a lot of friends."

Snakespots/Warrior/Best Friend/⦁⦁⦁/100%
"I miss her..."
Grief washes over Duskfall as she looks down at the floor.
"I've talked to Ashenbrook a few times. Hmm... I have to admit that I do admire her boldness and bravery, however, I must say that it does go out of hand sometimes.
Duskfall seems to be spacing off a bit.
"Been on a few patrols with him. He seems like a respectable warrior.
Duskfall is loafing around...
"Same thing with Crowstep. Can't say a lot about him.
Duskfall shrugs.
Nightmoth/Medicine Cat/Acquaintance//75%
"He's a nice tom.
Duskfall is spacing out again. Her gaze is following a butterfly.
Waspkit/Apprentice/Adopted Daughter/⦁⦁ ⦁⦁⦁/100%
Rattlekit/Apprentice/Adopted Daughter/⦁⦁ ⦁⦁⦁/100%
Antkit/Apprentice/Adopted Daughter/⦁⦁ ⦁⦁⦁/100%
Lizardkit/Apprentice/Adopted Daughter/⦁⦁ ⦁⦁⦁/100%

This clan doesn't seem to rouse any interest or reaction in Duskfall.

This clan doesn't seem to rouse any interest or reaction in Duskfall.

Duskfall is clearly nervous around her father. Although she hates him with a burning passion, something about him strikes fear in her.
"I loved my mother so much. She always showered me with the affection that I never got from my father. I never knew what happened to her ever since father took me away... I miss her."
There seems to be a face of joy on Duskfall's face upon her the mentioning of her mother's name. It seems to stir something within her heart.
Privet/Unknown/Older brother/⦁⦁⦁/100%
"Privet was my older brother. He was the best brother you could ever ask for!"
Duskfall's face lights up with joy upon the mentioning of her brother's name. There seems to be a playful glint in her eyes too...
Pippin/Unknown/Older brother//100%
"Pippin was eldest out of all of us. He was very kind to me, considering that I was a little scoundrel... He'd always defend me from father's bitter scoldings, and always protected me from getting a nice smack on the face. I wish he was here with me."
Duskfall's face lights up with joy upon the mentioning of her brother's name. There seems to be a hint of melancholy in her eyes.


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What? W-what do you mean? I wasn't being... n-nice. I was just doing my job. I take it upon myself to make sure that everyone is safe. Nothing related to kindness....

A flustered Duskfall