Crowpaw is a snarky and sarcastic apprentice of Skyclan, just recovering form a low period of his life from a sudden depression, he is underweight, yet his will is stronger than ever. He never running out of snarky remarks, and is just trying to enjoy and make it up for all of the things he missed.


Heritage: (In order of most percentage) Turkish Van x Shorthair Oriental x American Curl x Siberian cat x other various breeds

Description: Crowpaw is a sharp handsome tom with a dark gray pelt and almost black markings. Crowpaw's orbs are a unique almost amethyst like purple color. The tom is large in bone structure, but still light from his period of in-activeness and malnutrition due to depression and un-motivation. He has white paws, and a white tipped tail.


    = Underbelly (#E0E0E0)
    = Base
    = Markings (Optional Secondary Color) (#181819)
    = Eyes (#55469B)
    = Inner Ears (#E0E0E0)
    = Nose (#181819)
    = Tongue (#C36861)
    = Pawpads (#181819)

Voice: Something, I swear, just imagine some teenager voice i don't know

Scent: mix of moist moss and the after rain smell.

Gait: Confident, yet modest, always has the "Try me bitch" face.



  •  +  Intelligent - Crowpaw, is intelligent, but sometimes he just too hot headed to actually think. If he actually thinks for once, he would probably not enter that random period of depression.
  •  +  Strong sense of Justice - Crowpaw's sense of Justice had stuck with him ever since kithood, but now in the form of snarky remarks and bumping heads with whoever he believes is unjust.
  •  Β±  Selfless - Selflessness was something that Crowpaw keeps in his life, he thinks of his family and clan first before anything and even himself. Though, this often causes the issue of thinking of himself as useless and worthless, which doesn't come up much in Kithood and Apprenticehood.
  •  Β±  Stubborn - This goes with his sense of Justice trait, he barely, almost never changes his mind on something that he sets foot on. Sometimes this gets him into trouble, though.
  •  βˆ’  Dense - Though Crowpaw is smart and all, he is somewhat dense to love and affection outside of his family, he doesn't really understand it fully, and hasn't had any expose to it, causing some cats to have hard feelings, Crowpaw knows this, but he doesn't know how that he is giving them hard feelings.
  •  βˆ’  Stupidly Brave - Crowpaw can be; exactly what the trait says, Stupidly brave. This comes back up later in life, often causing Crowpaw to be called rash. he often let his feelings overcloud logic, despite having great intelligent.


  • Company
  • Clear starry nights
  • Fresh air after rain
  • collecting Twoleg items(often clothing)


  • Extremely sunny weather
  • cats going back on their words


  • Become an apprentice
    • Warriorhood
    • live a peaceful life if he can, hopefully don't die
  • Take care of his family


  • Not being able to find love
  • Responsiblities



Clan: Skyclan
Cats Involved:Β Pebbledawn, Heatherkit
Age Range:Β 0-6

  • Crowkit and Heatherkit were kits of Rabbitfoot and Cottonpuff. (?)
  • Cottonpuff died from birth, while Rabbitfoot died of unknown reasons. He and his sister was given to Pebbledawn as adoptive kits. (?)


Clan: Skyclan
Cats Involved:Β bunch of cats
Age Range:Β 6-now

  • Smokes leaves and Crowpaw starts to slack off, unwilling to do anything.
  • Sudden recover from depression(?), returns to activities.




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    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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⦁ = Crush | ⦁⦁ = Fling/Potential mate | ⦁⦁⦁ = Mate

⦁ = Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

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"Blep, even if he is a leader from what I hear, but he is just plain rude, barbed dick or not.

Crowkit hasn't met any cats from Windclan yet.

Crowkit hasn't met any cats from Shadowclan yet.

Crowkit hasn't met any cats from Riverclan yet.

"Shes- fine, I love her."
Crowkit remains close, but not as close as before, prefers not to talk to her.
Pebbledawn/Warrior/Adoptive Mother/⦁⦁⦁⦁/85%
"Pebbledawn is really nice, at least she still talks to me."
Crowpaw laughs softly.
"I guess he went missing... Didn't know much about him though..."
Crowpaw shrugged.

Smokestorm/Former Warrior/Adoptive Father/⦁⦁⦁⦁/80%
"I wish- I wish he could have stayed. I wished that this isn't so stupid. I wished that in some other reality"
Crowpaw smiles sadly, turning away.


  • Crowkit's warrior name will be Crowdusk
  • His parents were never in the Roleplay, simply made up names, his black appearance came from Rabbitfoot.


❝ "You can't hold grudges forever Heather! The one day that you forget is the one day you will forgive Smoke, and we will be a happy family! ❞

β€” Crowkit

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