Say that to my face, you asshole.

— Blackbird

Blackbird is a lazy, tall jet-black she-cat and a warrior of ShadowClan.


Heritage: Maine coon x American shorthair

Description: Blackbird is a tall, jet-black she-cat with emerald eyes, and long, silky fur.


    = Base (#FFFFFF)
    = Markings 1 (Secondary Colour) (#FFFFFF)
    = Markings 2 (Tertiary Color) (#FFFFFF)
    = Eyes (#FFFFFF)

Voice: Oktavia von seckendorff

Scent: she smells of dead leaves.

Gait: blackbird's gait is normally slow.



  •  +  Loyal - Blackbird is loyal, when she trusts you and you trust her back, she will dedicate herself to you.
  •  +  Unhesitative - Blackbird does not hesitate in her actions.
  •  ±  Sharp-tongued - Blackbird is what you'd call brutally honest, if she has something to say about you, she will say it, whether it hurts someone's emotion or not.
  •  ±  Sly - Blackbird is incredibly sly, it's likely to fall to her deception.
  •    Lazy - Blackbird is extremely lazy and won't do anything productive unless it amuses her.
  •    Evasive - Blackbird is evasive to any questions about her past/family or anything she doesn't want to talk about in general.


  • shade
    • blackbird loves the shade, it gives her a sense of comfort, she enjoys lying about in it.


  • flirting
    • she hates people who will flirt with her friends and she will silently wish to eradicate you


  • umm
    • stay tuned


  • death
    • Blackbird is terrified of the thought of death, since she doesn't wholly believe in starclan, also causing her to be one to retreat early.



Clan: WindClan, Twolegplace
Cats Involved: Fleahop, Daisy, Breezeheart
Age Range: 0-5 moons

  • Blackkit is born to a WindClan cat and a Kittypet who were meeting in secret, she is born to them and has a brother known as fleakit.
  • Under threat of exile, the two seperate, Daisy, her mother taking her to ShadowClan, and her father leaving them and going to WindClan with fleakit, Daisy then ends up abandoning Blackkit in ShadowClan and returns to kittypet life.



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    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


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She's okay.
The she-cat shrugs.
I think he enjoys seeing me triggered, I'm not jealous!
The she-cat snorts in discontempt.


  • um
  • blackbird was once an oc called scarecrow
  • she's gay


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credit to Windstorms AJCW for the art, please check her out, she's amazing!