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Badgerstripe is a big, black and white, tom who currently resides in ShadowClan as a warrior. Ideally, he likes to think of himself as assertive, witty, and gregarious.


Heritage: Norwegian Forest Cat(based on build)x Bicolour(based on coat)

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Voice: Deep, smooth, much like that of Sean Connery

Scent: a woody smell, with a hint of lavender

Gait: mostly with his head held high and his chest puffed out. long and far steps usually



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  • Alone time
    • Although Badgerstripe does enjoy company from his friends, he values his alone time. Alone time allows him to really think about things that he feels no one else would care to discuss.


  • Second chances
    • Due to his father constantly getting second chances from his mother, Badgerstripe can't help but associate the two.


  • Leave a good impression wherever he goes, especially on his clan
    • Badgerstripe hopes that-when he's gone-people won't forget him. He'll always leap at a chance to do something memorable for his clan.


  • Fear
    • Description of Fear


Kithood (Rouge)

Clan: None
Cats Involved: Father, Mother
Age Range: 0-6 moons

  • he was brought into his dad's rouge group i guess, was kinda respected but really didn't care
  • when he was close to becoming an apprentice, he found out how his dad was cheatin' on his mom

Apprenticehood (Rouge)

Clan: None
Cats Involved: Mom and Dad, Mudsnout
Age Range: 6-12 moons

  • Mudsnout, an old friend of his mom's, was appointed as his mentor. Mudsnout knew about the whole cheatin ordeal, so he stepped in to act as a father for Badger(paw)
  • Mudsnout and his mother (oh yeah, his mom knew) told badger to keep quiet about his dad's whole situation

Warriorhood (Rouge)

Clan: None
Cats Involved: Mudsnout, Mom, Dad
Age Range: 12-25 moons

  • uhhh he grew tired of his surroundings but mostly his dad, so when Mudsnout passed away, and badger's dad continued to do what he did, badger snapped and called him out.
  • at that point, badger was kicked out and he never got the chance to see his mom again yadda yadda yadda he's heartbroken, and then joins shadowclan



Unknown paternal siblings

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= Annoyed by | ⦁⦁ = Dislikes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Hates

"Not much to say, other than pointing out that loud mouth...Nightrunner, was it? That was a mess."
Badgerstripe shrugs and rolls his eyes at the mention of the tom.

"Don't know 'em."
Badgerstripe looks bored, he clearly wants to talk about someone he knows.

Nightmoth/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁/Medicine Cat/Lover/83%
"Nightmoth? He deserves more credit for the things he does. Really, he's incredible."
Badgerstripe can't help but feel his heart flutter when he talks about the tom.
"Ashenbrook is quite alright, actually. She was the first cat to show me around."
Badgerstripe gives a small grin when he mentions the she-cat, before saying something inaudible to himself.
"I've never really met the feline, but she's definitely a respectable leader from what I've heard."
Badgerstripe smiles and shrugs before looking around aimlessly. He wants to get to know her better.
"She's a sweet soul. Something—or someone—hurt her, but nevertheless, I like being around Silverwolf."
Badgerstripe gives a sympathetic smile.

"I've never met them. Maybe they're okay.."
Badgerstripe shrugs.

"They're ignorant asshats. Enough said."
Badgerstripe looks annoyed and frustrated at the mention of SkyClan.

"That fucker? Ha! He can become crowfood for all I care."
Badgerstripe narrows his eyes and hisses a few more insults when talking about the older tom.
"I loved my mom. She always made a point in sticking up for me. Although I wished she would've stood up for herself against Hawkthroat."
A warm smile appears on Badgerstripe's face. As he remembers fond memories with her, his tense shoulders relax and he laughs to himself before focusing on the conversation again.
"Mud was the best! The old man stepped in as a father figure for me. I could go on about him for days! Too bad he passed away. I'll always miss him."
Clearly excited, Badgerstripe recites all the great jokes and memories the two shared. When he mentions the death of Mudsnout, his expression is replaced by a bittersweet smile.


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