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Aspenlake to Redfawn

Aspenpaw is a small light brown tom with dark tabby stripes. He has long whiskers and a bright pink nose. His eyes are a brilliant emerald green. Aspenpaw is currently a quiet apprentice of ShadowClan


Heritage: Domestic Shorthair/Tabby

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Voice: Aspenpaw has a soft voice. When he talks it's not quite high pitched, but it is a little higher than a full grown tom's.

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Gait: Aspenpaw walks calmly one paw step at a time.



  •  +  Loyal - Aspenpaw is a very loyal cat. He tries to put his clan first. He likes to help out.
  •  +  Intelligent - Aspenpaw is a very smart little cat. He doesn't always like to show it.
  •  ±  Calm - Aspenpaw, unlike most Shadowclan cats, is normally calm and quiet. He can often appear as being shy.
  •  ±  Alert - Like most apprentices, Aspenpaw is alert and curious. He doesn't like being unaware of things.
  •    Softspoken - Aspenpaw is very quiet. Sometimes he can be too quiet.
  •    Tense - Though Aspenpaw is quiet he can get pretty tense. Sometimes he just can't help it. Maybe it's the bit of Shadowclan blood in him.


  • Frogs
    • It's the toads you gotta look out for.


  • Swimming
    • My paws might be a bit soggy as a Shadowclan cat, but I'm not a fish.


  • Become a warrior
    • Aspenpaw dreams of becoming a warrior and finally feeling useful to his clan.


  • Death
    • Death itself seems terrible, but what if a cat dies when Starclan isn't around?



Clan: Shadowclan
Cats Involved: Unknown
Age Range: 0-6 moons

  • Point 1
  • Point 2


Clan: Shadowclan
Cats Involved: Snakespots, Redpaw, Taipanpaw, Dewpaw, Ebonypaw
Age Range: 6-12 moons

  • Aspenpaw talks to Redpaw for the first time and enjoys it
  • Aspenpaw witnesses the fight between Redpaw and Ebonypaw
  • Aspenpaw plays with Taipankit and becomes friends with him
  • Redpaw and Taipanpaw fight over Aspenpaw
  • Taipanpaw confesses his love for Aspenpaw, but Aspen doesn't feel the same
  • Aspenpaw confesses his love for Redpaw


Clan: ShadowClan
Cats Involved: Redfawn
Age Range: 12-?? moons

  • Aspenpaw is given the name Aspenlake
  • Aspenlake becomes mates with Redfawn
  • Redfawn tells Aspenlake she needs time to think
  • Aspenlake and Redfawn stop being mates

Senior Warriorhood

Clan: ExampleClan
Cats Involved: N/A
Age Range: ??-?? moons

  • Point 1
  • Point 2

Elder Life

Clan: ExampleClan
Cats Involved: N/A
Age Range: ??-?? moons

  • Point 1
  • Point 2



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Aspenpaw has not met any Thunderclan cats.

Aspenpaw has not met any Windclan cats.

"I'm glad that we can be friends again."
(Aspenlake gives a light smile)
"She's a great mentor and I like training with her."
(Aspenpaw seems excited) I can't wait for the day Snakespots thinks I'm ready to be a warrior. I'll do my best to impress her.
"He's a great cat I just hope we can be friends forever."
(Aspenlake smiles)
"I thought she was a nice cat, but now things seem...different."
(Aspenlake glances away)

Aspenpaw has not met any Riverclan cats.

Aspenpaw has not met any Skyclan cats.

Aspenpaw has not met any outsiders.


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You'll be a great warrior someday.

Aspenpaw to Taipankit

Redfawn will you be my mate?

Aspenlake to Redfawn

I hope you find what you're looking for.

Aspenlake to Redfawn