"You're speaking irrationally." She mumbled coldly. "Just because you had bad experiences with WindClan, doesn't mean you get a free pass to act like an idiot." She seethed through the last word. Idiot. She didn't believe either of the brothers were idiots- but StarClan knew they acted like it sometimes.

Ashenbrook addressing Nightmoth after the ThunderClan raid.

Ashenbrook is a lithe, feisty she-cat who currently inhabits ShadowClan as a warrior. She has a solid white pelt with asymmetrical black spots, and a pair of deep blue eyes. The scar on her chest hints to her previous, battle-driven past.


Heritage: Bicolor (based on fur)x Siberian(based on build)

Description: Ashenbrook is an attractive she-cat with a mottled pelt of white and black. Her fur is short and glossy, typical for her breed. Most of her frame is coated with snowy white fur, but she has odd asymmetrical black patterns on her face. Her tail and ears are jet black. Her eyes are also a cold shade of dark blue.

Build: Ashenbrook is fairly average. Since both of her parents were siberian cats, she has the usual traits for the breed: elegant neck, svelte body, almond-shaped eyes and small paws. She also has a wedge-shaped head, and she's fairly muscular, even though siberian cats are typically fine-boned.


    = Base coat (#F0EAEA)
    = Markings (#0B0B0B)
    = Ears, Tongue, Pawpads (#8A726A)
    = Eyes (#0E1746)
    = Sclera (#FFFFFF)
    = Nose (#2D2D2D)
    = Scar (#897169)

Voice: Ashenbrook has a smooth, elegant voice. She usually speaks slowly, and in a low tone, and she usually drags out the syllables at the end of her sentences for dramatic affect. Her tone makes it easy for her to coerce and soothe other cats.

Scent: Ashenbrook smells of freshwater ponds and rain.


  • Finely-chiseled muzzle
  • Long, svelte body
  • Small, oval shaped paws
  • Almond shaped eyes
  • Uniform sapphire eyes
  • Fine, glossy pelt


  • Strength: 7/10
  • Stamina: 5/10
  • Speed: 4/10
  • Agility: 6/10
  • Wit: 8/10
  • Overall Rating: 30/50



  •  +  Individualistic - Ashenbrook values her sense of independence. The she-cat usually prefers to work alone while carrying out everyday tasks, and she may be quick to decline help, even if she needs it.
  •  +  Dedicated - Ashenbrook is very dedicated to ShadowClan. She's eager to help if she feels she can benefit the clan, and her loyalty will never falter. Ashenbrook will always look for opportunities to keep her clan strong and healthy.
  •  ±  Cold - Ashenbrook is usually quite dismissive of other cat's concerns or feelings. Her lack of consideration for these things usually makes her seem cold in nature, although she behaves in this way so she can focus on herself over others.
  •  ±  Firm - Ashenbrook is usually unwavering in her actions and opinions. Once she's dedicated to something, she'll refuse to step down from her standpoint, and on extreme occasions, even refuse to acknowledge other opposing opinions.
  •    Abrasive - Ashenbrook is typically harsh in nature. Her quick wit in hand with her arrogance will make her appear abrasive to others, and insensitive towards the cats around her.
  •    Malicious - Ashenbrook can occasionally behave maliciously. If she's prompted to, she will become intent on the purpose of doing harm to others- usually in battle circumstances.


  • Hunting
    • Ashenbrook loves the rush of the hunt. If she can provide for her clan doing something she loves- what's stopping her from hunting all the time?
  • Battling
    • Similar to hunting, Ashenbrook loves the adrenaline rush of conflict. Although it makes her nervous beforehand, once she's fighting, she's confident with her skills, and dedicated to winning.
  • Temperate, chilly conditions
    • Since she hates painfully hot weather, Ashenbrook naturally adores cooler temperatures.
  • Nightfall, shadows
    • Night is Ashenbrook's favorite time of day.


  • Lizards
    • Lizards! Yuck! Who would want to bite into scales?
  • Swimming
    • She was never too fond of swimming, for whatever reason.
  • Excessive heat
    • Ashenbrook hates excess heat. Her long pelt makes it dreadfully uncomfortable for her.
  • Gatherings
    • Ever since she heard about happened at the last gathering, she dreads the arrival of the next.


✓- Goal/dream achieved

✕- Goal/dream failed

  • To make friends in ShadowClan ✓
    • When Ashenbrook first joined ShadowClan, she only wanted to fit in. She's happy that she now has quite a few wonderful friends within the clan.
  • To develop an understanding of the other clans ✓
    • Ashenbrook wanted to learn about the surrounding clans when she first joined ShadowClan. She feels that she's accomplished this now.
  • To have an opportunity to defend her clan ✓
    • Ashenbrook wanted to prove her loyalty to ShadowClan and Coalstar. She accomplished this by fighting fearlessly against SkyClan for the twoleg tree... although she still wishes she were the cat who battled Blacknut.
  • To train her apprentice to succession
    • Ashenbrook hopes that she can be the cat responsible for making Wolfpaw a successful warrior.
  • To be recognized by Coalstar
    • Although she doesn't always agree with her leader's decisions, Ashenbrook would love to be recognized for her efforts to serve ShadowClan.


  • Succumbing to her power-hungry desires again
    • Ashenbrook's worst nightmare is ruining her life in ShadowClan. She never wants to be in power again.
  • Failing to serve her clan
    • She feels that if she failed to defend her clan, she'd be deemed useless. Ashenbrook is terrified of failure- that's why she'll never stand down in conflict, even if it risks her life.
  • Being stuck in a dangerous situation outside ShadowClan territory
    • Ashenbrook is most accustomed to ShadowClan territory. She'd be overwhelmed if she had to fight outside of her home.
  • Failing her apprentice
    • Ashenbrook fears the day that she can't train Wolfpaw successfully, and that he fails to graduate.



Clan: The Tribe of Intertwined Roots
Cats Involved: Gabriel, Melangepatch
Age Range: 0-5 moons

  • Ashenkit was born in The Tribe of Intertwined Roots to two previously domesticated parents, Gabriel and Melangepatch. Her mother, Melangepatch, was a previous kittypet, who had left her home to be with Gabriel and their expecting kits.
  • Ashenkit learned the ways of the warrior under her mother, who often taught her early talents, regardless of her age.
  • Ashenkit's tribe operated the way a clan regularly would.


Clan: The Tribe of Intertwined Roots
Cats Involved: Gabriel, Melangepatch, Dunetuft
Age Range: 6-10 moons

  • Ashenpaw began to train under Dunetuft, who was a close friend of Gabriel. She became accustomed to fighting, eager to become a warrior.

Warriorhood to Exile

Clans: The Tribe of Intertwined Roots
Cats Involved: Gabriel, Melangepatch, Dunetuft
Age Range: 10-19 moons

  • Once Ashenbrook became a warrior, she became rather impulsive and jealous. Watching her leader from afar, she envied the position she held, and developed a strong desire to take her position- forcefully.
  • Ashenbrook developed a plan to get herself into power. Although another deputy was assigned, Ashenbrook began to earn the trust of her leader by putting up a facade of false loyalty- which paid off. Her leader began to trust her with everything, even giving tasks to Ashenbrook instead of the deputy.
  • Once Ashenbrook had her leader's unwavering trust, her plan set into motion. She killed the deputy by sending them off a mountain slope, which prompted her leader to give Ashenbrook her position. But even this promotion wasn't enough for her greed. Ashenbrook still longed for more- she wanted complete control over the tribe, and she wasn't afraid to act on ambition to achieve it.
  • Ashenbrook crashed once her greed peaked. Her attempt to murder her leader in cold blood failed, and she was left injured. Her leader immediately exiled her, and she was tossed out of the clan to be left alone. Ashenbrook remained a rouge for some moons.

Return to Warriorhood

Clan: Rogue, ShadowClan
Cats Involved: ShadowClan
Age Range: 20 moons-death

  • Ashenbrook festered over her failure during the time she was a rogue. Reflecting on her actions, she decided that she never wanted to let greed overwhelm her again- and she was now desperate for a fresh start. With newfound determination, Ashenbrook went on a hunt for a new home.
  • Ashenbrook eventually stumbled upon the Highrisers, where she joined ShadowClan as a warrior. Now, her only intention is to prove her worth and prevent herself from blindly seeking power once more.


= Acquaintance | ⦁⦁ = Friend | ⦁⦁⦁ = Best friend

= Blood relative | ⦁⦁ = Like family | ⦁⦁⦁ = Inseparable

= Respects as equal | ⦁⦁ = Looks up to | ⦁⦁⦁ = Idolizes

= Crush | ⦁⦁ = Fling/potential mate | ⦁⦁⦁ = Mate

= Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

= Competitor | ⦁⦁ = Rival | ⦁⦁⦁ = Archnemesis

= Annoyed by | ⦁⦁ = Dislikes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Hates

Ashenbrook shrugs at the mention of the clan. "Don't know em'."

Ashenbrook hasn't interacted with anyone in ThunderClan, and she doesn't want to.

Ashenbrook gaze reflects her hostile opinion towards the clan. "Don't like WindClan. They're a bunch of scatter-brained cowards. Not... all of them are the same, though."


"I've only just met the tom, but he infuriates me. So aggressive and hostile- if Flickerheart had given me the command, I would've willingly jumped over the ShadowClan border and torn his pelt off his scrawny body!"

Ashenbrook emits a snarl.


"Stagstar- what is there to say about him? Although he's rightfully jumpy around me- he completely ignored me when leaving my camp. I don't like his attitude... although it gives opportunity for a good future challenge."

Ashenbrook shrugs.


"Tinylark is the stereotypical WindClan cat: overbearing, annoying, and always provoking conflict. He runs his mouth too much- one of these days, it'll get him in trouble. Mark my words."

Ashenbrook rolls her eyes.


"Tortoisepaw was a pain in the ass! One minute he was begging for me to listen to him in my territory, yet when he's around his clan, he can act like king of the moors! If I ever see that runt again, he won't escape my claws."

Ashenbrook rubs her jaw with a paw. The apprentice was frustrating.


"I won't say I dislike Gorgeleap- because it wouldn't be true. I simply don't have an opinion on her. Although she's from the enemy clan- she seemed alright."

Ashenbrook's mouth tilts upwards skeptically.

"ShadowClan... we're easily the strongest cats in the territories. Some may call us conceited or aggressive, but we're simply prideful in ourselves and the victories we've achieved. Ashenbrook looks prideful as she continues with a cocky grin. I couldn't be happier in the clan."

Blackbird/⦁⦁/Warrior/Close Friend/70%

"I like Blackbird's attitude. She has a sharp tongue and a quick wit. Though, she can be a persistent pain in the ass sometimes."

Ashenbrook chuckles, covering her mouth with a paw.

Flickerheart/⦁⦁/Warrior/Close Friend/95%

"I enjoy the tom's company. He was one of the first cats in ShadowClan to make an effort to talk to me- I appreciate that."

Ashenbrook stifles a smile as she speaks. Once she finishes her sentence, she begins to shuffle her paws awkwardly. She almost looks... flushed?

Wolfpaw/⦁⦁/Apprentice/Close Friend/100%

"I have one of the most talented apprentices in the clan! He learns so quickly. One day he'll be an amazing warrior, I know that. Plus, it helps that we get along wonderfully."

Ashenbrook beams talking about her apprentice. She couldn't be more proud.


"I respect Coalstar as my leader, although she often makes impulsive decisions. I'll respect them as long as they don't turn around and bite ShadowClan in the ass."

Ashenbrook's expression remains solemn as she talks about her leader.


"I haven't talked to Duskfall much- but they seem alright. Respectable warrior."

Ashenbrook nods contently.


"I've only talked to Hollowflower once or twice, but she seems alright."

Ashenbrook shrugs.

Nightmoth/⦁⦁/Medicine Cat/Acquaintance/10%

"Nightmoth seems to be hellbent on annoying me at all times. He's insensitive, and that's all I have to say about him."

Ashenbrook bristles with anger.


"I like Badgerstripe. He always has an optimistic outlook on life- wish I could say the same for myself. He's also very kind to me."

Ashenbrook grins. She enjoys the tom's company.

Ashenbrook looks skeptical. "I don't know anything about RiverClan."

Ashenbrook hasn't interacted with anyone in RiverClan.

Ashenbrook snarls at the mere mention of SkyClan. "I despise the SkyClanners I've met- those flea-brains will pay for what they took from ShadowClan."


"Only met Hazelbranch once- not too fond of her, since she was being unnecessarily hostile to Mapleshade. Although Maple is an idiot- she doesn't deserve to be talked down on by some SkyClan she-cat."

Ashenbrook seems defensive talking about the situation.


"I despise the warrior and all he stands for. StarClan heard me when I said I will get revenge on him for ever crossing ShadowClan's path."

Ashenbrook flexes her claws in the dirt. She looks furious.

Ashenbrook looks to her paws. She'd rather not talk about anyone in her past life.


  • Ashenbrook now distastes the idea of being a leader- she fears that if she was given that much power, it would go to her head again.
  • Ashenbrook prefers flings over relationships, as she's afraid of commitment. Though, she wouldn't be against having a mate in the future... that is, if she ever fell for someone.


"No thanks to you." She retorted, immediately meeting the challenge. After the conflict with WindClan, Ashenbrook wasn't afraid to stand up to a fair argument. "My patrol managed to deflect WindClan warriors from our territory, while it took yours an eternity to bring back a frog!" She cackled, aimlessly pointing a paw towards the prey pile.

Ashenbrook addressing Brackenflame, prior to chapter 1.

Ashenbrook paused at the border, dumping the WindClan intruder on his side of the territory. "You better not try sneaking back in." She began, her tone cold. "Because if I see you again, you'll be going back to your clan as a carcass." The end of her sentence was a low, threatening hiss. Ashenbrook wanted nothing to do with the apprentice- or his clan.

Ashenbrook returning Tortoisepaw to the WindClan border, as revealed in chapter 1.

Ashenbrook bitterly rose as Coalstar began to take her exit. StarClan, wherever you may be.... hear me when I say this. SkyClan will rue the day they took this territory... so long as I have blood in my heart and air in my lungs. They will pay. She cursed to herself, before glancing at Wolfpaw. "As do I, Wolfpaw. Don't fret... we'll get back at them with the fury of a thousand cats." She said furiously, before padding after her leader.

Ashenbrook departing the twoleg tree, after it was lost to SkyClan in chapter 1.

Ashenbrook immediately cracked. "Coalstar!" She barked impulsively. Lowering her voice, she continued. "Why are you throwing us into some other clan's problems? ShadowClan has enough problems to face!"

Ashenbrook snapping at Coalstar after ShadowClan's alliance with RiverClan was solidified.


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First WindClan Encounter
  • On a border patrol, Ashenbrook encountered a few warriors and the leader of WindClan. Due to their unnecessary hostility, Ashenbrook has a negative opinion on the clan, and sees them as irrational hotheads.


Stagstar's Arrival
  • Ashenbrook prides herself in being the warrior who escorted Stagstar to ShadowClan camp, although other cats were present. This interaction caused Ashenbrook to develop a bitterness towards the opposing clan leader, though.
The WindClan Intruder
  • After Stagstar had arrived in ShadowClan's camp, Ashenbrook spotted an intruding apprentice, who she was ordered to return to his own border. Although the apprentice helped Ashenbrook learn a bit more about what was happening with StarClan, his clan caused a fuss over his return.


The SkyClan Invasion
  • Ashenbrook and her patrol were quick to find the intruding SkyClanners at the twoleg tree. She feels fairly proud of herself for attacking Blacknut when he went for Coalstar, although she has a bitterness towards the clan and ShadowClan's deputy as a result of the one on one battle.