Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder, and the climb is all there is.

Ashblossom to his previous leader, Snowstar.

Ashblossom is a tall, lean blue-grey and peach coloured tabby tom with a shredded ear and pale opal-coloured eyes, the colouration split due to heterochromia iridis. His fur is surprisingly sleek in texture, but has an unkempt appearance. Ashblossom is a wild and rebellious soul with a deep-seated and profound longing for liberty and danger. Ashblossom is currently a warrior in SkyClan.


Description: A tall, lean and aerobicised tom with big paws and a long tail, his frame built for the lifestyle he leads- that of speed and dextrousness. His fur, which is mostly slick against his frame, is lengthy and spikey about his cheeks, head, chest, elbows, tail and pasterns, this quality giving the tom an unruly essence. Despite this wild appearance, Ashblossom's face is surprisingly feminine with sharp almond-shaped eyes and a soft, rounded muzzle with a pink-beige nose. His right ear was noticeably shredded by his leader and senior warriors in SlateClan, from which he also received a scar on his lip. His tabby markings come in varying shades of indigo-grey and peach, the clash in colour clear on his striped body and mask marked face. In abrupt contrast to the dark shades upon his face, Ashblossom's eyes are a strange mix of turquoise and rose which resembles an opal stone, the colour split from top to bottom in both irises due to heterochromia iridis.


    = Base (#4D626A)
    = Markings (#3A4851)
    = Secondary markings (#7E564B)
    = Underbelly (#B98575)
    = Eyes (Top) (#E6ADEF)
    = Eyes (Bottom) (#8BFEFC)
    = Inner Ears (#9C908D)
    = Nose (#98807D)
    = Tongue (#87757d)
    = Pawpads (#232D34)
    = Scars (#98807D)
    = Claws (#A2A3A3)

Voice: Smooth and charming with a subtle gritty undertone. ( Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank from Catch me if you can)

Scent: Ashblossom's scent is subject to change- he's constantly moving and finding new places to come and go, so its dependent on where he's been. Generally, Ashblossom has a subtly sweet, floral scent accompanied with the mellow scent of rain on stone.

Gait: Long, quick and hurried with lengthy strides because of his long legs. Generally Asblossom's pace is fast, such is the nature of his lifestyle, though when he does tone it down and slow up, his steps and steady and light.



  •  +  Spirited - Wild and headstrong, Ashblossom lives a fast-paced corporeal lifestyle which can often be difficult to keep up with- even for him. He is fiery and passionate in his beliefs, even if said belief is an unpopular opinion, he takes an unyielding stance beside his standpoint.
  •  +  Intrepid - Ashblossom is indefinitely fearless, both in his verbal responses and his daredevil approach to tasks. Whether it be heights, battle or hunting, Ashblossom’s bold nature plays a massive part in his role as a warrior; he’ll never back down from a challenge, regardless of the odds. This being said, despite his young age Ashblossom has had numerous near death scares.
  •  ±  Charismatic - When it comes to charm, Ashblossom is quite adept. With the ability to string his words like a poet and converse with surprising eloquence, Ashblossom is no stranger to flirting, and he won’t hesitate to do so with whom he pleases. In more solemn situations, Ashblossom can hold insightful conversation with both clan mates and strangers quite happily.
  •  ±  Restless - With questions like- Is this all there is for me? and what could be waiting for me beyond this territory? Ashblossom’s heart seems to be lingering on a precipice, his soul in a constant state of restlessness. He knows there’s something he’s yearning, but that something is a mystery, and he longs to solve it.
  •    Anarchic - Ashblossom is lawless and rebellious, his shameless revolt is like a ticking time bomb, waiting for a slight push to ensue chaos. This unruly streak may lead someone to label Ashblossom as a threat to that which is integral due to his lack of respect, and even hatred for authority and tradition. Without something to keep mutinous tendencies in check, Ashblossom may do something which cannot be undone…
  •    Explosive - With a short fuse and fierce temperament, Ashblossom’s temper is nothing short of volatile. When Ashblossom does get angry- which happens surprisingly infrequently- be prepared for reems of expletives and curses before facing an attack of non-negotiable claws and teeth. Ashblossoms temper is a dangerous trait for an unruly cat such as himself.


  • Freedom
    • To be able to come and go as he pleases, to venture wherever and whenever he chooses. Its a liberation which Ashblossom so craves, and this primitive love for unrestrained independence may lead to trouble when it comes to his role as a warrior. He has responsibilities, after all.
  • Strangers
    • Meeting cats whom he knows nothing of is something of a treasured moment to Ashblossom and he loves to listen to their stories, their hopes, their opinions. Regardless of where a cat has hailed from or who they are, Ashblossom see's them as a potential friend, someone to begin a new chapter of adventures with.
  • Discovery
    • The concept of unearthing something is thrilling to Ashblossom. Whether it be a place, a technique or another cat's hidden trait, Ashblossom seeks that notion of finding.
  • Risks
    • Ashblossom's love for danger and rule breaking has gotten him in trouble on numerous occasions, though he never seems to learn, even after near death experiences which stemmed from his love of risks. Ashblossom also longs to share his thrill seeking antics with others and can sometimes get others in trouble- he believes his repercussions to be worth it.


  • Authority
    • Authorative figures just leave a bitter taste on his tongue, no matter how lenient or passive they are. For the most part, Ashblossom simply tolerates the notion of clan structure, begrudgingly accepting what it means to be a warrior within a clan. To many, having the security of living such a way is a luxury, but Ashblossom sees it as similar to being owned, and he’ll test power without a second thought.
  • Judgemental cats
    • In particular, cats who make judgements upon others without knowledge of those they have formed a negative opinion on. He despises cats who’s traditional views may ostracise a singular individual or hurt anothers way of life; especially if that life is his or a cat whom he’s close too.
  • Rules
    • Ashblossom isn’t one to abide by rules and has a strong contempt for anything which poses as a restraint against him, including rules and even the warrior code. If he is given a rule to follow, he will either try to bend or break it, anything to evade its constriction.
  • Obligations
    • Duty and responsibilities have never sat well with Ashblossom and he’s always struggled to uphold the ideals and expectations which comes with being a warrior. It’s almost as though he cannot help himself, but there is definite intention and loathing behind his actions in avoidance to his commitments.


  • To inspire change
    • Ashblossom wishes to play a significant role in SkyClan's reformer movement against the intolerance of the clan's traditionalists. During his lifetime, he wants to see change, and to have been the one to incline such amendments.


  • Life restricting injury
    • Because of the fast-paced nature of his life, Ashblossom fears injury which may permanently ground him- such as loss of a limb or paralysis.



Clan: SlateClan
Cats Involved: Duskwatch, Salmondrift, Flintkit
Age Range: 0-6 moons

  • In a strict, harsh and traditionalist clan lives Ash’s mother, Salmondrift, a beautiful young she-cat who’s pelt consists of distinct peach-hues with big turquoise eyes, though she is naive and lacking in intelligence- relentlessly pursued and lusted after by the clan leader’s son, Snowscythe. During her early days of warriorhood, Salmondrift falls in love with a warrior from a neighbouring clan, Duskwatch of VineClan. The two meet consistently in secret, and eventually Salmondrift becomes pregnant.
  • Born into a strict traditionalist clan, Ashkit and his sister Flintkit’s birth is little more than a blight upon the clan in which they are born into. When Snowscythe and the rest of the clan learn of the birth of Salmondrift’s illegitimate litter, they revoke her as a vile and contaminated being, forever treating her with contempt and cruelty.

  • Regardless of her rejection, Salmondrift remains diligent and gentle in raising her kits, her sweet and nurturing nature overriding her will to ensure her children’s survival.
  • As the two kits grow, conflict is rising within SlateClan. Snowscythe becomes angry with his father who leads the clan, believing that he is too lenient in his leadership.


Clan: SlateClan
Cats Involved: Salmondrift, Flintpaw, Snowscythe
Age Range: 6-10 moons

  • As Ashpaw and Flintpaw grow, they are constantly harassed by the elitist-minded authoritative cats, both verbally and physically. They are excluded from gatherings and apprentice enrichment, much to Salmondrift’s upset and distress. Though Flintpaw is able to uphold and practice her mother’s optimism, Ashpaw quickly becomes furious and frustrated with their treatment and begins to rebel.
  • One day, Ashpaw strays from camp to seek guidance from his father whom he rarely sees. Salmondrift and Flintpaw are training within the territory. Not too long after leaving, chaos transpires within SlateClan’s camp. The leader is poisoned and his last life is taken by his son in allegiance with the clan’s medicine cat- though the clan believes the leader has died of natural causes because of the medicine cat’s mendacious diagnostic. Snowscythe, now Snowstar, claims leadership and immediately sets his sights upon Salmondrift, intending to ‘cleanse’ her by killing her children and take her for his own. Snowstar and his senior warriors pursue Ashpaw and upon catching up to him, Snowstar tells Ashpaw his plans the group brutally attack with apprentice, breaking legs and ribs and reducing him to a bloody mess.
  • Bleeding profusely and nearing death, Ashpaw tries desperately to escape and Snowstar allows him to run- only to fuel the thrill of the chase and make his death more exciting. To make his death a hunt. Ash doesn’t get far, and collapses near SlateClan’s border. Salmondrift and Flintpaw come across him moments later. Seeing her son bleeding, broken and tortured throws Salmondrift into a world of agony, and the sight permanently damages her innocent mind. Ashpaw tells his mother and sister to run and escape, pleading and begging them to leave, saying that he would take the regret of them staying in SlateClan to his death if they didn’t leave. Confused and terrified, Salmondrift and Flintpaw reluctantly flee across the border, never to be seen by Ash again.
  • Ashpaw is quickly found- though Salmondrift and Flintpaw’s scents remain, and Snowstar realises they have escaped. He sends several senior warriors to search for them, but the pair are long gone. Much to Ashpaw’s shock, Snowstar doesn’t kill him, and instead keeps him alive in the belief that Salmondrift will return for him.
  • Ashpaw miraculously survives his injuries and lives out the remainder of his Apprenticehood under horrific and unspeakable circumstances, training alone and in secret whenever he gets the opportunity- or whenever he’s not being harassed and taunted by Snowstar, who uses Salmondrift as a threat. It’s during this time that Ash develops his anarchic disposition and hatred for authority, and he begins to conspire to kill Snowstar.

Rogue Life

Clan: SlateClan to Rogue life
Cats Involved: Snowstar, Duskwatch
Age Range: 10-14 moons

  • Upon reaching warriorhood, Ashblossom sets to put his assassination into action with the knowledge that Snowstar was no true leader and hadn’t been granted 9 lives. By this point, Ashblossom has grown tall and strong, but has never acted out against Snowstar, learning to withhold his fury. Ashblossom also learns Snowstar’s antics, becoming adept in comprehension of his daily routine and habits.
  • In knowing that Snowstar departs from camp at nightfall to drink from a near creek as a part of his daily procedure, Ashblossom selects an autumn evening and waits for the leader in the spot in which he knows he will come to. With his self taught abilities and newfound strength, Ashblossom subdues Snowstar much to the leader’s horror and shock; he knows Ash as a prisoner who has succumbed to trauma, not a cat capable of pursuing vengeance in murder. Ashblossom slaughters the tom and leaves SlateClan’s territory to become a rogue.
Under coincidental and strange circumstances, Ashblossom reunites with his father for the first time since early apprenticehood. Though rather than receiving his father cordially, Ashblossom is angry and bitter for Duskwatch’s lack of intervention regarding his mother’s saddening life and the events which transpired before her departure. Duskwatch remains impassive as Ashblossom tries with rising anger to get answers out of him. But Ash doesn’t get the words he was hoping for, and Duskwatch tells his son that he found the drowned bodies of his mother and sister in the rapids not too far from SlateClan’s territory. This is a lie, and Duskwatch only tells his son this in the belief that he will be able to move on with his life if he has no family ties holding him back. Ashblossom is beyond distraught, struck with conflicting emotions of guilt and anger. Ashblossom leaves into unknown territory, leaving a life of trauma behind him.
  • Ashblossom lives alone for the following moons, spending that time focusing on survival, honing in his skills and conversing with other rogues, listening to the stories they had to share. It's during this time that Ashblossom's drive for violence begins to develop, and it proves fatal for a myriad of those who would challenge him, his kill-count reaching unexpected numbers as he rogue life draws to a close. It doesn’t take long for Ash to come across a new land- that consisting of five clans and many different cats.


Clan: SkyClan
Cats Involved:
Age Range: 14-17 moons

  • Ashblossom joins SkyClan as a warrior, standing by his reformer views in a clan touching on a civil war. As Ashblossom recovers from his secret past, he takes to performing growing acts of rebellion, promoting a life of free will- perhaps further than it needs to be taken.




    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


= Acquaintance | = Friend | ⦁⦁⦁ = Best friend

= Blood relative | ⦁⦁ = Like family | ⦁⦁⦁ = Inseparable

= Respects as equal | ⦁⦁ = Looks up to | ⦁⦁⦁ = Idolizes

= Crush | ⦁⦁ = Fling/Potential mate | ⦁⦁⦁ = Mate

= Uneasy around | ⦁⦁ = Nervous around | ⦁⦁⦁ = Induces anxiety

= Competitor | ⦁⦁ = Rival | ⦁⦁⦁ = Archnemesis

= Annoyed by | ⦁⦁ = Dislikes | ⦁⦁⦁ = Hates

Character/Rank/Relation to/Dot Rating(s)/Trust%
The character is asked their opinion of a specific character. Add what their response would be below!
"Speaking opinion would go like this"
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Lightningpaw/Apprentice/Their mentor/⦁⦁
"My apprentice- what a kid! They're a fast learner and I hope I can do them justice as their mentor, and not get them in trouble with my antics.. I wish they were less impartial regarding SkyClan's current issues though. They'll be a reformer, like me. I'm sure."
Ashblossom gives a sharp grin and seems to ponder his time as Lightningpaw's mentor.
Drizzlestar/Leader/Clan's leader/⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁⦁
"I feel that tension between the two of us has grown recently.. He doesn't wanna hear me out. He doesn't respect me- just what the fuck kind of reaction does he expect from me?!"
Ashblossom's expression shifts to a dark sentiment as he mellows over their relationship and past exchanges. Something resembling anticipation passes through the tom's gaze, but the flicker is gone as soon as it appears.
Smokeyspots/Senior Warrior/Acquaintance/
"I respect him enough, but he's controlling. I don't like how he gives me orders."
Ashblossom merely shrugs, a little annoyed if anything.
Saltpaw/Apprentice/Clan mate//
"A reformer, like me. He reminds me of someone from my youth.. I hope he can learn to be more clever about his actions."
Ashblossom is lost in though for a moment, before a slight smile meets him face.
Hazelbranch/Deputy/Clan mate/⦁⦁/
"She seems a devoted deputy, though she stands firmly by her traditionalist views which unnerves me slightly. We're peaceful.. for now.."
Ashblossom frowns before averting his gaze.

Ashblossom has yet to interact with any cats from this clan.

Ashblossom has yet to interact with any cats from this clan.

Ashblossom has yet to interact with any cats from this clan.

Ashblossom has yet to interact with any cats from this clan.

Character/Rank/Relation to/Dot Rating(s)/Trust%
"Speaking opinion would go like this"
Acting or thinking opinion would go like this
Character/Rank/Relation to/Dot Rating(s)/Trust%
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Man, he's scary as shit.

- Wolfpaw in reference to Ashblossom.

I'll kill you.

- Ashblossom to Smokeyspots before trying to kill him.

You're a fucking coward. And you'll get what's coming to you. I swear it...

- Ashblossom to Drizzlestar.